Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Friday 8:30 PM on The CW Premiered Aug 01, 1998 Returning April 17th, 2015



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Episode Guide

  • Season 10
    • 11/21/14
      Comedian Heather Anne Campbell.
    • 11/14/14

      The Goldbergs' Wendi McLendon-Covey joins the gang to play a possessed coed and props for Ryan and Colin's new mansion, while Jonathan helps Ryan find another ice hole and Colin finds the best secret ever.

    • Brian Shaw
      Episode 22

      Brian Shaw, the World's Strongest Man, joins the crew to lift various jungle animals and be the train for Heather's engine. Also, Heather's soap actress wants to give news anchor Colin babies, we find out what not to say to your partner's parents when you meet them for the first time, and try to find out why there are four men in a room where a woman is taking a bath.

    • 10/10/14

      Gary Anthony Williams returns but his date choices are a Frankenstein's monster, and a giant tick, while Batman and Robin have to rescue Catwoman with women's purses and we find the worst presidential candidates.

    • Matt Barnes
      Episode 20

      The NBA's Matt Barnes has Wayne and Gary sing to him about being invisible and works at Ryan's bar. Also, Colin's childhood bully torments him on the news, Dorothy gets pregnant in Oz and we find out what not to do with one's package.

    • Jeff Davis
      Episode 19

      Jeff winds up choosing from waxer Wayne, hunter Colin, and penguin Ryan for a date, Colin reports from people cleaning themselves, the boys sing about turning 18, and Wayne goes under Aisha's desk several times. But the highlight of this show is when the boys and even Aisha do things that shouldn't be sexy in a sexy way, like milking a cow, cleaning teeth, taking confession, being a cameraman and even buzzing the buzzer.

    • Padma Lakshmi
      Episode 18

      Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi lets Wayne sing to her about 'chocolate pudding' and Ryan show her some 'fancy pudding' while Heather Anne Campbell flirts with mechanic Ryan, to the dismay of her elderly husband Wayne. Also, Colin is Snow White having a drink with Grumpy Ryan and we find the poop fairy along with lots of stomach rubs.

    • Jeff Davis 2
      Episode 17

      In another weird newscast, soap opera Dr. Jeff tries to save Colin's life and Wayne arrests someone who gave him a joke haircut, while Jeff hosts a party with Ryan the sperm and Colin the Hobbit and another album of beach songs is sold.

    • Kunal Nayyar
      Episode 16

      The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar lets Ryan teach him about women and rocks out with Wayne and Brad, while Colin has to put up with mail-order bride Brad, masochist Wayne, and commando Ryan on the news.

    • Mel B
      Episode 15

      The wonderful-smelling Mel B comes in to become a patient of Ryan's hypnotist, a totem pole in the frozen North, and the recipient of a strip-o-gram from Wayne and Gary. Also, Wayne, Gary and Colin sing about a tragic shopping victim and we find outtakes from superhero movies.

    • Sheryl Underwood
      Episode 14

      Aisha's co-host from The Talk, Sheryl Underwood, joins the show to help Wayne take Ryan and pregnant Colin to a Paris hospital, while Wayne becomes the first black hunchback in Hollywood Director. Also, Wayne and Jeff take on German metal as they sing Songs of the Beach.

    • Misha Collins
      Episode 13

      Another fan fave returns as Brad Sherwood helps Wayne sing to Supernatural's Misha Collins, and choose from a mosh pitting rock star, a multicultural chicken and a sexy helicopter rescue pilot for a date. Hoedown also returns in cheesy fashion and Ryan and Colin go to Vegas on their motorcycles.

    • Robbie Amell
      Episode 12

      Robbie Amell from The Tomorrow People becomes a member of One Direction with Wayne and Jeff Davis, has his Italian mother Ryan feed him(or try to), and tries to out duel Wayne in one handed pushups. Also, we find a classic bit redone and updated which leaves Jeff used and abused.

    • Rob Gronkowski
      Episode 11

      The NFL's Rob Gronkowski joins the cast to dance between stadium rockers Wayne and Jonathan and take advice from fitness coach Ryan. Also, Jonathan has to choose a date between Chippendale wannabe Wayne, dog show judge Colin, and horny moose Ryan, and audience members also participate in games.

    • Jack Osbourne
      Episode 10

      Jack Osbourne joins the show to become a rock guitarist for Ryan's band(and do an 'electric ballet' with Wayne) and work in Ryan/Colin's diner. Also, farmer's daughter Nyima flirts with farmhand Ryan and twerks with her father Wayne's pigs; we find out what not to say to someone you wake up next to; and Batman and Robin become Wanda and Louise after putting on new wigs.

    • 5/9/14

      Keegan-Michael Key returns and has to choose from fashion photographer Wayne, angry bee Ryan, and their former flame Colin for a date. Also, Film Dub returns(and Ryan can't move) as does Forward/Rewind as Wayne delivers a baby in a car. Wayne also sings songs of spring break.

    • Mircea Monroe
      Episode 8

      Hart of Dixie's Mircea Monroe joins the show to be a sexy werewolf and a Bond girl, though she has to deal with Ryan and Colin; while Gary Anthony Williams returns to do the world's worst commercial; and Ryan and Colin do their Tonto and Lone Ranger with a friend.

    • Nolan Gould
      Episode 7

      Nolan Gould from Modern Family comes aboard to join Wayne as props for Colin and Greg's honeymoon trip across America while twin girls help Greg and Colin defend a fort from Indians. Also, another weird newscast with Wayne gathering his hillbilly family for a picture and college boy Jeff yelling an order into Greg.

    • 4/18/14

      Sumo wrestler Byambajav Ulambayar makes Wayne 'sprain his ding-a-ling' while he and Gary Anthony Williams sing to him. Also, 'boing' becomes the word of the day and Colin has 'problems' with flatulence as an astronaut in Sound Effects.

    • 4/11/14

      Michael Weatherly of NCIS stops by to be a drunk businessman trying to pass through customs with the hybrid Ryan/Colin customs agent. Also, city slickers go hunting on the land of Appalachian brothas which turns Greg into Woody Allen, Ryan into John Wayne, and Wayne into a dubstep hillbilly; Colin reports from animals cleaning and mating; an Irish Drinking song about a baby; and what to keep to yourself on a first date.

    • Darren Criss
      Episode 4

      Greg Proops fills in for an ailing Ryan and helps welcome Glee's Darren Criss, who becomes a malfunctioning robot cop trying to arrest 'street criminal' Greg. Jeff Davis and Wayne sing songs of kindergarten and pilots Jeff and Greg deal with a storm and snakes on a plane.

    • Verne Troyer
      Episode 3

      Verne Troyer joins the cast to become several props, including a mine cart for Indiana Jones. Also, Ryan, as a baby looking for the perfect breast, eyes Nyima in another edition of Let's Make A Date, Ryan and Colin are dentist and assistant fighting robots with help from two audience members, and Wayne gets funky with Verne.

    • Tara Lipinski
      Episode 2

      Olympic skating champion Tara Lipinski joins the show and gets played as a violin, sung to like Elvis, and used as a porthole along with Keegan-Michael Key. Also, Little Red Riding Hood gets the Hollywood Director treatment; skating coach Ryan tries to win Tara's heart; and 'shling-dong' and 'bronze medal' become phrases of the day.

    • Kat Graham
      Episode 1

      Fan fave Greg Proops returns for the season premiere to host another crazy party(including amorous Southern sheriff Ryan). The Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham joins in a 'flamboyant' musical(while the others wear hats too small for them) and to be a towel and a mirror for James Bond(Ryan) and his Bond girl(Colin) respectively.

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