Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK)

Season 1 Episode 4

Tony Slattery, Betty Thomas, Paul Merton, John Sessions

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 1988 on Channel 4
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Episode Summary

Tony Slattery, Betty Thomas, Paul Merton, John Sessions
Seating Order: Tony, Betty, Paul, and John. Authors: Reading Jack and The Beanstalk are: Tony: William Burroughs Betty: Mickey Spillane Paul: Barbara Cartland John: Anthony Burgess. Film and Theatre Styles: Homeowner Paul complains to builder Tony. Styles: Greek tragedy, Hollywood epic, musical and soap opera John and Betty are a husband and wife arguing about a map. Styles: Ealing comedy, mime, Method acting and Bogart film. Props: The teams are: John and Tony with a red Slinky Paul and Betty with a small white steel rack. Different Games: The different games played are: Every Other Line: Paul briefs John on a mission; John reads every other line from the play 'The Poison Party' by F. Slavin Smith while Paul must work to the end line, 'Oh, dear, I've lost my shoe!' Film Dub: Tony and Betty are a husband and wife arguing over to watch on television. Party Quirks: Paul hosts: Tony: has no backbone Betty: an investigative journalist John: an intrepid explorer. Winner: John Credit Reading: John as Anthony Hopkins.moreless

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  • Tony's debut is the big plus point of a below par episode

    Introduction- An OK intro, the intro for Paul was my favourite, but the others weren’t up to much

    Memorable Quote- “There’s been an enormous public response since we last had Paul on the program, but despite that we’ve decided to have him back anyway”

    Authors- Is this the only time Tony chose a serious author? Tony did a good job of it, and Betty seemed to enjoy it. Paul’s is a funny one, doing someone he usually makes fun of. John does an accurate Anthony Burgess and Betty was the only bad one. A good playing

    Film and Theatre Styles: Paul and Tony- Paul and Tony work really well together, and you knew how good this was going to be. A good playing, although they have far better playings in future seasons.

    Film and Theatre Styles: Betty and John- John held this game together due to Betty’s lack of comedy talent. Better than I was expecting.

    Props- Tony and John have the best ideas here. Betty tries but just holds Paul back in this round. Not bad though. The cameraman destroys something offstage at the end of the game, and Clive deducts points from him as a result.

    Every Other Line- I’d say this was the weakest playing of this game, it’s obviously not a good book for this round. Paul does a good job though

    Film Dub- I didn’t see this as it’s missing from my DVD, but I’ve heard that it was a good one. Again if anyone can fill me in on it I’d appreciate it.

    Party Quirks- Paul is again a good host. Tony’s quirk is genius, especially when the metal pole is removed from his back. Betty is passable with her quirk, and John’s is quite witty. Tony’s quirk and Paul’s hosting make this round work

    Memorable Quote- Paul after he finds out Tony’s quirk was he had no backbone: “Oh what a fool I’ve been. That’s why he had the pole sticking out of his back”

    Credits Reading- An accurate impression and I quite enjoyed it too since John’s really good when it comes to this.

    Best Game- Party Quirks

    Worst Game- Every Other Line

    Performer Ratings

    1- Paul

    2- Tony

    3- John

    4- Betty

    Misc Notes- I think Paul and Tony may be the most underrated team on Whose Line. They always work well together when given the chance, and here they show their potential for future seasons.

    Overall- A few good quirks, and Tony’s debut are big plus points, but most of the show was just about average and nothing more. It’s has it’s moments, but nothing that you need to view time and time again. Thumbs in the middle.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (5)

    • (in Party Quirks)
      Paul: (trying to guess Tony) This is a bloke who's got a pole in his back.
      Tony: Why?!
      Clive: Two seconds.
      Paul: Why? I don't know why!
      Betty: He's a--oh, I know! (breaks up laughing)

    • (in F&TS)
      Paul: I've got a complaint.
      Tony: Uh, wh-wh-what about? The plumbing, or-or-or the brickwork, which?
      Paul: Uh, the plumbing, the brickwork, the floorboards, the lack of them, no roof, no walls, in fact it's just a building site with a piece of card with 'Your House' written on it.

    • (in Party Quirks)
      John: Usually naked, Paul has his sexual organs tied up with pieces of string and small cups across his chest.
      Paul: That's only on a Thursday, though.
      John: He talks, he speaks, he confronts, but at the same time, he's waiting for the wacanya man to come.
      Paul: I'm sorry, I've run out of wacanya, I'm waiting for the man to arrive.

    • (in Every Other Line)
      Paul: You've got to go to Nepal.
      John: All the more reason why I should come and give you a surprise, darling.
      Paul: I am lucky, it was going to be Bangkok.

      John: You know, Her Majesty is a little tired with affairs of state.
      Paul: Indeed she is, yes, that's why she's given me this job to do.
      John: I'm tired and also hungry, and less the thoughts; that's nothing. Like food for the dumps.
      Paul: Now, don't have a go at the Dumps, they're my oldest friends!

    • Tony: (with the Slinky in Props) Welcome to Great Failed Prototypes Of Our Time. Number 14, the first condom.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Cameraman Martin Hawkins appears after dropping something after Props. Clive deducts five points from his score.

    • This is the first appearance of Tony Slattery, who was a very, very popular and funny performer. He shows all the signs of what he is to become in this episode. He was to become a regular performer until 1995, at the end of the seventh season.


    • Ealing Comedy:
      Imitated by John and Betty(mostly John) in F&TS, Ealing comedies were made by the Ealing Studios in post-WWII Britain. They are noted for being lightly satirical.

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