Tuesday 8:00 PM on The CW
The Richard Simmons episode of Whose Line is arguably the best overall episode of the show. And thanks to a wonderful suggestion (and my lack of desire to do actual work right now), here are my top skits from the episode:

#5: Newsflash
Yeah, I know he's not exactly in it, but this was the point that you knew he was gonna be on the episode.

#4: Multiple Personalities
Again, he's not in it, but Wayne was so awesome at this game. And I cracked up at the end of the skit.

#3: Moving people
I loved the interaction with him and Wayne before the skit. And I love anytime they make Ryan uncomfortable.

#2: Song Styles
I loved the shock on their faces when he came out. And without a doubt, this is why men should not wear these type of shorts....

#1: Living Scenery
There is no better skit than this. I still cry laughing. Watching Drew and Greg just lose it is still a highlight. I just wish I could find a decent quality clip that had everything from once the skit ended.

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