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Who's the Boss?

Season 4 Episode 15

Steady As She Goes

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 1988 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Steady As She Goes
Samantha accepts when Jesse asks her to go steady. She soon feels that her dedication to him is taking away from spending time with the other guy in her life: Tony.

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      • (all staring up at the night sky)
        Mona: It looks like a diamond tiara.
        Jonathan: It looks like a giant connect-the-dot puzzle.
        Angela: It looks like Rockafeller Center at Christmas.
        Tony: Ooo, I love this galaxy!

      • Tony: Hey, Jonathan, what're you gonna do, you gonna order the octopus again?
        Jonathan: Oh, yeah. It's really great when I squeeze that little pouch and all the ink squirts all over the rice. It looks like black spit.
        Angela: Anyone for Italian?

      • Tony: Hey, Mone-ster. All decked out for Henry's Peking duck, huh?
        Mona: No, for Henry. He slips the cutest little fortunes into my cookie.

      • Mona: Congratulations, Tony, you're the proud father of a perfectly normal teenage girl.
        Tony: Let me tell you, Mona it's murder. It's murder, I tell ya. How'd you ever get through these years with Angela?
        Mona: Easy. I sent her to school in Switzerland.

      • Angela: All right, what's the scoop?
        Samantha: How did you know?
        Angela: Well, I knew you wouldn't ask me for my fashion advice. Everything I wear matches.

      • Samantha: I don't know--it's weird. I always pictured myself with, like, the captain of the football team. How'd I ever fall for someone with depth?

      • Samantha: I know, but he still thinks of me as a little girl. He still thinks that milk and cupcakes makes me happy.
        Angela: Works for me.

      • Samantha: Keep it up Jonathan and you're not coming to my wedding.
        Jonathan: Oh, you're breaking my heart.

      • Bonnie: So, what do you want to do now?
        Samantha: Tie Jonathan to an anthill and pour syrup on him.
        Bonnie: After that.

      • Angela: Tony, all little girls fantasize like this.
        Tony: But that doesn't make it right!

      • Angela: Hint 3: Always go to bed with a smile.
        Mona: Trick is how to wake up with a smile.

      • Jesse: Well, happy anniversary. We've been going steady for 19 hours.
        Samantha: And they said it wouldn't last.

      • Angela: You know, with Sam getting so interested in astronomy, I think I might buy her a telescope for her next birthday.
        Mona: Make that two. There's a hunky widower down the street with a broken window shade.

      • Jonathan: You know, it's amazing. This is the same sky that the cavemen looked at.
        Samantha: Yeah, and the people in the 50s.

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