Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK)

Season 1 Episode 5

Josie Lawrence, Jonathan Pryce, Paul Merton, John Sessions

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1988 on Channel 4
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Episode Summary

Josie Lawrence, Jonathan Pryce, Paul Merton, John Sessions
Seating Order: Josie, Jonathan, Paul, and John. Authors: Reading A Day In The Life of a Horny Llama are: Josie: Agatha Christie Jonathan: the King James Bible Paul: a DIY Handbook John: Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Film and Theatre Styles: Josie and Paul are Jack & Jill. Styles: Spaghetti Western, pantomime, German art film and James Bond. Jonathan reports a crime to John. Styles: Samuel Beckett, pirate film, comedia del arte and John Le Carre. World's Worst: Actors to audition for Romeo and Juliet. Different Games: The games played in this round are: Song Styles: Singing about a television set are: Josie in heavy metal style John in folk style. Film Dub: Paul books a holiday from Jonathan over a scene from the film Plan 9 From Outer Space. Party Quirks: Paul hosts: Josie: a superhero Jonathan: an exorcist John: thinks he's underwater. Winner: Josie Credit Reading: Josie as an angry viewer.moreless

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  • Decent at best, which is a shame due to Paul being on good form.

    Introduction- Not an especially memorable intro

    Memorable Quote- Clive: “Once again we bring the wittiest, the cleverest and most exciting talent available today. But that’s enough about me.”

    Authors- Perhaps the greatest name for a book ever. Barring Clive’s little mess-up, Paul’s DIY was the best part of a very dull playing of the game. Jonathan wasn’t bad either, but not especially funny.

    Memorable Quote: Clive on King James “Yes, very famous for writing the bible. Very appropiate for a Sunday. Although the program’s on Friday.”

    Film and Theatre Styles: Paul and Josie- A funny playing of the game here, with Paul very funny again. I’ve seen better though.

    Memorable Quote- Josie and Paul as Jack and Jill: Josie “Now we’re married with 42 children, and all because I took you home to bed and put vinegar and brown paper on your forehead” Paul: “Yes, not much of a contraceptive was it.”

    Film and Theatre Styles: Jonathan and John- Not a good playing, it’s good acting but not funny, which is what the program is supposed to be. The best bit was Jonathan’s pirate impression, and even it wasn’t very memorable.

    World’s Worst- Just the usual dull World’s Worst playing. One or two decent ideas from the four, with Paul’s opening suggestion and John’s ending suggestion being the best.

    Song Styles: Josie- Fantastic song from Josie, she gets into the style so well. Easily her best moment of the show, and the best moment of this episode.

    Song Styles: John- Not bad, but not good either. A few funny lines and a accurate reconstruction of the style are hurt with their being no music.

    Film Dub- Clive seemed to enjoy this a lot. I thought it wasn’t too bad, but there have been so many better one’s than this. Still, one of the better games on the show, and Paul is again funny.

    Party Quirks- Josie is solid enough as a superhero, Jonathan is pretty good as a excorcist, and John messes up his quirk by telling Paul what it is. An average playing, with a couple of good moments.

    Credits Reading- Like a lot of the credits readings in this series, Josie’s quirk is accurate but not very funny.

    Best Game- Song Styles

    Worst Game- Authors

    Performer Ratings

    1- Paul

    2- Josie

    3- Jonathan

    4- John

    Overall- Dull episode outside of a couple of funny moments. It’s a shame because Paul seemed to be in good form, if someone like Tony had been on the show then it could have been a classic.moreless

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