Who's the Boss?

Season 1 Episode 7

Sorority Sister

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1984 on ABC
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Sorority Sister
Angela's sorority sister from college comes around and takes an interest in Tony.

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      • Tony: Saturday's the big night. Wouldn't want to miss a world-class panty-raid, huh?

      • (when Tony comes downstairs wearing a tuxedo)
        Samantha: Get back, Tavolta! Here comes Micelli.

      • (after Angela sees Tony and Trish kissing after getting back from going on a tour of the town)
        Angela: Have a nice tour of Connecticut?
        Tony: Well, you know, I'm not the kind that tours and tells.

      • Tony: You want me to show your friend around or not?
        Angela: It's up to you. I'm not my housekeeper's keeper.

      • Angela: In college, Trish rated her ex-boyfriends on the "Gum Scale" - how fast she could chew them up and spit them out. I remember Tommy Williams was a Chiclet.
        Tony: Well, you're looking at Tony Micelli here, and I'm a Double Bubble.

      • Trish: I'd love to have children, but with my career, I just never had the time.
        Mona: It only takes a few minutes.

      • (looking at Angela's picture in Trish's yearbook)
        Jonathan: What a tubbo!
        Angela: Yeah, that's the way I was.
        Trish: I'd forgotten what a cute little butterball you were.
        Tony: Yeah, but you melted in all the right places.

      • (about Trish)
        Angela: She was always the life of the party.
        Mona: Yes, your party.
        Angela: If I hadn't invited Trish there wouldn't have been a party. I brought the clam dip. She brought the men.
        Mona: And you got the leftovers.

      • Mona: Well, I see that Trish still knows how to push all your buttons.
        Angela: Mother, she invited herself. I didn't have a choice.
        Mona: Yes, you did, Dear. You just made the wrong one.

      • (to Trish)
        Angela: Oh, let's see, where should we put you?
        Tony: She could stay in my room.
        Trish (smiling): Well, how do I know we'll get along?
        Tony (smiling): I'm willing to chance it.

      • Trish: I brought you a little house gift.
        Angela: Oh, thank you.
        Mona: How nice. What were you going to do? Give it to the bellhop if Angela didn't come through?

      • (after Trish got herself invited to stay at Angela's house)
        Angela: Oh, Mother, what can I do?
        Mona: I guess it's too late to move.

      • Angela: I thought you were going to do the drapes on Monday.
        Tony: Angela, what's more important, the drapes or your friend here.
        Mona: The drapes are nice.

      • Angela: Where are you staying?
        Trish (faking shock): Oh, my gosh, I can't believe it. I forgot to make a reservation. Oh, but I'm sure I'll find something.
        Mona: I hear the Fairfield Inn is nice.

      • Trish (referring to Tony): Is this somebody I should know about?
        Angela: Oh, excuse me. Um, Trish, this is Tony Micelli, my housekeeper… (to Tony) Trish Baldwin.
        Trish: Housekeeper… what a fun idea.

      • Angela: Hello, Mother.
        Mona: You're home early, dear. Did you get fired?
        Angela: No, Mother. I came home to get something accomplished.

      • Angela: Uh, you remember my mother, don't you?
        Trish: Mona. How could I forget?
        Mona: Trish. You never even tried.

      • Mona: I was going by a toy shop, and I couldn't resist getting this great new game for Jonathan.
        Angela: Oh, Mother, you spoil that kid.
        Mona: Who cares? I don't have to live with him.

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