Who's the Boss?

Season 7 Episode 10

Starlight Memories

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 1990 on ABC
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Starlight Memories
Tony and Angela each bring a date to a dance hall's final ball before closing. They meet a couple there who first met at the hall during World War II. Their story is told through flashbacks, where Tony and Angela play the couple as their younger selves.moreless

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      • Billy: Tony, why're you putting the mail back?
        Tony: Because I put a flyer in there for a big dance in with the mail.
        Billy: Why?
        Tony: Because I sbought some tickets for this big dance, see? And I want to invite Angela, but I don't want to make a big deal out of it so when she sees the flyer, I'll casually ask her to go to the dance with me.
        Billy: Why?
        Tony: Look, a giraffe!
        Billy: Where?
        Tony: Nowhere. I just wanted to hear a different question.
        Billy: Why?

      • Billy: I thought you and Angela were married.
        Tony: Why? No, what would make you think that.
        Billy: Well, you live together and you like each other.
        Tony: Well, yeah, but let me tell you something pal, there's a lot more to being married than that.
        Billy: Well, what do married people do that you and Angela don't?
        Tony: Look, a giraffe!

      • Mona: Goodness, I had no idea you were so attached to inanimate objects. I suppose that's why he likes Angela so much.

      • Billy: Tony put that in the mail so it'll be easier to ask Angela out.
        Mona: I hope this is his idea, because if it's yours, it's pathetic.

      • Tony: Mona, Angela and I used to see other people, and now we're not. Now we'd just like to ease back into what we had before.
        Mona: Do you mean that vague, unfulfilling, frustrating, immature joke you called a relationship?
        Tony: (happily) Yeah.

      • Lizzie: Tony's been coming in for five years and it took him this long to ask me out. Can you believe it?
        Angela: Well, he's funny that way.

      • Nick: Well, hey, neither were we when we first met, but six hours later, we were married.
        Mona: Six hours? Way to go, sister. Seven years, and Jack and Jill still haven't fetched a pail of water.

      • Angela: Mother, I don't think these people want to hear about our personal life.
        Mona: Why not? They look like they could use a laugh.

      • Tony: So tell me, how did you guys wind up getting married after only six hours?
        Nick: It's just another one of those stories about a Brooklyn guy and a Connecticut girl with nothing in common, thrown together by fate and passion. I mean, I wouldn't wanna bore you.
        Angela: Bore us.
        Tony: Bore us to death.
        Angela: We love boredom.

      • Nick: Ralph, did you ever see a dream walking?

      • Ralph: I bet she's never even heard of Brooklyn. She probably thinks the Dodgers are from, I don't know, California.

      • Nick: You're probably one of them college girls.
        Jenny: "Those." I went to Wellesley.
        Nick: Ooo. Whoa, whoa. Prestigious. What'd you study?
        Jenny: 18th century French literature with a minor in Medieval art.
        Nick: (long pause) Jenny's a nice name.

      • Lizzie: World War II—now, that was the one with John Wayne, wasn't it?

      • Nick: You know, I may not see you again for weeks, or months, or I may never...marry me.
        Jenny: Oh, but Nick, we can't do that, we barely know each other. It would be crazy.
        Nick: Well, take your time, you know? Don't rush. Take five, ten minutes. Mull it over. Decide. Say yes. (long pause) It would be crazy.
        Jenny: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
        (the radio interrupts with a newsbreak about the war)
        Jenny: If we're going to get married, you should probably tell me your last name.

      • Jenny: So we found a chapel down the street, woke up the pastor--
        Nick: And we've had the same last name for forty-six years.
        Tony: So, and then the next morning, you went over seas, huh?
        Nick: Well, not exactly.
        Angela: The orders weren't real?
        Jenny: The orders were real. But that night after we got married, Nick threw his back out.
        Angela: Carrying you over the threshold.
        Tony: Aww!
        Jenny and Nick: No.
        Tony and Angela: Ohh!

      • Angela: Looks like we lost our dates.
        Tony: Well, actually, it's okay because I kinda wanted to ask you to this myself.
        Angela: Really? Well, why didn't you?
        Tony: Because I'm sloooow.

      • Angela: Have you been happy the last seven years?
        Tony: Yeah--well, except for those three weeks when I thought I was losing my hair. No, I'd say these have been the happiest years of my life.
        Angela: Me, too. Maybe that means what we've been doing is right.

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