Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK)

Season 9 Episode 3

Mike McShane, Brad Sherwood, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles

Aired Unknown Jul 17, 1997 on Channel 4



  • Trivia

    • Colin only has one line in Questions Only, which he says in French. It is: Avez-vous une cigarette? (Do you have a cigarette?)

  • Quotes

    • Brad: (last line of the first GH song)
      Won't you hammer me baby...
      Then we'll have time to screw....

    • Clive: The scoring is so exciting, I can almost be bothered to read it.

    • (in Weird Newscasters)
      Brad: (to Mike) It was a day in sports, wasn't it, Friendly?
      Mike: (scowling) Yeah, everybody wins, I lose.
      Colin: Hey, like I said to the horse, why the long face?

    • (in Number Of Words)
      Colin: Me ugly!
      Ryan: No, you're not!
      Mike: Beautiful!
      Brad: You're a real big freakman!
      Colin: Me disappointed. Expect hair.

    • (in Questions Only, after Mike kisses Brad)
      Clive: I'm buzzing you out, Brad, to spare you further punishment. Get in, Ryan.
      (Ryan enters reluctantly)
      Mike: Are you next?
      (Ryan shrugs his shoulders and leaves)

  • Notes

    • This is the first time during "Greatest Hits" that Ryan or Colin say "We'll be right back to your movie _________ right after this". This time it was 'All Hands On Dick'. This would become one of the highlights of the "Greatest Hits" game, and the names of fake movies would get wierder and wierder as time went on, giving us classics as "Touched By An Uncle", "The Politically Correct Theatre Production of 'The Good, The Bad, and The Beauty Impaired", and "Bertha, The Dyslexic Ephelant".

    • Comedy Central cut out Party Quirks, otherwise the order is the same.

    • Mike McShane makes his last appearance (minus the compilations) in this episode. He looks quite grim and somewhat angry throughout this episode, in contrast to his usually jolly demeanor in earlier appearances. He had some sort of off screen disagreement with production staff, and chose to leave.

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