Who's the Boss?

Season 6 Episode 14

Tony Kills

Aired Unknown Jan 09, 1990 on ABC
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Tony Kills
When the neighbor Fred picks up Tony to go playing tennis, he makes up to Angela and Tony gets angry. During the tennis match Fred suffers a heart attack and dies. Now Tony blames himself of Fred's death. When Fred's brother Ed shows up Tony let himself be used because of his feelings of guilt.moreless

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      • Tony: And not for nothing, but ever since his divorce, he's been ogling every skirt in this neighborhood. Especially yours.
        Angela: Tony, I have absolutely no interest in Fred, but you just go right on being jealous.
        Tony: Oh, whoa whoa, ay oh, Angela. I'm not jealous, it's just, you know, the way he rides by on that Italian racing bike with them tight spandex pants, blatantly upshifting when he sees you, it just gets my goat.
        Mona: Ah, forget that guy. He's all pedal and no push.

      • Fred: Oh, Mona. You're a feast for the eyes.
        Mona: Fred, don't even bother reading the menu.

      • Angela: No, Fred. No stroke, bad neighbor.

      • Mona: Well, that's life. One day, you're top seed, the next, you're landfill.

      • Tony: I'm pure evil.
        Angela: No, you are not.
        Tony: Yes, I am, Angela. Don't you see? This was a crime of passion. I killed for a woman.
        Angela: Oh, Tony. That is so sweet!

      • Angela: You are not an evil person.
        Tony: Don't be so sure, Angela. That's the thing about evil; it hides behind a quick wit and a charming smile.

      • Tony: I make a great no fat, no sodium, no egg omelet, right Angela?
        Angela: Is that what that was?

      • Mona: Tone, I need this ironed. Use low heat, my spaghetti straps tend to melt.
        Tony: Yeah, so I heard.

      • Father Marconi: This woman, Angela, the one you want to kill again for, what's your relationship with her?
        Tony: Well, I've been living with her for about fives years, Father.
        Father Marconi: I see.
        Tony: Oh, but wait a minute, Father. You don't understand. I have NEVER touched her.
        Father Marconi: No wonder you want to kill.

      • Angela: Shouldn't Tony be back from the big match by now?
        Mona: Maybe they're playing 'til sudden death.

      • Tony: Angela, let me show you how to do this, please. Hold the racket like that, and then stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke...
        Angela: Good housekeeper. Good, good, good housekeeper.

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