Who's the Boss?

Season 8 Episode 12

Tony Can You Spare a Dime?

Aired Unknown Jan 04, 1992 on ABC
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Tony Can You Spare a Dime?
Hard times have begun in the advertising industry - and Angela isn't spared either. Tony takes over the financial management because he has economy experiences. He pinches and scrapes wherever he can.When Angela, totally frustrated, goes shopping, she runs into serious troubles with Tony. He without hesitation takes away all her credit cards.moreless

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  • A little penny goes a long way but let's go shopping!

    When a few of Angela's checks bounce and she discovers there's no money to spend Tony makes everyone start counting their pennies. Being the one who is not used to being poor the most Angela goes nuts and starts a shopping spree that Tony poo poos at. When one of her clients declines her offer even with the flirting Mona and penny saving cook Tony to entertain him Angela completely loses it and places all her hope on a cow figurine being sold on a home shopping network. This episode was funny and we get to see how Angela would react if her whole world was turned upside down. At least she has Tony to help her through who can see it through her eyes in one aspect. They both have experience feeling of being a failure and had to go through thoughts of how to rise back onto their feet again. Although I do believe Tony's experience was harder because he actually completely lost a great career where Angela will continue to have her career as soon as she has another client who pays. Good to see that they are still learning from each other about who they are after all those years together.moreless

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    • Jonathan: Dibs on the Chiclets!
      Samantha: Guess again, fat boy!

    • Tony: What's going on, Angela? You know wanna know what's going on, I'll tell you what's going on. I'm talking about a public humiliation, a shame, a shame that casts its shadow over the entire family, leaving no one untainted.
      Mona: All right, I'm sorry! Damn the invention of the video tape.

    • Tony: All week long, I'm collecting dryer lint to make a quilt and you go out and buy yourself a silk blouse?

    • Tony: I'm putting you on an allowance.
      Angela: An allowance?! I am not a child.
      Mona: Well, you're built like one.

    • Angela: Well, you can't keep a good woman down.
      Mona: Well, you can if she's really good.

    • Angela: Mother, I want to talk to you about Reed Hamilton.
      Mona: I know, I know; don't flirt with the clients.
      Angela: Well, actually, I want you to flirt with him.
      Mona: You do?
      Tony: Boy, the company really is in trouble.

    • Mona: Reed, have you ever seen fish do it?
      Reed: No, but my hotel has a Koi pond.

    • Tony: Hey, we were poor, too. I remember when I was a kid, my mother making me a bowl of tomato soup with hot water and catsup.
      Reed: You had a bowl? My mother used to pour hot water into half a squash and when I was done eating the insides, I'd use the rind for a hat.
      Tony: You had a hat?

    • Tony: Angela, don't you see that by buying something it's just a temporary fix?
      Angela: Who cares? You string enough temporary fixes together, the next thing you know, you've got a permanent fix.

    • Tony: Still feel like shopping?
      Angela: No; eating.

    • Tony: We both know you're not gonna lose your business.
      Angela: I know.
      Tony: But you know what? Even if you did; even if you lost everything--the house, the cars, the business--and we had to move to some dingy trailer park and eat cat food out of cans, I'd still love you.
      Angela: I want my moo cow!

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