Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK)

Season 1 Episode 2

Archie Hahn, Rory Bremner, Jimmy Mulville, John Sessions

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 1988 on Channel 4
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Archie Hahn, Rory Bremner, Jimmy Mulville, John Sessions
Seating Order: Archie, Rory, Jimmy, and John. Authors: Reading A Day at the Seaside are: Archie: Truman Capote Rory: Clive James Jimmy: Dylan Thomas John: James Joyce. Film and Theatre Styles: Archie is sacking Jimmy. Styles:Godfather, Austrailian soap opera, and horror. Used car salesman John tries to sell Rory a car. Styles: Amateur dramatics, Brazilian soap opera, and Noel Coward. World's Worst: Person to comfort you on your deathbed. Props: The teams are: Archie and John with a hair dryer Rory and Jimmy with an orange and white traffic cone. Different Games: The different games played in this round are: Sound Effects: Jimmy is working in the garden with Archie providing his sfx Couples: Rory and John are at a laundrette as the following couples: Charles(John) and David(Rory) Attenbourough Prince Charles(Rory) and Lady Diana(John) Mel Smith(Rory) and Griff Rhys-Jones(John) Ronald(John) and Nancy(Rory) Reagan Torville(Rory) and Dean(John). Winner: Rory Credit Reading: Rory as Barry Norman.moreless

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  • A definite improvement on the first episode, although nothing spectacular yet, but still fairly enjoyable.

    Introduction- Clive messes up his intro at the start, and covers it up well. A very funny intro, his intros for Archie and John being very funny. Rory cracks up at Archie’s intro.

    Memorable Quote- “Archie is very big on the West Coast, so that should please our Cornish viewers”

    Authors- Not a bad playing of the game here, I thought all four were very good, especially Rory and John, and Archie’s accent is funny. Jimmy cracks me up in this game, he forgets his author then gets mezmorised in Rory’s Clive James and forgets he’s supposed to be doing his Author.

    Film and Theatre Styles: Archie and Jimmy- Clive messes up again before the game starts. The Godfather part is the highlight here, Archie is excellent in this round. Not too bad

    Film and Theatre Styles: Rory and John- I missed a funny suggestion from the audience just as Clive was finishing getting suggestions. If anyone knows what that was then let me know. John has a good game here, he puts across these styles very well, but Rory looked out of place.

    Memorable Quote #1- Clive to the man who suggested Brazilian Soap Opera- “Are you on any paticulair medication”

    Memorable Quote #2- John as Noel Cowell: “I’m a 1920’s whoopsie, and I can do what I want”

    World’s Worst- I’m missing this game from my DVD, so I’d appreciate some feedback from anyone who’s seen it.

    Props- Not bad, but not good either. Jimmy has some funny ideas in this one, and for some reason I find his send ideas in on a postcard line really funny.

    Sound Effects- Not bad either, although too short to be that good. I like the lawnmower breaking down at the end.

    Memorable Quote- Clive to the man who suggested having a bath: “We want an everyday activity, not the once a month one’s”

    Couples- Best game of the show, Rory and John complement each other so well. Rory thrives when doing impressions of course, but John does a solid job too. I enjoy David Attenbrough, Prince Charles and Smith and Jones best.

    Credits Reading- An accurate Barry Norman impression, but not especially funny

    Best Game- Couples

    Worst Game- World’s Worst since I didn’t see it

    Performer Ratings

    1- Rory

    2- Jimmy

    3- John

    4- Archie

    Misc Notes- Why didn’t Rory appear on the show more often, he's far better than some of the early performers who appeared on the show. He was in heavy demand though so he probably wasn't available to appear

    Overall- Not too bad is the running theme, it’s solid but not overly memorable, but still one of the better shows of the series. Thumbs slightly up.moreless

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    • Rory: (wearing the cone in Props) For the extrovert dunce in your life.

    • (before Authors)
      Archie: (as Truman Capote) Well, I'd very much like to do Truman Capote.
      Clive: Truman Capote--but you'll do it in his voice, will you?

    • Clive: (describing John in the opening) John Sessions, who only today was described in these words: 'A genius with a talent unmatched by any contemporary, in fact I'm absolutely marvelous.'

    • Jimmy: (in Props, wearing the cone on one leg) For the monoped who wants to be seen at night.

    • (in World's Worst)
      Jimmy: Well, look on the bright side, Terry. I mean, at least you don't have to watch England in the next bleedin' World Cup, will ya!
      Archie: The bad news you only have six hours to live. The good news is, though, you won the Irish Sweepstakes--$23 million!
      Rory: David Johnson, BBC News. How does it feel to be dying?
      Jimmy: I bet you feel stupid being a bloody atheist now, don't you, eh?
      John: One more song before you go--(singing) I met a girl, who sang in a song, that had 95 verses to go...

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