Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK)

Season 4 Episode 9

Ron West, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 1992 on Channel 4
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Episode Summary

Ron West, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops
Seating Order: Ron, Ryan, Colin and Greg.

Scenes From A Hat: Unlikely gifts from a Corn Flakes package; strange traffic violations; high noon; peeing your name in the snow; two childhood sweethearts meeting after 30 years; giving up smoking; two cows at a coffee shop; and a meeting of flypaper manufacturers. Old Job, New Job: Greg and Colin work in a burger joint with Ryan, who used to be in the Marines. Questions Only: Colin and Ryan are at the beach. Party Quirks: Greg hosts: Ron: on a jungle expedition Colin: thinks he is an octopus Ryan: a basketball player. Whose Line: Colin goes through Customs, Ryan is the Customs agent. Ryan's lines: 'Stop tap dancing, you fool!' and 'Never sit on barbed wire when you're naked.' Colin's lines: 'Damn it, you're sexy!' and 'Where did that kangaroo come from?' World's Worst: Person to be President. Props: The teams are: Greg and Ron with a silver colored flexible square Colin and Ryan with a large yellow triangle. Helping Hands: Colin dictates letters to his secretary, Ryan(with Greg's hands). Film Dub: Ron and Ryan argue over a comfy chair, Greg referees. Superheroes: The crisis is acid rain for: Greg: Psychic Man Ryan: Man Who Says Everything Twice Man Ron: Man Who Censors Himself Colin: Boneless Boy. Hoedown: About skiing.

Winner: Colin and Ryan. Credit Reading: Colin and Ryan as sports commentators.moreless

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    Ryan Stiles

    Ryan Stiles

    Himself (1989-1998)

    Colin Mochrie

    Colin Mochrie

    Himself (1991-1998)

    Greg Proops

    Greg Proops

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    Richard Vranch

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    Musician (1988-1997)

    Clive Anderson

    Clive Anderson


    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • This is the first of many Ryan/Colin dual wins. In the UK version especially in the later seasons they would win together many times!

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Greg: (guessing Colin in Party Quirks) You know, I should never invite you over again when I'm having a seafood dinner, you octopus, you!

      • Greg: (at the end of Superhereoes) Well, that averts another crisis. I guess I'll go in and watch a show that I already know the ending of.

      • Ryan: (in Helping Hands) Aren't my breasts nice and pretty?

      • Colin: (as Ryan holds the triangle in Props) Hey, giant! Stop peeing on the Alps!

      • (during World's Worst)
        Ryan: Hello, I'm George Bush.
        Greg: You know what's wrong with this country? Minorities!
        Ron: (with Ryan) I want to be your candiate, and (pointing to Ryan) this is my lover, a horse.
        Colin: From now on, everyone living in Wisconsin will be called Wally.
        Ryan: As your President, I would take your opinion as to which Brady member you would like as Vice-president.
        Greg: (drunkenly) Man, this inaguration is killer!
        Ron: I hereby abolish Congress and am going to set up a gigantic water slide.
        Colin: Have you ever seen a penis this big?

    • NOTES (3)

      • Colin's "alpine/I'll pine" pun in Hoedown beings to establish a long standing career move he has during this game, ending on some sort of pun or play on words.

      • On HA!/CC, Party Quirks, Whose Line and World's Worst all followed Helping Hands. Film Dub was edited out. Also, Ryan refrenced the peeing your name in the snow bit from SFAH in his Hoedown verse.

      • Normally, in Helping Hands, Colin provides the hands for Ryan. In this game, however, he is at the side and Greg provides Ryan's hands.

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