Who's the Boss?

Season 7 Episode 22

Tony and the Princess

Aired Unknown Mar 26, 1991 on ABC



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    • Samantha: Angela, you have all the street-smarts of, like, Princess Di.

    • Claudia: It's a kid! What's it doing here?
      Billy: It lives here.

    • Tony: Claudia, could you please concentrate?
      Claudia: I concentrate.
      Tony: Oh, sure. Like yesterday when you were supposed to pick the kids up from school?
      Claudia: I picked up the kids!
      Tony: The wrong kids!
      Claudia: They were cute. I thought we traded up.

    • Angela: Oh, my God! She wants you!
      Tony: She tried to bag me, too. She jumped me in the produce section.
      Angela: Why?
      Tony: It was too cold in frozen food! I don't know, it's crazy!

    • Claudia: Angela helped me realize that my feelings for you were sorta like an infatuation. Like she said, you're easy to fall for cause you're assertive and dynamic and gentle...and um, what was the other thing?
      Angela: Gee, I don't remember.
      Cluadia: Nice butt. That's right. She's said you have a nice butt.
      Angela: Thank you, Claudia, for remembering.

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