Who's the Boss?

Season 6 Episode 26

The All-Nighter

Aired Unknown May 08, 1990 on ABC
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The All-Nighter
Tony must move with his studying group from the living room into a motel room. After an evening full of studying the others go home leaving Tony and Kathleen back alone. The both want to spend some more time learning but instead they are getting closer.

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      • Kathleen: Thanks, Dave, but I've been waiting tables for the last eight hours. I'm not exactly feeling like Michelle Pheiffer.
        Debbie: Oh, yeah, you look like hell.

      • Kathleen: Housekeepers get tips?
        Tony: No, but we get to all the change we find under the cushions. So far, I got forty dollars and about a thousand tic-tacs.

      • Debbie: Isn't that just like guys? They study for a couple of minutes then roll over and go to sleep.

      • Angela: Tony, I hope you weren't upset with me about asking you to go to the motel because I just hate to think you went to bed angry last night.
        Tony: Believe me, I didn't.

      • Mona: Good morning.
        Tony: Morning, Mona.
        Mona: You got lucky last night, hmm?
        Tony: How'd you know that?
        Mona: How does a sailor know when a squall's a-brewing?

      • Mona: I also know it wasn't with Angela.
        Tony: Another feeling?
        Mona: Nope. I didn't hear her singing "Climb Every Mountain."

      • Mona: You know, Tony, nobody in this world wants you and Angela to get together more than I do. But the fact is you haven't exactly made a binding commitment.
        Tony: Well, so?
        Mona: So, you and Angela may be on the road to something permanent, but let's face it; you're taking the scenic route. In a slow car. With a flat tire. Driven by a nun. Who is blind.
        Tony; I get the picture!

      • Angela: It is my way of apologizing to you for kicking you out last night, and I know it's been bothering you, but you are too nice a guy to say anything.
        Tony: I'm really not that nice.
        Angela: Yes you are.
        Kathleen: Yes you are.

      • Tony: Angela, there's something I have to tell you--
        Angela: Tony, there's something I have to ask you, and I know you're probably going to think I'm being silly, but--
        Tony: I just don't want you to find out any other way.
        Angela: I'm not being silly, am I? So...that's why you were acting so strange today.
        Tony: Angela, I really don't know what to say--
        Angela: I don't know what to say either. So I guess things are really intense, and you're under a lot of pressure and you did something impulsive and now it's over. Let's just forget about it...is it over?
        Tony: I don't know.

      • Angela: Tony, I've been thinking, and the last thing I want is for you to feel badly about seeing someone because of me.
        Tony: Well, I don't want you to feel badly about anything.

      • Angela: Look, Tony, our relationship has always been our relationship.
        Tony: Yeah, sorta like a blind nun driving with a flat.

      • Angela: I think what I'm trying to say is that, maybe, for now, it's time we explore our options, broaden our horizons.
        Tony: Define "broaden."
        Angela: Well, in the past I've had feelings for other people, but because of what we had, I've always put up a wall.
        Tony: You've had feelings? For people? Men people? When?
        Angela: I don't know. Well, last month when I went to Wisconsin and I met this ad exec and we hit off. Nothing happened, but I was tempted.
        Tony: Tempted. In the Dairy State.
        Angela: My point is that I don't know what's happening with us. But I think it's important that we let it run its course.

      • Angela: Tony, I've become closer to you than almost anyone. And I don't want to lose that.
        Tony: Well, neither do I.
        Angela: So, you know, maybe this is part of our journey. Maybe we have to go through this to see if we can go any further.

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