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Where's Brad Sherwood? Where's Greg Proops?

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    It's wonderful that you brought back this show. But as long as your recreating the show, where is Brad and Greg? Ok. I'm not saying they have to be in every episode, but occasionally or at least once would be nice.

    Oh, and where the heck did you find the reject from the Opray Winfrey school of speaking. Anyone else getting annoyed by her voice? And can she please stop explaining how the show works. It's the bloody 9th season. If you don't know how Whose line works by now, your never going to get it. Please replace her for next season. Preferably with a comedian that can tie the show together.

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    Greg did two tapings for the second season. In one taping, he filled in for an ill Ryan Stiles. Brad is reportedly going to tape in March.
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