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So we've only got 2 episodes left from this new season, but I think by now we have a pretty good idea of what this new version of the show is bringing to the table. I've compiled a list of some of the things that are working and not quite working for me with this new version.

So what's working for me?
  • SIDEWAYS SCENE. I abso-freaking-lutely love this skit. This is one that I wish had existed from day 1.
  • The in-jokes are still there. They're still making fun of Colin for his shiny head, but now they get to play with Wayne too.
  • They got most of the old crew back together. I don't know that this show would still work w/ an entirely new cast. I wouldn't rule it out but I think they definitely went in the right direction getting as many of the old performers back as they could.
  • A good mix of old and new skits. A lot of the skits are old versions although maybe with some twists but they've also managed to include some new skits that work well (see my above love for Sideways Scene). It's definitely something to help separate this version from the old (in case you somehow think Drew Carey and Aisha Tyler are the same person).

What's not working for me:
  • Aisha Tyler. Normally, I like her, but I like her best when she just gets to ad-lib with the guys. When she's following the more scripted parts, she seems very over the top with it all and it kind of grates on me. I think if she just tones it down a bit, I could be okay with it.
  • The lack of the full old crew. Look, I know that Drew's off telling people to spin wheels and bid on prizes, and Chip is off doing the primetime drama gig, but I really miss these guys. I loved seeing Jeff on there. It's not a dig to the new rotation they've got going on, cause those guys are good, but something just feels off about it. Hopefully, with the renewal, they can try and get a few of them to stop by for an episode or two.
  • The celebrity guests. It's ultimately just been a way for the CW to pimp their own shows and most of the celebrities they've had on there are not in any way ready to do improv like that. Now Wilson Bethel can come hang with them any time. He did amazing. But the celebrity guest was a special occurrence with the old version and it really should stay that way.
  • No Hoedown/Irish Drinking Song. I know that the guys have said before they really didn't enjoy the singing games (especially Ryan) but those are the ones that the fans really loved. (My favorite skit outside of any in the Richard Simmons episode is an Irish Drinking Song) So would it be that bad to do a couple of those for the fans?
So I turn it over to you. What makes your lists? Anything you think I'm missing or can't believe I put on there? All I know is, I'm curious to see what they will tweak between this season and next, if at all.

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