Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK)

Season 10 Episode 9

Brad Sherwood, Debra Wilson, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles

Aired Unknown Jun 18, 1998 on Channel 4



  • Trivia

    • This is a list of all the winners and number of times (in oder of winning):

      Archie Hahn-3
      Rory Bremner-4
      Peter Cook-1
      John Sessions-4
      Josie Lawrence-12
      Jan Ravens-1
      Rory McGrath-1
      Mike McShane-11
      Stephen Fry-1
      Jon Glover-1
      Greg Proops-22
      Tony Slattery-12
      Ron West-1
      Paul Merton-4
      Sandi Toksvig-3
      Ryan Stiles-43
      Lee Simpsons-1
      Arthur Smith-1
      Steve Steen-4
      Jim Meskimen-2
      George McGrath-1
      Jim Sweeney-2
      Chip Esten-1
      Colin Mochrie-26
      Sam Johnson-1
      Steve Frost-7
      Caroline Quentin-2
      Niall Ashdown-1
      Karen Maruyama-2
      George Wendt-2
      Debi Durst-1
      Brad Sherwood-2
      Wayne Brady-1
      Phil LaMarr-1
      Patrick Bristow-1
      Catherine O'Hara-1
      Debra Wilson-1

      *37 times there were 2 winners
      *2 times there were 3 winners
      *8 times there were 4 winners
      *1 time there were 6 winners *Despite Ryan having the most wins most of them were not by himself (either with 1, 2 or 3 other people)

    • This is a list of all the games played and how many times (in order of appearance):

      Sound Effects-26
      Song Styles (I included "Duets" due to being the same only with two people)-43
      World's Worst-52
      Party Quirks-75
      Film And Theatre Styles-80
      Every Other Line-2
      Film Dub-44
      American Musical-12
      Remote Control-7
      Wrong Theme Tune-1
      Musical Producers-4
      That'll Be Charlie Now-2
      Helping Hands-33
      News Report-12
      Emotion Option-6
      Musical Film Review-2
      Old Job, New Job-21
      Courtroom Scene-3
      Video Player-1
      Scenes From A Hat-15
      Letter Changes-1
      Prison Visitor-3
      Whose Line-11
      Bar Scene-8
      Questions Only-20
      Backwards Scene-3
      Two Characters-1
      Scene To Music-8
      Stand, Sit, Bend-5
      Foreign Film Dub-12
      Song Titles-4
      Change Emotions-3
      Fixed Expressions-4
      Funeral Narration-1
      Stand, Sit, Lie-7
      Moving People-11
      Film Trailer-3
      Press Conference-8
      Hey You Down There-4
      Let's Make A Date-20
      Greatest Hits-10
      News Flash-4
      Number of Words-8
      Dead Bodies-4
      Sports Commentators-6
      Home Shopping-5
      Here He Is Now-2
      Three Of A Kind-3
      Mission Impossible-9
      Weird Newscasters-11
      Addicts Anonymous-2
      Quick Change-1
      Remember That Song-1
      Soap Opera-1
      Film Review-1
      Quiz Show-5
      Scene To Rap-4
      Daytime Talk Show-6
      Multiple Personalities-1
      Strange Bedfellows-1

      *Not including Compilations

    • This is the list of everyone who appeared on the show and how many times (in order of appearance):
      Archie Hahn-6
      Josie Lawrence-38
      Paul Merton-15
      John Sessions-20
      Rory Bremner-6
      Jimmy Mulville-3
      Stephen Fry-3
      Peter Cook-1
      Tony Slattery-37
      Betty Thomas-1
      Jonathan Pryce-3
      Graeme Garden-1
      Jan Ravens-2
      George McGrath-2
      Rory McGrath-2
      Richard Kaplan-1
      Griff Rhys-Jones-2
      Mike McShane-32
      Enn Reitel-1
      Jon Glover-1
      Greg Proops-51
      Ron West-5
      Paul Rider-1
      Ryan Stiles-76
      Sandi Toksvig-11
      Neil Mularkey-1
      Lee Simpson-1
      Arthur Smith-1
      Chris Langham-1
      Jim Sweeny-8
      Mark Cohen-2
      Julian Clery-1
      Colin Mochrie-57
      Denalda Williams-1
      Steve Steen-5
      Chris Smith-3
      Jim Meskimen-3
      Steve Frost-23
      Chip Esten-5
      Brad Sherwood-12
      Sam Johnson-1
      Jane Bruckner-1
      Russell Fletcher-1
      Niall Ashdown-3
      Caroline Quentin-6
      Eddie Izzard-1
      Ardal O'Hanlon-1
      Karen Maruyama-3
      George Wendt-2
      Debi Durst-1
      Wayne Brady-3
      Phil LaMarr-2
      Patrick Bristow-1
      Catherine O'Hara-1
      Debra Wilson-1

      *Clive Anderson appeared in all the episodes
      *This is not including Compilation episodes!

  • Quotes

    • Brad: (in Greatest Hits)
      I gotta go in there 'cause it's hit and miss, oh baby yeah
      I been standin' in line and I really gotta take a tinkle!

    • (in Backwards Scene)
      Brad: This is quite a great place to come eat when you want to eat in a minute and a half.
      Colin: Anybody need to eat in a minute and a half? (buzzer)
      Clive: Well, Colin wins that game by a strong tactical play that kept him out for most of it.

    • (in Scene To Rap)
      Colin: Don't shoot, don't shoot
      If you start doing that, I'll begin to poot!
      Brad: He's trying to rob this store
      Why don't do you do something, you nasty girl?
      Debra: See, I know what you were thinking, and that wasn't nice
      You know, maybe you better put him on ice!
      Ryan: Well, I know what ice is, its kind of a slang
      But what the hell, bang bang bang bang!
      (Brad falls down)

    • (in LMAD)
      Debra: I'm your favorite t-shirt. What kind of slogan do you have on your chest?
      Brad: 'Dinner and kinky sex.' If you would like to go out on a date, press one now.

    • Colin: (in LMAD) I would load this up in my program, so I could figure out the exact way to go, and then I'd screw ya hard.

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