Who's the Boss?

Season 7 Episode 25

The Road to Washington (2)

Aired Unknown May 07, 1991 on ABC
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The Road to Washington (2)
An attractive young government representative becomes Tony's guide to major events and public appearances around America's capital. Angela begins to suspect that the woman's intentions toward Tony are less than pure.

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      • Mona: He's been out for eighteen hours.
        Chappy: If I slept that long, they'd be checking me for my vital signs.

      • Tony: Wait a minute! What am I doing on TV?
        Angela: It's C-SPAN, they cover congress.
        Mona: And the occasional hoofing buffoon.

      • Tony: It was incredible, Angela. It was like a whirlwind of jackets, ties and shirts. I felt like Pretty Woman.

      • Tony: I'll tell them that story about when the guys put my supporter in the freezer. I still get chills.
        Angela: I don't believe it.
        Tony: That's because you're not a guy, Angela, it's cold!

      • Mona: Angela, you are regressing. You have not pigged out like this since your divorce.
        Angela: I wasn't that bad.
        Mona: You ate your settlement.

      • Mona: Angela, let me be blunt. This Christine is young, gorgeous, sexy and smart.
        Angela: I feel so much better. You can go now.

      • Mona: Angela, if you don't want to lose Tony, you better do something.
        Angela: Oh, please. This is not the first time some pretty girl has flirted with him. He always comes back.
        Mona: And what are you going to do if one day he doesn't come back?

      • Mona: Angela, when was the last time you told Tony how you feel about him?
        Angela: I don't have to tell him. He knows.
        Mona: Wrong. You do have to tell him. And then you have to show him. And after that, you have to tell him what you just showed. Come on, let's face it dear. Men are stupid.

      • Tony: Go easy on that dark blush. I've oft times been told I'm an autumn person.
        Makeup Artist: Yeah, I see the leaves are starting to turn.

      • Angela: I've got a newsflash for you, Christine. I know you're after him. You're not going to get him. Tony and I are good together. And nobody, especially you, is going to get in the way. Do I make myself perfectly clear?

      • Tony: I'm not gonna stop fighting those medicare cuts. I'm gonna write a letter to every one of them senators.
        Angela: That's the Tony I didn't sleep with!

      • Angela: Tony, one thing.
        Tony: I know, I know. Too much blush; I look cheap.

      • Angela: You know how I feel about you, don't you?
        Tony: Oh yeah, sure, you know. How you feel, you know, sure--How do you feel?
        Angela: Well, I like you.
        Tony: That's good, Angela, because I like you, too.
        Angela: Oh, good. Well, I just figured I hadn't told you in a while.
        Tony: Oh. Okay, good.
        (Angela kisses Tony)
        Tony: What was that for?
        Angela: Well, I told you and now I'm showing you.
        Tony: Oh, I get it. It's like that game "Show and Tell." That's good 'cause I like that game.
        Angela: Me, too. Maybe we should play it more often.

    • NOTES (2)

      • This was Pat Buttrum's final on-screen role.  He is best known for his role as Mr. Haney on the series Green Acres.  He died in 1994.

      • Billy was dropped after only one season because Jonathon Haylaker (the actor who played Billy) was very hard to work with and had a hard time playing his character. His absense is explained in the 8th season premiere, he went to live with his grandmother.

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