Who's the Boss?

Season 1 Episode 8

Truth in Dating

Aired Unknown Dec 04, 1984 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Angela: Well, you cannot base a relationship on a misunderstanding.
      (Tony hugs the pumpkin with Wanda's name on it.)
      Tony: I know. I know. I know. I'm gonna have to straighten it out first chance I get. (walks away)
      Mona: Well, at least he has a relationship to straighten out.
      (Tony runs back and sits down.)
      Tony: What do you mean by that Mona?
      Angela: Never mind; let's just forget it.
      Mona: Now Angela, let's face it; lately your social life has been (makes cutting motion across neck) zilch, zippo.
      Tony: Eh, hit a dry spell, huh?
      Mona: Sahara city.
      Angela: Hey, you guys don't have to go on about it you know. I just think men may be intimidated by my success.