Who's the Boss? - Season 2

ABC (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Charmed Lives
    Charmed Lives
    Episode 26
    Angela is doing a series of pasta commercials for a client. She believes she has found the perfect person for the part, to Angela’s dismay she chooses a photographer who is shy and did want the job.
  • The Anniversary Show
    It has been two years since Tony and Samantha came to Connecticut, and Angela is planning a special dinner. What started out as dinner for 5 ends up with Tony in the hospital. Once sedated, he mutters “I love you” to Angela.
  • The Unnatural
    The Unnatural
    Episode 24
    When an old baseball friend of Tony’s shows up it is not long before they are competing. They are out to see who is the better coach, with Angela in the middle. She starts out on Tony’s team and soon ends up playing against Tony when he asks her to do the impossible…hit the ball.moreless
  • There's No Business Like Shoe Business
    Mona offers some advice to a colleague, who is bored with his life. Mona discovers he has taken her advice too far when he leaves his wife and family to search for a Hollywood dream.
  • Angela's New Best Friend
    Diane, Tony and Angela’s very annoying neighbor, needs a place to stay so they invite her to say at Angela’s house. She wears out her welcome quickly, while trying to deal with her husband leaving her for the maid.
  • Not With My Client, You Don't
    One of Angela’s clients decides to send his daughter to take care of his business in the United States. While there the daughter meets Tony and he agrees to show her around. Angela begins to think she has pushed this woman onto Tony, she decides to break them up.
  • Tony For President
    Tony For President
    Episode 20
    Tony is running for PTA president, however his opponent turns his campaign into mudslinging match. Flustered Tony tries to explain the circumstances of her accusations.
  • Losers and Other Strangers
    Tony’s bowling skills have landed him a bowling trophy, which he is very proud of. However when Angela comes home after not winning her award, Tony’s excitement is cut short.
  • When Worlds Collide
    When Worlds Collide
    Episode 18
    Angela is expecting a friend, and of all nights Tony’s poker game has run late. As he rushes to pick up his last friend is leaving as Angela’s arrives. Opposites attract as these two hook up.
  • Jonathan Plays Cupid
    It is Valentines Day and Jonathan as realized, with the help of a friend, that one day Tony may not be around anymore. Jonathan decides to arrange a dinner for Tony and Angela signing on ‘Mr. Bower’ which leads both Tony and Angela to think it is Angela’s ex-husband.
  • The Babysitter
    The Babysitter
    Episode 16
    When their sitter cancels at the last minute, Tony and Angela are forced to have Samantha watch Jonathan while they attend a meeting at school. Jonathan looses a piece of jewelry down a drain, soon the house is full of people against Tony’s wishes.
  • Gotta Dance
    Gotta Dance
    Episode 15
    Tony decides to sign Samantha up for ballet lessons. When her instructor compliments her work and potential Tony is proud. However it is possible the compliment was not what it seemed.
  • Educating Tony
    Educating Tony
    Episode 14
    Tony is taking an advertising class and it just happens that Angela is the teacher. Angela gives the class their first assignment, to come up with an ad for laundry detergent. Angela can’t stand Tony’s ad, so she gives him an ‘F’.
  • Junior Executive
    Junior Executive
    Episode 13
    Samantha needs money so she can be more involved with activities for the basketball team. Angela decides to bring Samantha in to work in her office on Saturdays, soon Samantha realizes by working she is missing all the activities. Her plan is to get fired by doing a poor job.
  • Tony the Nanny
    Tony the Nanny
    Episode 12
    A marriage has been arranged and one of Tony’s cousins is the bride. She comes to town to meet her soon-to-be husband, who is a male chauvinist. Tony is disgusted by the man and forbids him to marry his cousin. This makes her father angry, he flies in to take this up with Tony one-on-one.moreless
  • The Graduate
    The Graduate
    Episode 11
    Mona has just graduated from college and is asked to help bring down a company who is being accused of discrimination. Mona is asked to apply for a job, which she should be turned down for…but Angela pulls a few strings and messes up the undercover assignment.
  • The Prodigal Father-in-Law
    Samantha’s grandfather has been denied parole, so he escapes infuriating her. Before he can run from the law, he must talk with his granddaughter who won’t speak to him.
  • Thanksgiving at Mrs. Rossini's
    The family heads back to Brooklyn for Thanksgiving at Mrs. Rossini’s. Here it is customary for the woman to wait on the man, which irritates Angela. Angela is even less thrilled when a young girl takes a romantic liking to Tony.
  • Hunk of the Month
    Hunk of the Month
    Episode 8
    Tony does a photo shoot for a calendar, when a woman starts to show some affection Angela begins to show signs of jealousy. However her view is changed when one of the other guys takes a liking to her.
  • Custody (2)
    Custody (2)
    Episode 7
    Everyone is getting ready for the wedding, while Michael and Angela prepare for a custody battle. Not long into it Angela is ready to give up, but Michael and Heather soon realize they are not parent material.
  • Custody (1)
    Custody (1)
    Episode 6
    Angela’s ex-husband, Michael, returns with is new wife-to-be and invites the whole family to California. Jonathan really likes his future step-mother and is soaking up the sun, which leads Michael to want custody of Jonathan.
  • Tony the Matchmaker
    Tony talks Angela into going out with his friend Wally, who is recently single. After their date Angela does not care to see Wally again, that is until Mona goes out on a date with him. Wally’s attention is the focus of this mother-daughter battle.
  • The Heiress
    The Heiress
    Episode 4
    Mona’s past comes calling when a stranger leaves her some money in his will. Once Mona figures out who the man is she has no desire to keep the money.
  • Ad Man Micelli
    Ad Man Micelli
    Episode 3
    Samantha’s first days at junior high are a bit harder than she imagines. She wants to be friends with the popular girls, but fears the truth will ruin her chances. Samantha leads her friends to believe that Tony is the executive in the advertising firm and owns Angela’s house.
  • It Happened One Summer (2)
    Tony and Angela head to the place in the woods that each remember from their past, when a thunderstorm moves in. Tony and Angela are forced to stay in a motel room together when they can’t return to camp. Back at camp, the counselor is the victim of some pranks.
  • It Happened One Summer (1)
    Jonathan is away at summer camp and gets homesick. Angela and Tony go to pick him up and soon realize they were both at the same camp at the same time years earlier. They tell their stories of each of their first kisses, with the similarities, they soon realize it is possible they met each other many years ago.moreless