Who's the Boss?

Season 5 Episode 21

Working Girls

Aired Unknown Apr 11, 1989 on ABC
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Working Girls
At a practical program, where students are assigned different jobs, for Sam and Bonnie there are only two left: domestic engineer with Tony or advertising with Angela. Sam decides in favor of the housekeeping job which she regrets soon. The following day Bonnie and Sam switch their jobs but working for Angela isn't any fun, neither.moreless

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      • Angela: I had the worst dream last night. I was the catcher in a trapeze act. We were performing five hundred feet in the air without a net. Rather than grabbing my hand, my partner opted for death. What do you think that means?
        Tony: Well it means that you're either feeling rejected because none of the kids picked you last night, or you're not getting enough sex.

      • Tony: You see Sam, a peaceful house leads to peaceful thoughts, and peaceful thoughts lead to peace of mind, and peaceful minds leads to peace in the world. Start with the toilets.

      • Angela: Guess it's kind of exciting to see the nuts and bolts behind the glitz and glamour, huh?
        Mona: Please stay seated until the ride comes to a full and complete stop.

      • Samantha: I wanna go back to where I'm happy, where I'm loved. Bonnie, I want to go back to school.
        Bonnie: Sam, you're talking crazy.

      • Samantha: (singing) Home, home on the range, where Jonathan is mentally deranged. Where the beds are all made and the bills are all paid, and Jonathan is still mentally deranged.

      • Angela: Tony, I had the most wonderful dream last night.
        Tony: Oh, yeah? Who'd you kill off this time; Siegfried or Roy?
        Angela: No, this time I was in the center ring of the circus; the most beautiful bareback rider. I stood on the horse's back with a sparkler in each hand. The wind blew my gossamer gown as if I were an angel. Finally I was queen of the big top. What do you think that means?
        Tony: Well, it means you're finally feeling accepted, or you're getting too much...

      • Samantha: We have to switch jobs.
        Bonnie: What?
        Samantha: I really, really want to work with Angela. Please? I'm begging you as a friend.
        Bonnie: No! I found something that's important to me, something I'm good at, something that could be a lifelong career.
        Samantha: I'll loan you my leather jacket.
        Bonnie: Okay.

      • Tony: I knew it, I knew it. I was too hard on her. I overwhelmed her. She's only sixteen, she's not ready for symbiosis.
        Bonnie: Are any of us, really?

      • Mona: Sam, a word of advice. If you keep working this hard, you'll die young. Trust me.

      • Samantha: Yeah, Bonnie has a great attitude. She's the one that came up with the brilliant red-dot theory, she's the one that Angela took to the Russian Tea Room and she's the one that Angela likes.
        Angela: I do like Bonnie. But I love you.

      • Angela: Sam, I guess I feel that sometimes you think I'm a drag.
        Samantha: No, I don't. Well, sometimes. But a lot of my friends feel that way about their mothers.

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