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  • Thank You Dan Patterson

    One of the many reasons the UK Version was better than the US one according to me is that it had more comedians, and they weren't the seat filler like in the US version. Be it, Jim Sweeney, Steven Steen, Stephen Frost, Sandi or the regulars Tony, Josie, Mike and Greg.. As far as Ryan and Colin are considered, they were new, so they had more ideas. Also, the quantity of games played were more in this version, so it was more fun. And personally, I like Clive more than Drew because of his quick wit. He would have been great as a contestant. I just don't understand why Richard Vranch didn't featured as an improviser. I've seen his acts in the Comedy Store Players videos, he's funny, and certainly better than few other contestants out there.
  • This was a show I had randomly come across while channel surfing, and had managed to stick with me since. Like all stand up comedies, they do have their funny moments, and some of which is humour beyond me.

    Everything about this show is just on the spot humor, or at least that's what they claim. Just regular comedians who manage to keep half an hour of your day bright and happy. Though sometimes the context of it may be beyond me, overall, it was a show capable of hours of entertainment.

    You gotta love how they try with humoring the audience. I had watched most of the episodes, though its the same games most of the time, it never really gets boring. After a long day of school or any kind of trouble, it's always great to see that these 4 comedians never fail to make you laugh.
  • One of my favorite comedy shows.

    Whose Line Is It Anyway? is one of my favorite comedy shows there is out there. I it is basically four preformers who preform games. For example, the four preformers are: Stephen Frost, Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood, and Ryan Stiles
    and they play lets make a date which is a dating game show. And it is very awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • One of the greatest television shows I ever grew up with!

    When I was a child I was not allowed to watch overly mature television shows (with every right really!) this was one show I was allowed to watch and I absolutely adored it. The games were fantastic the regular comedians are geniuses and some of the jokes are still funny to this day. It's an ageless and timeless show that never ceases to put a smile on your face. It is very much a love it or hate it program there are no in between feelings. Personally I thought the chemistry between the comedians was spot on and their relationship with Clive was brilliant and it only blossomed as each season progressed.

    The United States version of this show doesn't even come close to the wit and dazzle that comes out of this show. The UK show outshines it by far.
  • Its a game show, and the points don't matter.

    The original improve comedy show, inspiration for the American version of the same name.

    Some people would say that the American version of this show was the better of the two. However, I personally find the original my favorite of the two. While they are basically the same show, I just found the variety of comedians to be better, and for the show to have an all around better quality for the most part.

    My recommendation: Unfortunately I do not think the UK version is aired on American television anymore. If you like the American version then take a look at the DVD release of the UK one as well.
  • This is a comedy show that was unlike so many other's. This show was a competition and yet the points really don't matter.

    I loved this when I was younger, now when I watch it I'm just thinking: 'What are they wearing?!'
    The show is one of the types that you never really get bored of, a lot of the comedian's pushed the boundres of sensor ship which made the show even funnier! The dry humour from Clive Anderston and the brilliance of Ryan and Colin working together are just amazing.
    It was ashame when the show stopped airing, but it's probably a good thing that it stopped in it's prime rather than be dried out and a shadow of its former self. This show is a must see for fans of Mock of the Week or even the American version of the show.
  • Definitely One Of The Greatest Shows Ever.

    This show is great and so much more hilarious than so many sitcoms on ABC and other networks. Drew Carey is a pretty good host. Maybe not as good as Clive Anderson but he's still funny and does an okay job. Some may disagree with me but I think the best performers on this show are without a doubt Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Greg Proops. I mean, how could you hate "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" It was one of the funniest shows ever. The show never gets dull because each game ends up completely different. This show definately beats "Saturday Night Live".
  • Fabulous

    This is absolute comic genius. I have never in my life watched a show so funny that I haven't been able to breathe from laughter at every episode.

    I love this programme. Each round is unique, but it never ceases to amaze me how I can't actually say, for any round, that I don't like it, and the same for the comedians/comediennes. Even though they are so different from each other they all have a great chemistry and have worked together to create a masterpiece.

    Every time I conclude that a certain round is my favourite another round comes along and then I say that's my favourite. I can't decide because they are all so great. For me, the best of the group is Ryan Stiles who is hilarious.

    Bring it back!!!!
  • It's like a big game of sharades...

    I used to watch this show with my parents every night before I went to bed. It isn't my favorite show, but it was still pretty good. A group of four are given a "clue" type thing and they must act it out on stage in front of an audience. One of my favorite things they had to do was when they were given props and told to come up with as many acts as possible. They were always amusing. One thing about this show I didn't like was at the end when they were singing. It was funny at times, but not when the host volunteered to join in. I don't care for the host; he really got on my nerves.
  • Who's line is it Anyway

    This show is so funny, it always makes me laugh.The only problem is it comes on too late but its the best comedy show ive seen in a while. I recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh which should be everyone. If you dont like to laugh im sorry b/c your missing out on life.
  • The original.

    The original Who's Line features some of the actors from the US version and is the sho that started it all. Hosted by Clive Anderson four actors play games to earn oints that don't matter and make everything off the top of their head. Just the thing when you need some cheering up.
  • How can anyone NOT like this show!?

    'Whose Line Is It Anyway?(UK)' is nothing but a sidesplitting, clutch-your-stomach, die-of-laughter, rollicking-good-time show.

    Clive Anderson(Host) gives 4 contestants various games(i.e.: Let's Make a Date, Mission Impossible, Weird Newscasters, Animals, Props, Hoedown), the audience suggest different people, places or things to do with the scene, and the contestants are on their own from there. Whoever wins the game, (as a prize) gets to read the credits in the style of Clives' choosing. This show just drips with comedic spontaneity. Recurring contestants are some such as: Greg Proops, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Rory Bremner, Steve Frost, Brad Sherwood, Josie Lawrence, and many more.

    Honestly, How can anyone NOT like this show!?
  • Trying to find a show worth comparing to Whose Line is like trying to find someone who doesn't like it!

    This is the best comedy show ever made. Ever. There will never be another show like this one. No other show in the world can make you laugh and think at the same time, and no other show can make you laugh as you realise that nothing they just said makes sense. The jokes are so fast, so quick-witted and so clever that you actually laugh as you're figuring out what the hell they just said. Yes, often rude and sexually explicit, but isn't that what good TV's all about?

    Not to mention the fact that Tony and Ryan are fantastically sexy, Chip is gorgeous and Colin just screams, “Hug me!” Greg’s a cutie and Mike and Steve are hilarious, and Josie, the main female contestant, is brilliant and holds her ground in the male-dominated show. Clive makes a great host, and is often as fast and as funny as the performers - at their expense, of course.

    The variety of games (my favourites being Whose Line, Helping Hands, Film Dub, Foreign Film Dub… OK, I love them all!), is outstanding, and the idea of each are brilliantly thought out.

    You can’t compare Whose Line to anything else you’ve seen, because there’s nothing in the league of this unsurpassed show. You won’t see a funnier, more intelligent show than this one.
  • Brilliant, this improv show is one of a kind

    The show features four improvers, all of which are very talented and can actually act their way out of a paper bag. The laughter ensues as games like Hoedown and Irish Drinking songs are preformed and made up on the spot. This show needs to come back and replace it's American counterpart.
  • Much better than its American counterpart.

    The British version of Whose Line is it Anyway is much better than its American counterpart.

    With improvisors such as Josie Lawrence, Steve Frost, Mike McShane, and Tony Slattery, you cannot go wrong. They are some of the most talented improvisational comedians on the planet. With the American version being broadcast so often, it's very easy to forget about the talent from the British version.