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Who's the Boss?

Season 8 Episode 1

Seer of Love

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1991 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Seer of Love
Angela is ready to profess her love for Tony, but her hopes for a romantic anniversary night with him are dashed when he invites her and the whole family to a carnival. A fortune teller tells Tony that he is about to lose the love of his life, but he misses the point. A ride through the Tunnel Of Love changes their relationship.moreless

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  • Tony and Angela first express their love for each other at a carnaval in the tunnel of love. But first Tony has to get up the courage to even think about saying the word love.moreless

    I think that this was a brilliant eposode. The beauty of it was they could express thier love for each other in a serious manner, but not without losing the comedic element that we all know and love about this show. There were extremely serious moments where you were concerned about Tony and Angela's relationship going down the drain, but the jokes were definitly up to par. The jokes were kept to the usual status by the recurring appearance of the confict between Mrs.Rosini and Mona, which is one of the reasons that I still enjoy watching all the re-runs.moreless
Lynn Milgrim

Lynn Milgrim

Madame Alexandra

Guest Star

Wil Albert

Wil Albert


Guest Star

Ivy Bethune

Ivy Bethune

Sister Mary Francis

Guest Star

Rhoda Gemignani

Rhoda Gemignani

Mrs. Rossini

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the teaser, the jeweler mockingly asks if Angela met Tony at camp. Ironically, as we learned in "It Happened One Summer," they did meet at camp.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Angela: Okay, I've got the perfect inscription. Put "To Tony, I cherish our time."
      Jeweler: Perfect.
      Angela: Wait! That sounds too much like the song; (sings off-key) "Cherish is the word I use to describe." What do you recommend?
      Jeweler: Voice lessons.

    • Jeweler: Don't worry, lady. Your husband is going to love this watch.
      Angela: Oh, he's not my husband, although we are very close. Though, lately, we've grown a lot closer. I've told him I really like him. And he's told he really likes me, too!
      Jeweler: How sweet. Did you meet at camp?

    • Angela: We know how we feel about each other even if it is unspoken.
      Jeweler: Great. I'll leave the watch blank.
      Angela: No! I want to put something, I've got to say something! I'm tired of it being unspoken. It's time that I tell him exactly how I feel...put, "It's time I said I love you."
      Jeweler: That's spoken, all right.

    • Mona: Well, I overheard him say that it's something you slip on and it feels soft against your skin.
      Angela: Something soft against my skin that I slip on. I wonder what it is.
      Mona: Dummy! It's got to be lingerie.
      Angela: Oh, no. Oh, no, Tony wouldn't. It's so personal, it's so--do you think so?
      Mona: Sure! First he buys you lingerie, and then he wants to see you try it on, and then he wants to take it off.
      Angela: Mother!
      Mona: Oh, right, I forgot. That's my life.

    • Samantha: Fred's into past lives.
      Fred: Yeah, your daughter and I were lovers in ancient Babylon.
      Tony: Fred, does the ancient word "Eunuch" mean anything to you?
      Samantha: Dad, it was a thousand years ago. Let it go.

    • Mona: If you don't throw up on him tonight, I will.

    • Tony: Everything okay?
      Angela: Eating dinner.
      Tony: You just haven't said anything in a long time.
      Angela: Well, dinner's chewy.

    • Mona: Let's try the parachute jump. I'll pack your chute.
      Mrs. Rossini: She is such a riot!
      Mona: She's gonna make such a big hole!

    • Tony: I think you vaporized more than your sinuses.

    • Mrs. Rossini: Let's go see JoJo the dog-face boy.
      Mona: Why not? If you can take it, he can take it.

    • Tony: Come on, Mona, this is all happening a little fast for me.
      Mona: Fast? Seven years? Communism has crumbled. Liz Taylor got thin, got fat, got thin, got fat, got thin, got fat, got thin...

    • Tony: That hocus-pocus can't be true, right?
      Fred: There are some things that science cannot explain.
      Tony: Yeah, like what you're doing with my daughter.

    • Tony: Look, Angela, I know I was insensitive in there, but if you don't make up with me, I'll do something drastic, Angela.
      Angela: Tony--
      Tony: No, Angela, I'll jump.
      Angela: Tony, sit down, you're going to tip us over!
      Tony Goodbye, Angela! (jumps off the swan and lands knee deep in water)
      Angela: Try not to panic, I'll go for help.

    • Tony: Look, that Madame Alexandra--the psychic--she said if I don't kiss you by midnight, I could lose you forever.
      Angela: Oh, I see. Now you believe her?
      Tony: Well, no, but she was right about the watch, so why take a chance?
      Angela: Oh, I understand. So, it's like, if you see a ladder, you don't walk under it.
      Tony: Right, right! If you see a black cat, you don't go strolling through its path.
      Angela: So this is an insurance kiss.
      Tony: Yeah, yeah--No, no!

    • Tony: Its just that, I mean, if there's one chance in a million that I could lose you, then I don't want to take it.
      Angela: Why?
      Tony: Because I love you!
      Angela: What did you say?
      Tony: What did you hear? No, no, no. I said it and I meant it. I love you. I've loved you for a long time. The only reason why I haven't said it before was because I was afraid of losing what we have. But if loving you is going to ruin that, then I'm willing to ruin it.
      Angela: You would ruin our friendship for love?
      Tony: In a second. I'd throw it in the garbage. I'd spit on it. I'd flush it down the toilet.
      Angela: Oh, Tony, that is so beautiful.

    • Angela: Tony, the carnival's closing. We could get locked in here all night.
      Tony: Oh, yeah, yeah. We better call for help. (whispers) Help.
      Angela: Oh, help.
      Tony: (still whispering) Help, help, help. We tried.

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