Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK)

Season 1 Episode 7

Tony Slattery, Jonathan Pryce, Rory McGrath, John Sessions

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 1988 on Channel 4
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Tony Slattery, Jonathan Pryce, Rory McGrath, John Sessions
Seating Order: Tony, Jonathan, Rory, and John. Authors: Telling the story of Stanley The Stockbroker and The Day Of The Big Bang are: Tony: Dennis Wheatley Jonathan: Egon Ronay Rory: Jose Luis Borges John: Robert Louis Stevenson. Film and Theatre Styles: Loan shark Tony talks to debtor Jonathan. Styles: Japanese noh theater, bedroom farce, amateur dramatics and Gilbert and Sullivan. John crashes into police chief constable Rory's car. Styles: Punch and Judy, Brecht, and black and white minstrels. World's Worst: Person to meet on a blind date. Props: The teams are: Rory and Tony with a star-shaped green piece of foam rubber John and Jonathan with a white piece of pipe. Different Games: The different games played in this round are: Advertisement: Doing ads are: Tony for BMW to soft, sexy music John for hairpieces to suspensful music. Film Dub: Rory is a hotel guest who complains to hotel manager Jonathan. Remote Control: Talking about pornography are: Tony: Star Trek Jonathan: Call My Bluff Rory: breakfast television John: The Phil Silvers Show. Winner: Rory Credit Reading: Rory as his own mother.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • QUOTES (5)

      • Clive: (before Remote Control) Pornography? Um...yes, why not? Uh...well we'll discover why not in a moment.

      • (in World's Worst)
        Tony: Hello, Peter, I'm Tony. Does it matter that you were expecting a woman?
        John: Do you know the poetry of Rod McKuen? It goes...(Clive buzzes)
        Rory: I haven't thought of one, I just need the exercise.
        Jonathan: I just wanted to say that I did lots, but they were all edited out.
        Clive: Well, what a bizarre thing to say on a live program.

      • Rory: (during Remote Control) I got a message from my buttocks this morning!

      • Clive: The incomparable John Sessions, who, let's face it, has more talent in his little finger than the rest of his body put together.

      • Tony: (in Advertisement) Have you ever wanted to own something that was an extension of your penis?

    • NOTES (3)

      • When Clive mentions a loan shark in F&TS, Tony and Jonathan agree that Tony would be the loan shark and Jonathan says "You've got the tie for it."

      • Advertisement is not seen in the HA!/Comedy Central showings, otherwise the order is intact.

      • In the Remote Control game, Tony uses the penile euphemism 'veiny bang stick.' Back when Comedy Central was HA! and they were first airing the show, the line went unedited. In subsequent reruns a few months later, the entire line gets bleeped.

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Call My Bluff:
        Imitated by Jonathan in Remote Control, Call My Bluff is a game show in the UK where two teams of three try to guess obscure words; there are three possible answers, but only one is correct, the other two are 'bluffs.' The TV.com page for the show can be found here.

      • Jorge Luis Borges:
        Imitated by Rory in Authors, Jorge Luis Borges was an Argentinian writer best known for his short stories.

      • Dennis Wheatley:
        Imitated by Tony in Authors, Dennis Wheatley was a leading author of occult fiction and thrillers in the UK.

      • Egon Ronay:
        Imitated by Jonathan in Authors, Egon Ronay is a Hungarian-born food critic in the UK.

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      The Bachelorette
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      Mistresses Blurred Lines