Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK)

Season 9 Episode 19

Steve Frost, Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood, Ryan Stiles

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 1997 on Channel 4



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • (in the credit reading)
      Colin: We're going to have to take Ryan Stiles' legs off, he's way too tall.

    • Colin: (in World's Worst) When making your own hair...

    • (in Stand Sit Bend)
      Ryan: I thought you're supposed to file your nails before you work on a thing like that.
      Brad: I did. I filed them under 'F'.

    • (in F&TS)
      Ryan: Congratulations! You have been elected the one to save the planets!
      Colin: Save it? How?
      Ryan: Oh, I didn't find that out.

    • Brad: (in World's Worst) So, you're gay, and you want to learn the accordion. Well...

  • Notes

    • Interrogation is one of the rare times that one of the performers not called to be in the scene takes part anyway. Colin gets to sit the game out, only to be dragged into it briefly by Ryan, who addresses him as "the guy behind the mirror". Colin responds, "I told you you should've put the glass in the other way!" and mimes smoking a cigarette. Good thing he was paying attention!

    • This is the first(and so far)only time that Interrogation was played.

    • Comedy Central kept the order of games intact, only editing out the Number of Words game.

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