Who's the Boss?

Season 8 Episode 11

This Sold House

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 1991 on ABC



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    • Tony: Yes?
      Jack: I'm home.
      Tony: No, no. I'm home, you're lost.

    • Tony: Hold on a second here. How do I know you're not some kind of psychopathic killer?
      Jack: I'm a lawyer.
      Tony: It's worse than I thought, Sam.

    • Jack: Have her give me a call. That's my offer and my phone number.
      Tony: Wait a minute! Which is which?

    • Angela: Why don't you just call up the bank and ask how much he's got in his account?
      Tony: Don't be silly, Angela, they don't give you that kind of information over the phone, no matter how many voices you try.

    • Angela: You move the refrigerator every day?
      Tony: You don't get arms like this flitting around with a feather duster, missy.

    • Angela: Oh, Tony, if I can do something that'll bring us closer and make me a truck load of money, I'll do it.
      Tony: Oh, Angela...bless your greedy little heart.

    • Angela: And Mother, a beautiful guest house for you with a fire place and big, high ceilings.
      Mona: Really? How high?
      Tony: You could swing from a trapeze.
      Mona: Have you been watching?

    • Angela: That's no problem; we'll just be on our best behavior; show them what a nice, respectable family we are.
      Mona: Does this mean I have to wear underwear?

    • Tony: Why do you want to buy the place if you're just gonna change it all?
      Jack: Sentimental value.

    • Tony: I'm not gonna stand by while some yuppy cheeseball guts our memories.

    • Jonathan: He knows something we don't. I'm talking oil, black gold, Texas tea.
      Tony: That's it; no more Nick-At-Nite for you.

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    • Episode Title:

      This Sold House is a reference to the television series This Old House that originally aired in 1980.

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