Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK)

Season 10 Episode 7

Greg Proops, Phil LaMarr, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles

Aired Unknown Jun 04, 1998 on Channel 4



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • (in Moving People)
      Colin: Breathe!
      Ryan: I am breathing, that's how I'm staying alive!

    • (in World's Worst)
      Ryan: Find that there's certain parts of your body that you just cant reach to clean? Why not try Midget In A Can?
      Phil: If you're like me, you're tired of having arms! They're always in the way!
      Colin: I'm Clive Anderson and I used to have no neck. But now, with new Neck Insert, look! (points and turns his neck)
      Greg: Hello, I'm Clive Anderson. I used to have no hair, but look! (runs his fingers through his hair)

    • Greg: (in Daytime Talk Show) We're all about love and sharing and then at the end we'll throw some chairs.

    • (in Animals)
      Colin: I'm gonna kill myself!
      Ryan: No, no! Stay away from the harp seal!

    • Phil: (in Daytime Talk Show) I'm in a relationship with a lovely fork right now, and we share!

  • Notes

    • Props was not seen on CC.

    • Phil heard Ryan's John Wayne impression in episode 128, a few episodes before this.

    • This is the second and final episode that Phil LaMarr appeared in.

    • For some reason, when Ryan does his now-famous John Wayne impression in Strange Bedfellows, they all act as if it's the first time they've heard it, but everybody but Phil heard him do it the season before in the Debi Durst show. For the record, I don't think his impression was any worse than normal.

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