Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK)

Season 4 Episode 1

Jim Sweeney, Steve Steen, Steve Frost, Tony Slattery

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 1992 on Channel 4
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Episode Summary

Jim Sweeney, Steve Steen, Steve Frost, Tony Slattery
Contestants: Jim, Steve S., Steve F., and Tony.

Emotion Option: Jim and Steve S. are soldiers in the trenches. Emotions: esctacy, paranoia, hate and horror. Film and Theatre Styles: Tony goes to fortune teller Steve F. Styles:Trumpton, melodrama, and ballet. Old Job, New Job: Jim and both Steves are surgeons, but Steve F. used to be a dustman. Courtroom Scene: A crime of passion has been committed. Judge: Jim Prosecutor: Steve F. Witnesses: Tony: Princess Margaret(wearing a pilot's helmet) and the late Freddie Johnson(wearing a Robin Hood hat) Steve S.: Little Billy(wearing a schoolboy's cap). World's Worst: Person to do an operation. Props: The teams are: Jim and Steve F. with a pair of snowshoes Tony and Steve S. with a large black circle. Party Quirks: Tony hosts: Steve S.: James Bond Jim: at a school reunion Steve F.: a bus conductor. Film Dub: Tony goes to see bank manager Steve F. Helping Hands: Tony and Jim(with the hands of Steve S.) organize a bank hold-up. March: About weddings.

Winner: Jim. Credit Reading: Jim as a memory man.moreless

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    Jim Sweeney

    Jim Sweeney

    Himself (1991-1993)

    Steve Steen

    Steve Steen

    Himself (1991-1993)

    Tony Slattery

    Tony Slattery

    Himself (1988-1995)

    Stephen Frost

    Stephen Frost

    Himself (1992-1997)

    Richard Vranch

    Richard Vranch

    Musician (1988-1997)

    Clive Anderson

    Clive Anderson


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    • QUOTES (5)

      • Clive: (after Courtroom Scene) Well, we started and bega--and ended on a satirical note there, and inbetween it was pure...farce.

      • (in F&TS)
        Tony: (hopping on one leg) I came to you last week; you didn't say anything about the revolving door! What sort of fortune teller are you?
        Steve: Well, you didn't cross my palm with silver like you said you were going to do.
        Tony: I'll cross your mouth with my signet ring if you don't shut up!

      • (in March)
        Jim: I'm going to get married, yes get married very soon
        And then we're off to Europe, to go on the honeymoon
        We'll be leaving bright and early, off one day from Dover,
        As soon as I get rid of this bloody great... hangover.
        (Steve S. starts dancing a bit, Steve F. hits him in the back of his head)
        Steve S.: I'm going to get married, and married at my church
        I'm going to get married to the prettiest wife I know
        I'm going to get there and as soon as I arrive
        I'm going to fall down 'cause I'm pissed, I'll take a dive.
        Steve F.: I'm a little bridesmaid, I like to catch the flowers
        I haven't caught them once and I've been standing here for hours!
        I've got a lovely frock on, it's made of silk ... and silk
        And after I've drank all the champagne...have a glass of milk!
        Tony: I got married yesterday, I had an awful time
        I drank two bottles of crappy British wine!
        I'm going to leave my wife as quickly as I can
        Because I don't like her, I like the best man!

      • (in World's Worst)
        Tony: I've done thousands of appendectomies, don't worry...(hands start to shake)
        Steve S.: Now, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to saw the patient in half right now!
        Steve F.: And here's a patient I cut up later...earlier!
        Jim: No, I'll be all right, might be a bit shaky, I mean, after I lost the last one, they left me off this for a long time.

      • Clive: Hello and welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway?, the programme which relies on the performers' sharp brains, quick wits, and brown trousers. Featuring tonight Jim Sweeney, the better half of Sweeney & Steen, and Steven Steen, the better seven-eighths of Sweeney & Steen. Then Stephen Frost, fifty percent of the Oblivion Boys, and finally the one and only but original vulgar fraction, Tony Slattery.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Comedy Central's order: Emotion Option, F&TS, OJNJ(Clive called it New Job Old Job), Props, Film Dub, Helping Hands, Courtroom Scene, World's Worst, and March; with Party Quirks not seen.

      • This is the debut of the great Steve Frost. Clive refers to him as Stephen to distinguish him from Steve Steen.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Trumpton:
        Imitated by Steve S. and Tony in F&TS, Trumpton was a popular '60's BBC animated TV series(though Clive said that he didn't know what it was), in stop-motion format. It was the second in a sequence that started with Camberwick Green and ended with Chigley. The character of Windy Miller, mentioned by Tony, appeared in all three series, living in a windmill. The TV.com page for Trumpton can be found here.

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      60 Minutes
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      Big Brother
      Celebrity Family Feud Dr. Phil McGraw vs. Garry & Penny Marshall and Kevin McHale vs. Fred Willard
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      BattleBots Full Metal Bracket: Round of 16 Part 1