Who's the Boss? - Season 7

ABC (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • The Road to Washington (2)
    An attractive young government representative becomes Tony's guide to major events and public appearances around America's capital. Angela begins to suspect that the woman's intentions toward Tony are less than pure.
  • The Road to Washington (1)
    Tony is asked by some senior citizens from the neighborhood to state their request concerning the cut in the old age pension scheme in front of the US-Senate.
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    Sam promotes a concert in college. But she can't find a band for the evening's highlight. Tony informs her that he has the actions to provide a star. But the friend he relied on is just a braggart who's working as errand-boy in a studio.
  • Tony and the Princess
    The time has come for Tony to return a favor to Gus, a feared man in Brooklyn's underworld, who once saved him from the police. Tony should teach manners to Gus' daughter.
  • Choose Me
    Choose Me
    Episode 21
    Mona has caught herself another man. But Cliff also falls for Mrs. Rossini who lives at Angela's for some days. Cliff can't decide on one of the both, so a fight for Cliff arises between the two women.
  • Party Politics
    Party Politics
    Episode 20
    Billy has his birthday. But the Harpers wants to hold their birthday party the same day as Angela and Tony. As a result an (expensive) fight arises, who has the better party with the most guest.
  • Let Her Tell You 'Bout the Birds and the Bees
    When Tony has to leave his class, Mona takes his place as the teacher. But she teaches the class in sex education and later on, Tony is called to the principal.
  • Tony and Angela Get Divorced
    Tony and Angela are audited by an IRS agent after Angela's accountant is imprisoned. The auditor suspects that Tony and Angela are more than just employer and employee, and alleges that they may inadvertently be married already.
  • The Unsinkable Tony Micelli
    Tony wants Billy to decide on a sport so he isn't at home all day. Billy decides in favor of swimming. This is something Tony is not happy about: he is afraid of water and can't swim.
  • Ms. Mom
    Ms. Mom
    Episode 16
    For Tony the time has come to learn for the exams but there's no replacement for him in sight. Therefore Angela takes over his job and for two weeks she should run the household.
  • You Can Go Home Again
    Tony and Angela invite Sam to temporarily move back to the house while she is sick. She is skeptical at first, but soon is taking full advantage of their hospitality. Only Jonathan sees that she is milking Tony and Angela for their attention.
  • Days of Blunder
    Days of Blunder
    Episode 14
    Jonathan fears the dark girl he is dating has no interest in him. To impress her, he takes her for a ride in Tony's jeep. A minor accident occurs, leaving a scratch on the van. Jonathan desperately turns to Sam to help him cover up what happened.
  • Broadcast Blues
    Broadcast Blues
    Episode 13
    Tony and Sam compete for a college job as a sportscaster. Sam expects Tony to give it his best shot, but she is afraid that, since she is running against him, he will let her win. Tony's audition video, however, misleads Sam about his intentions.
  • Who's Minding the Kid?
    A social worker pays a surprise visit to Tony and Angela in order to check up on Billy. Unfortunately, no one seems to know where he is.
  • Inherit the Wine
    Inherit the Wine
    Episode 11
    The family fly to Italy to visit Tony's relatives, who have a surprise for him. He is now the owner of a vineyard there.
  • Starlight Memories
    Starlight Memories
    Episode 10
    Tony and Angela each bring a date to a dance hall's final ball before closing. They meet a couple there who first met at the hall during World War II. Their story is told through flashbacks, where Tony and Angela play the couple as their younger selves.
  • Four Alarm Tony
    Four Alarm Tony
    Episode 9
    Tony becomes a volunteer fireman. His dedication is a little too extreme, and he ends up getting kicked out of the squad.
  • Roomies
    Episode 8
    Because Sam has not the peace necessary to learn she wants to move into an apartment. She moves in with Beth who's living together with her fiance and is urgently searching for another lodger. After a big argument with Ben, Beth moves out. But Sam living together alone with a man isn't a pleasant thought, neither for Tony nor for her friend Matt.moreless
  • Parental Guidance Suggested
    The time has come for Billy to start kindergarten. But there he beats up all kids. Tony and Angela is given the advice to take up a parental consultation.
  • The Kid
    The Kid
    Episode 6
    An older woman from Tony's old neighborhood has fallen ill and wants Tony to be the guardian for her 5-year-old grandson, Billy.
  • One Flew Over the Empty Nest
    Sam moves out of the house and into a dorm. Tony's frequent visits make him as popular there as she is, and she begins to feel smothered.
  • Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?
    Tony meets Kathleen's father, who takes him hunting, and later tells him he expects Tony to be the father of his grandchildren. Angela and Mona babysit a child from Tony's old neighborhood.
  • The Fabulous Robinson Sisters
    Discouraged that Angela is spending too much time at home, Tony convinces Mona to bring her to a night club. Angela does loosen up, but more so than Tony had intended. Soon, Angela is having middle-of-the-night parties, skipping work, and becoming a regular at Mona's club.
  • Hey Dude!
    Hey Dude!
    Episode 2
    Sam has spent the summer working at a ranch in New Mexico. When she calls home and announces that she'd like to move there permanently, Tony and the family fly out to change her mind. Tony is adamant that she return to Connecticut and go to college, but even more so when she meets her new boyfriend.moreless
  • Ridiculous Liaisons
    Angela meets, and begins to date, Christopher, a man who appears to be perfect. Everyone who meets him seems to feel as if they've met an angel. Tony, however, cannot seem to meet him, encountering several failed attempts, which begin to ruin his relationship with Kathleen.
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