Who's the Boss? - Season 1

ABC (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • First Kiss
    Episode 22
    Angela comes home from a rowdy birthday party, just as Tony returns home from a police-sponsored demonstration of the effects of alcohol on the mind. Both are in a woozy state, and they end up kissing.
  • Keeping Up With Marci
    Samantha wants to sign up for a high price ski club, however Tony knows he can’t afford but he tells her to sign up anyway. He attempts to save money by cleaning the chimney by himself and makes a terrible mess. He is forced to tell Sam she can’t go. Tony refuses to ask Angela for the money so he decides to sell one of his possessions so she can go.moreless
  • Just Like Tony
    Episode 20
    Jonathan comes home with a hubcap that just happens to be stolen from a police car. Angela finds out that Tony’s stories are what instigated this behavior. Angela demands that she be consulted on ever decision in regards to her child. Tony makes the decision to handle this in his own way.moreless
  • 3/5/85
    Samantha’s grandfather visits, and tells everyone that he is dying. The truth is that he will soon be going to prison. With everyone unaware of the truth he gladly takes advantage of the sympathy.
  • Double Date
    Episode 18
    The school dance is coming up and Samantha is excited about it. Tony has been asked to chaperone, and continually takes picture of Samantha and her date. Samantha’s worst fears are realized when Tony is seen kissing her teacher in front of the whole class.
  • Eye on Angela
    Episode 17
    After a long sleepless night, Tony and Angela end up waking up in the same bed. What is actually a few random innocent mix-ups leads a reporter to believe she has a hot juicy story.
  • Angela's Ex (2)
    Angela's Ex (2)
    Episode 16
    Angela and Michael are enjoying their reunion, but it is bitter sweet. It goes not take long for them to remember what drove the wedge between them in the first place…professional and personal differences. Meanwhile, Tony and Samantha are riding high at his new job.
  • Angela's Ex (1)
    Angela's Ex (1)
    Episode 15
    The divorce papers are needing to be signed so Angela’s ex-husband, Michael comes to town. Angela and Michael find themselves back in each others arms. Tony is given two weeks’ notice by Michael since his services will no longer be needed.
  • 1/29/85
    When Mona gets the boot from her apartment Tony suggests she convert the loft over the garage. She takes Tony’s suggestion without clearing it with Angela. Angela is anything but happy with the new living arrangements.
  • 1/22/85
    Angela is throwing a company party at her home. When one of the vice-presidents gets carried away and starts to make comments about Angela. Tony stands up for Angela and throws the guy out of the house.
  • Paint Your Wagon
    Episode 12
    Angela’s Jaguar is in need of a paintjob and she decides on the color sandalwood. Tony decides to overstep his bounds and has it painted diablo red. Angela is furious and reminds Tony he is just the maid, so Tony decides to act like a butler to Ms. Bower.
  • 1/8/85
    Samantha is growing up fast and Tony reluctant to admit it. Reality sets in when he has to purchase her first bra. When Samantha is upset over his purchase Tony asks Angela for help shopping for Samantha.
  • Requiem
    Episode 10
    Tony has taken on an additional job and Mona is convinced he is taking care of a girlfriend in New York. When the truth comes out everyone is stunned to learn that Tony is still paying rent on an apartment in New York, that belonged to his recently deceased father.
  • Sports Buddies
    Episode 9
    Angela meets a new guy who is a huge sports fan. It does not take long for him to spend more time talking sports with Tony than spending quality time with Angela.
  • Truth in Dating
    Episode 8
    Angela is mistaken for Rosie, her energetic secretary, by a man and later accepts a date with him. Elsewhere Tony takes Angela’s Jaguar to the market where he picks up a woman who thinks the car is his. They both realize nothing good can come out of these relationships.
  • Sorority Sister
    Episode 7
    Angela's sorority sister from college comes around and takes an interest in Tony.
  • Dinner For Two
    Episode 6
    Angela has a date with an old friend from Boston scheduled and Tony has a date scheduled in Brooklyn. When Angela’s date backs out at the last minute Tony stays behind to comfort Angela, but he really wants to be in Brooklyn.
  • A Rash Decision
    Episode 5
    Angela is filming a commercial for a new client when Tony shows up. Tony ends up being the star of the soap commercial. Not long after Tony develops a rash that he and Angela are convinced was caused by the soap.
  • Mona Gets Pinned
    Episode 4
    Mona meets Jason, the man of her dreams, but she's old enough to be his mother! After much hiding the truth comes out and Angela, who previously stated that age had no part in love, is aghast. It's not until Jason's parents tell Angela that Mona isn't good enough for their son that she stands up for her mother and does an about-face of her opinion.moreless
  • 10/23/84
    During a trip to Tony's old neighbourhood to find runaway Samantha, Angela must stand up for Tony who is criticized for being a housekeeper. After proclaiming that fighting is no way to resolve a dispute, Angela ends up in a cat fight with the waitress in Tony's old hangout.
  • 9/27/84
    Tony starts cleaning Angela's personal bathroom and decides to take a bath in her bathtub - not knowing that she is in the tub. Tony walks in just as Angela is getting out, and he sees her bare body.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1

    Single dad Tony Micelli and his street smart young daughter Samantha decide to leave the mean streets of their poor neighborhood for a chance at a better life in Connecticut. Tony happens upon a job offer as a live-in housekeeper for wealthy business woman Angela Bower and her young son by means of her flirtatious mother Mona. He puts his machismo aside and takes the job for the betterment of his daughter and a new "family" is formed.

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