Who's the Boss?

Season 7 Episode 24

The Road to Washington (1)

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 1991 on ABC
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The Road to Washington (1)
Tony is asked by some senior citizens from the neighborhood to state their request concerning the cut in the old age pension scheme in front of the US-Senate.

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    Pat Buttram

    Pat Buttram


    Guest Star

    John Cothran Jr.

    John Cothran Jr.


    Guest Star

    Ken Smolka

    Ken Smolka

    Sen. Stewart

    Guest Star

    Jonathan Halyalkar

    Jonathan Halyalkar

    Billy Napoli

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      • Chappy: Well, what am I gonna do? Fight the US Government? I can't even work my toaster oven.

      • Tony: I make a coconut cluster that'll put hair on your ankles.

      • Tony: Nothing beats the train!
        Billy: A plane does.

      • Tony: Chappy, this is my room, too. I need my rest. I didn't sleep at all last night, and I've got a big day tomorrow.
        Chappy: Well, with any luck, I'm gonna have a big night tonight.

      • Angela: Hi, what's up?
        Tony: Chappy's libido.

      • Tony: This must be what hell is like. Warmer, perhaps, and noisy with the anguished cries of the undead. But otherwise just the same.

      • Angela: Look, this is an emergency situation. There's only one logical option.
        Tony: We mount cows and gallop into Washington?
        Angela: We share this bed.

      • Angela: There's nothing to get uptight about. We're best friends! And I see my best friend exhausted and needing rest for a very important day tomorrow.
        Tony: Yeah, but, Angela, I don't know. You're you and I'm me--
        Angela: Tony Micelli, get in this bed!

      • Tony: You know, that perfume you're wearing is wow.
        Angela: I'm not wearing perfume.

      • Tony: This is not what it looks like. Angela, Angela.
        Angela: (rolls over and snuggles Tony in her sleep) Oh, Tony...
        Tony: Or sounds like.

      • Tony: I must've loosened it last night.
        Mona: I think you loosened a couple of things last night.

      • Angela: Nothing happened, okay? Nothing.
        Samantha: We know, we know. Nothing's happened all these years, why should it change now?

      • Tony: What's with the grin?
        Angela: Nothing. It's just very flattering that as tired as you were you couldn't sleep lying next to me.
        Tony: Unlike some people.
        Angela: That's true, but I slept more warm and sound lying next to you last night than I have in months. And in a way, that's more special than anything else that could've happened.
        Tony: Yeah?

      • Tony: And since I'm here to discuss the rights of the elderly, I thought it'd be a good idea to bring along this old goat.

      • Mr. Stewart: Mr. Micelli, I think we've heard quite enough.
        Tony: No you haven't. There's one more think I have to say. Angela and I did not sleep together last night! There, you're reputation's safe. It's in the congressional record...was that really your natural scent?

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