Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK)

Season 10 Episode 10

Series 10 Compilation 1

Aired Unknown Jun 25, 1998 on Channel 4



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    • Ryan: (in Gospel)
      And if you dont like it
      When it's finally done
      Remember, you're an American
      You can kill your doctor with a gun!

    • (in Mission Impossible)
      Ryan: I thought I was out of changing diapers. I thought I was never going to have to change another diaper again.
      Colin: Every time you go out, they pull you back in!

    • (in Weird Newscasters)
      Colin: I'll show my butt for a hundred bucks! I will! I will! Or the best offer.
      Brad: Most people have already seen it.

      Colin: I'll show my butt for five bucks! Just five!
      Brad: Speaking of traffic...

    • (in Quick Change)
      Brad: What have you got in your pockets to survive on?
      Colin: I have some buns and some butter.
      Ryan: Change.
      Colin: A can of soup.
      Ryan: Change.
      Colin: Parts of a dog that I found oustide.

    • Clive: (before Weird Newscasters) Wayne, you're the sports presenter, but you're also an angry mother...that's as in angry parent.

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