Who's the Boss? - Season 3

ABC (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • A Moving Episode
    A Moving Episode
    Episode 24
    Mona moves to New York to her brother and Tony gets her apartment so he can live up his bachelor's life. But after the opening party the normal life returns and Tony misses his old environment.
  • Mona
    Episode 23
    Mona's brother has bought a seedy hotel in New York and used Mona's money for it, too. Because the hotel means a lot for him, Mona goes to New York to help him shape it up again.
  • Reconciable Differences
    Tony has met Fiona at the dentist and get her a job as secretary at Angela's agency. The tidy-minded perfectionist Fiona is Angela's dream but also Mona's nightmare. After an argument between Mona and Angela Fiona quits because she doesn't want to stand in the way of the both. But Mona quits, too.moreless
  • Walk on the Mild Side
    Sam wants to queue for cards for the Beastie Boys concert overnight.Tony allows it not without remarking he has done much wilder things in his youth. During the stories told by Tony and Mona, Angela realizes that she has missed a lot. Now she wants to catch up on some 'action'. So she makes up a list what to to: Among these is a meeting with Jake 'The Snake' and a trip to his 'Rock of Inspiration'.moreless
  • Older Than Springtime
    Through Tony's new girlfriend Casey, Angela has got a new commercial for a mainstream footwear. But, Angela is told she is too old for the job, and takes this critisim so seriously that she gets a complete makeover, complete with 80s big hair and clothes.
  • Diet in Cell Block 11
    Nick is released of jail and parks himself at Angela's garage. He has now become a writer and has already finished a book. But Tony finds out the truth behind Nick's book.
  • The Proposal
    The Proposal
    Episode 18
    Geoffrey invites Angela to a trip into the mountains. There he would like to ask her 'a question, which would change both of their lives. But it's not the proposal Angela expected.
  • Raging Housekeeper
    Raging Housekeeper
    Episode 17
    The parents' councils of Fairfield and Brooklyn organize a boxing match for charity causes. But Fairfield's boxer has to cancel - and Tony has to take his place. Angela coaches him for the bout.
  • Hit the Road, Chad
    Hit the Road, Chad
    Episode 16
    Samantha's boyfriend Chad writes a song just for her. Word gets around, and the tune is heard by legend Ray Charles whom Angela coerces into recording it for her ad agency. When Chad starts seeing another girl, Samantha is so infuriated she demands the recording not take place and refuses to speak to Angela unless she dumps the song. It takes a stellar performance of the song by Ray to make Samantha see that her friendship with Angela is more important than getting back at Chad.moreless
  • Tony, the Patchmaker
    Geoffrey keeps his brand new Porsche at Angela's while he's in Boston. After Angela has gone shopping using the car, she let the car outside. There the tree the neighbor's cutting down hits the car and causes a write-off.
  • Marie's Secret
    Marie's Secret
    Episode 14
    Angela gives a surprise party for Tony as a thank you, because her agency is finally doing well, and it was all Tony's idea for her to open up her own agency. As a present, Angela hires a painter to paint a portrait of Sam. The painter says that he once taught a Marie Micelli - Tony's wife. Tony then gets into a crisis about thinking he didn’t know his wife well enough.moreless
  • Jonathan Kills Tony
    Jonathan Kills Tony
    Episode 13
    Jonathan has a new girlfriend: Jenny. But Jenny has fallen more for Tony. When Jonathan finds this out he gets really upset.
  • The Way We Was
    The Way We Was
    Episode 12
    Due to heavy snowfall, school for the kids is closed and the trains aren't running, so Angela and Mona cannot get to work. Instead, they tell stories - the topic being the events that led up to the first time the two families came together. Eventually, it turns into a debate over who has brought together the two families - Sam, cause she's the reason Tony wanted to move; Tony, cause he wanted to make life better for Sam; Jonathan, cause he needed someone who takes care of him; Angela, who needed someone for the household; or Mona, who has 'found' Tony?moreless
  • The Christmas Card
    The Christmas Card
    Episode 11
    As Tony doesn't want to sell his only 'Tony Micelli Baseball card', he tells Mr. Ferguson he has none. Angela, who has listened, now wants to get one for Tony. The trader Angela has asked calls Tony shortly after and offers him a lot of money which he really could need to buy Angela a Christmas present.moreless
  • Spud Micelli
    Spud Micelli
    Episode 10
    Sam has got into the school's basketball team. Her friend Todd hasn't and as she don't want to bother him she also goes without the team. Angela beats Tony in Miniature Golf.
  • Forgive Me, Tony
    Forgive Me, Tony
    Episode 9
    Sam has had a big argument with Bonnie. Tony wants to see them both together again but Sam only agrees if he for his part makes it up with his old foe from high school, Mickey. Therefore Tony invites Mickey who has in the meantime become a Father. But when Tony annoys him too much Mickey strikes a blow.moreless
  • Semi-Private Lives
    Semi-Private Lives
    Episode 8
    For the weekend, Angela and her new boyfriend Geoffrey travel up to Maine. Since the kids are gone and Mona is out, Tony invites an old girlfriend from Brooklyn over. But when Angela and Geoffery couldn’t make it to Maine and return to the house, Tony and Angela find themselves on an unexpected double date.moreless
  • Jonathan the Gymnast
    Jonathan, because he takes life too serious, should do something else than always studying. He decides in favor of gymnastics and Tony should teach him. During a competition he falls due to his overzealousness and breaks his shoulder. And this is something Angela really isn't happy about.
  • Wedding Bells?
    Wedding Bells?
    Episode 6
    Dr. Ferguson, Marci's Dad, marries and Tony and Angela should be best man and maid of honor. In the course of this both have to face the question whether the want to marry again. At the wedding party they meet Geoffrey.
  • The Hickey
    The Hickey
    Episode 5
    After a party Sam comes home with a love bite and Tony, beside himself, forbids her seeing Todd again. In the evening Sam sneaks out of the house to meet Todd anyway.
  • Mona's Limo
    Mona's Limo
    Episode 4
    With a trick Jim Petersen snatches away Angela's first customer. Tony and Mona try, with a similar trick, to get him back to Angela.
  • Daddy's Little Montague Girl
    Marci applies for the elite-school Montague. Sam also wants to do so and finds an advocate in Angela, a Montague Academy graduate. But Tony doesn't like the idea that Sam visits a school so far away.
  • Angela Gets Fired (2)
    Angela tries desperately to find a new job but not one of her old friends or partners has one for her. The only job she can find is one of a copy writer. Eventually, Tony and Mona convince her to open her own agency.
  • Angela Gets Fired (1)
    Overworked Angela goes to Mexico with the family, but when Angela's business loses an important account, Tony never gave Angela the message. When Angela comes home, she goes to the agency to learn that they lost the account. After sassing to her boss and telling him to chill, Angela loses her job.moreless