Who's the Boss?

Season 7 Episode 3

The Fabulous Robinson Sisters

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1990 on ABC
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The Fabulous Robinson Sisters
Discouraged that Angela is spending too much time at home, Tony convinces Mona to bring her to a night club. Angela does loosen up, but more so than Tony had intended. Soon, Angela is having middle-of-the-night parties, skipping work, and becoming a regular at Mona's club.

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  • Judith Light performs the most erotic, arousing, rendition of the song, "Fever" that I have ever seen/heard! This has ruined every other rendition of "Fever" for me. Hers is now the only decent (or perhaps I should say "indecent") version of the song.moreless

    If this is the episode I think it is, Judith Light performs

    the most erotic, arousing, rendition of the song "Fever"

    that I have ever seen/heard! I've been trying to find an

    .MPG of it ever since!

    Judith's performance has ruined every other rendition of

    "Fever" for me. Hers is now the only decent (or perhaps I

    should say "indecent") version of the song. If anyone out

    there has a DVD of this episode, could you *please* make

    an .MPG of the "Fever" performance, with a little bit of

    "pre-" and "post-" footage, and email it to:



    Jim H. (aka CuriousJ)moreless

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    • Tony: Wait a minute--you're not going out!
      Angela: Boy, nothing gets past you.
      Tony: In other words, you and Peter don't have a date tonight?
      Angela: I swear it's like talking to Columbo.

    • Tony: Ooo, the jazz club. Going alone?
      Mona: No, I'm meeting Fingers there.
      Tony: Fingers, huh? What instrument does he play?
      Mona: He doesn't.

    • Tony: Mona, I've got a great idea. Why don't you take Angela with you?
      Mona: What kind of a sick joke is this?

    • Mona: You're not going to work all night, are you?
      Angela: Oh no, oh no. Wall Street Week is on at 10. It's a repeat, but it was a humdinger.

    • Mona: Angela, how would you like to go out with me tonight?
      Angela: What kind of a sick joke is this

    • Angela: Excuse me, where is the nonsmoking section?
      Waitress: Utah.

    • Mona: Will you forget work? You're here to have fun. Meet people.
      Angela: That's easy for you to say. You walk in here, you smash some elbows and you've got friends for life. Me, I never know what to say and I bruise easily.

    • Mona: Angela, you have reached the point in your life where you can afford to let go. Your agency is a big success, you've raised a wonderful son, and the goldfish have been dead for three years.

    • Samantha: I'm scared, Dad.
      Tony: Yeah, me too, but don't make any sudden moves.

    • Mona: Oh, my God. I have become a dependable, responsible person. Help me!

    • Mona: I mean, I go into the office one day, I answer the phone, I make a decision and the next thing you know, I'm Angela.

    • Samantha: I cannot believe the two of you. Angela has never been happier. She's going out every night like you wanted her to, Dad. She's got a new best friend in you, Mona, and as soon as it becomes a little in convenient, you wanna squash her spirit like a...like a big ol' spirit squasher.

    • Tony: Will you look at her, like she owns the place?
      Mona: Well, ask her if she can close early.

    • Angela: Of course there are women more beautiful than me, but none of them would speak to you.

    • Man at Bar: Boy, she's giving me a fever.
      Mona: Hey, bub! That's my daughter.
      Man at Bar: Way to go, Mom!

    • Mona: I am not Mona. And I'm not your buddy and I'm not your playmate; I am your mother.
      Angela: You've always been my mother.
      Mona: Yes, but lately I have had to act like it and I resent that.

    • Mona: I want things back the way they used to be. You--the mousy, dishwater dull workhorse, and me--the irresponsible, wise-cracking center of the universe.

    • Angela: Are you mad at me?
      Mona: No. I love you. I just want to go back to taking advantage of you.

    • Angela: I have a very strange mother, Tony.
      Tony: Well, you ain't exactly June Cleaver, either. At least not lately.

    • Angela: So, what did you think of my performance?
      Tony: It was very nice, very good. It was entertaining in a sweet sort of way, you know?
      Angela: Sweet?
      Tony: You know, sweet.
      Angela: (singing) You give me fever...
      Tony: Angela, don't do that.
      Angela: When you touch me...
      Tony: Angela, don't do that.
      Angela: Fever when you hold me tight...
      Tony: Cut that out, Angela. This is a very respectable alley.
      Angela: Fever!
      Tony: Cut that stuff out, Angela.
      Angela: In the morning...
      Tony: Angela!

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