Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Friday 8:30 PM on The CW Premiered Aug 01, 1998 In Season





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  • Best Comedy Show Ever!!

    Please don't ever cancel this show again! Every show is full of humor and makes my day!
  • Africa's a continent...

    Been watching since the British Version Love it.
  • All smiles all the time.

    I love the shows, you capture funny at all levels and truly are one of the very best moments in any day. So glad to have you home again.
  • Super funny. I'm glad it's back.

    The only way it would be better is if it was an hour long. It seems like it is over as soon as it begins.
  • So hilarious

    I love this show both old and new! It never fails to make me laugh.
  • Oh Yeah!

    I remember watching these actors improvise a few times and I was constantly in awe of their talent. Reading this article, I was saddened to see that they had trouble to a show such as Survivor! This was (is) a show with real honest to goodness talent and it had trouble against a reality show!?? I may sound like my father what IS this world coming to? Unfortunately I went many years unable to watch much tv, real life interrupted, but now, as I relax I just may have to see if I can find some of these shows.
  • Fantastic

    Was overjoyed to see the return of these comedic geniuses and was not let down by there performances. I have a few small complaints about the way the show is being run now but it's so good that those small things don't matter!
  • Kings of Komedy

    Best comedy variety show on .

    Green screen and Props are my favorite skits!

    Aisha brings a crazy vibe to the cast!
  • Keep the whole team! They rock!

    This is a great show. The new host is great and Wayne Brady awesome. I prefer this verision over the British one. This is definitely better and more creative. I do love it that they kept some of the people from the British one. They are all so funny and talented.
  • Get rid of Aisha Tyler!

    I watched Who's Line is It for years. I was looking forward to it's return, but the new host is absolutely HORRIBLE! I couldn't get through the first show w/o turning it off. She needs to stay on "The Talk" and leave Who's Line!
  • The Show is very good

    I like the show however they are missing the best skit. Sound effects!!! That was the best, when they get studio audience to come up and make the sound effects for Ryan and Colins skit. That is the best. Hey what ever happened to Chip? have not seen him on the show
  • Nothing like British Humor

    I love this show but preferred the British version. Improv and ad libbing is not easy. These guys do it so well. Ryan Styles is hilarious!!
  • Not bad, but not what it used to be.

    I enjoyed the original american run, and the new show is not bad by any stretch of the word. Colin and Ryan are still hilarious. I just don't like how they made a few changes that get on my nerves. For one, thought I am a fan of the walking dead, i dont like how the bring celeberty guests instead of using audience members for gags. It was hilarious watching Ryan and Colin mess with random people. I am also not a huge of aisha taylor. Drew Carrey was alot funnier, and had good chemistry with other cast members. It feels like they took the host of a feminine tv show and stuck it in comedy problem. It just doesn't work for me. However, i still enjoy it, and will continue to watch it, as I still find it as hilarious as the old run.
  • Just not what it used to be.

    I know Drew Carey wasn't the funniest but he was loads better than this new host. Aisha Tyler. The chemistry that once was has been lost. Such a shame, I was hoping for better.
  • Whose Line IS Television.

    I saw my first episode of whose line in 2007 when sleepin over with my friend zach. we saw 2 episodes and i cracked out laughing. but havnt seen it since. then 2010/2011 i watched another from then on became my favorite show. its the kind of comedy you cant just watch once. thank god its returning. because this is the kinda show we need to make people love improv
  • We won!

    They are officially bringing back our beloved Whose Line this summer! Colin, Ryan, and Wayne are all returning and Aisha Tyler will be the host instead of Drew :( but still its great news!!!!!!! The CW ordered 10 new episodes of Whose Line to be filmed!!!!! 2013/03/cw-brings-back-whose-line-is-it-anyway-for-summer-run-aisha-tyler-to-host/
  • Bring it back!!! i cannot compare any comedy of any kind to this perfect comedy show.


    This show is beyond funny, there is nothing but absolutly nothing on tv (and probably won't be untill they bring it back) that makes me tear up from laughter EVERY SHOW and i mean literally tears go down my face as i laugh.

    They are the funniest people this world has seen... here ill make a list of which ones are the best 1 is the best 4 worse:


    2. Ryan


    4. Drew

    I swear that if there is perfection to pure comdey this is it.

    God knows why they canceled it... ratings? it hardly makes sense because anyone i knew was dying from laughter with this.

    They should give it another go in ABC and if not in another network but with the same actors.. because honestly i don't you can find anyone any more funny then colin and ryan they basiclly ran the show and wayne whose multi talent guy (freaking amazing)

  • Brilliant show!!!!

    Tired from a long day at work or school. Well watch Whose Line and all the troubles in the world will seem so far away.

    It really works so well and every one that takes part in the show bounces of each other. It doesn't matter what game they are playing its all fantastic.

    Definitely one of the funniest shows you can watch.
  • Typical Americanised version of something that was truly ground breaking and original. Ruined...

    One day as browsing through the channels for something to watch I saw listed "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" I decided; this must be interesting I do so long WLiiA? Unfortunately once it came on I realised it was presented by the ghastly Drew Carey (one of the most unfunny Americans ever!). I found the fact they took something brilliant and genuinely funny from the UK and decided to Americanise it. Upon watching it I was glad to see original geniuses; Ryan, Greg and Colin but that was the only mildly redeeming quality about this show.

    It was exactly the same as the UK one, same games, same premise and plenty of reused jokes only with name changes to suit the time. There are a few moments that make you smile but the vast majority of it is cringe worthy and the audience. God, the American television audience are highly irritating - I know it's a comedy but we don't need the audience screaming, whooping and making a general hullabaloo so we miss the punchline. I was deeply disappointed by this and even though the originals are extremely funny; the uncharismatic host, the lack of originality and just recycling something good for the sake of a screaming audience just didn't float it for me.
  • Improv

    God I love this show. I love it so much, it is really one of the funniest show I have ever watched. It is such a shame it is never on anymore. I mean new episodes, re-runs of course are. Colin and Ryan are the funniest ones on the show. Wayne is also funny, but he is the best at singing and dancing on the show. And the 4th person, it all depends who they got, some are good some are bad.

    So, overall, one of the all-time funniest shows I have ever seen. I really miss new episodes a lot
  • Man, who wouldn't love this show?

    Whose Line is an improv show with four participants, some props, some hats, a couple of people who can play instruments, and, of course, one chubby host.
    Whose Line has always made me laugh, no matter how many times I watch it. Hosted by Drew Carey and always having Ryan Stile, Colin Mochorie, and Wayne Brady, this show always had something ridiculously funny. I would have loved to see this show last even longer. My favorite was always Colin. Colin is just outrageous, always having his jokes be so creative it seems like a person COULDN'T think of it in a span of ten seconds. This show is great. It shouldn't have ever been canceled, let alone only have the re-runs be shown on one channel close to midnight. It is just pure hilarity.
  • Two words: love it.

    Really, who doesn't love "Whose Line is it Anyway?" It's a show about performers thinking off the top of their heads for everyone's amusement. How can you go wrong?

    First of all, there's Drew. He makes for a great host. He interacts with the performers and the audience, pokes fun at both of them, and is not afraid to completely lose it when something funny happens (his laugh is the greatest).

    Then, there's Wayne Brady. Quite possibly one of the most underrated entertainers in Hollywood. The man has unmatched enthusiasm and amazing musical skills. Plus, he always has a smile on his face, and he literally doubles over when he starts cracking up. I love him.

    And, of course, there's the dynamic duo: Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles. The way these two play off of each other is amazing; even better, Colin is the only one who can make Ryan lose it, and vice-versa (not an easy task to catch the unshakable Colin off-guard).

    As for the other performers...I prefer the men over the women. Greg Proops, Chip Esten, and Brad Sherwood are more than capable of holding their own against the others. The women, on the other hand...unfortunately, more often than not, their jokes seem to fall flat. If it weren't for them, I would have given a 10 rating.

    So...there you have it. There will never be another show on that can even compare to the greatness that is "Whose Line is it Anyway." It makes me mad that it's no longer shown, at least at a reasonable time.

    Oh well...thank goodness for YouTube, right?
  • What I think about the show.

    I love this show! Ryan Stiles and Colin Mocherie would have to be my favorite though. I wish they made more of them. Some of the parts are hilarious, while others aren't as funny. They are still hilarious but not as funny. I like all of the games exept hats. It doesn't make me laugh as much as the others. Overall, the show is great. Some people like some parts, while some people like other parts. We all have different views, but they are all similar in a way. I enjoy writing reading reviews. It shows how different our minds can be from others.
  • greatest comedy show ever!

    i loved this show i watched it everytime it came on i never laughed so hard or so much watching anything else, they really should bring this show back with all the original cast members especially Colin and Ryan they were the best i loved Greatest Hits and Sound Effects the most, i loved it when Ryan, Colin, Wayne and whoever the 4th person was poked fun at Drew during both the Hoe Down and Irish Dancing Song games i really wish they released this show on DVD Boxsets instead of just Single DVDs, ill always hold the hope that Whose Line will be restarted again :)
  • A show that will always makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it!

    It all started with a badly timed bald joke...no not really. That was just one of my favorite quotes from the show. I was so mad when they decided to cancel a funny show like this. I really don't see how anyone could find a show funnier than this. Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie are the masters of comedy; they could really make me laugh out loud with just a couple of their hilarious jokes. Almost everyone that came on to this show, with the exception of the blonde girl and the red head girl, were comedy masterminds. They could come up with a joke right off the top of their head and it would usually make me laugh. Wayne does a great job at his dubbing voices. Poor Colin, he was the only bald guy on this show. But at least he had a positive attitude about it. Like I sad before, I am so pissed that they cancelled such a wonderful show. It was awesome! My grade for Whose Line Is It Anyway is a 100/100.
  • How the heck could anyone not like this show?

    OK I've seen some pretty funny things in my life but truth be told, nothing I've seen is as funny as this show is. They're all really talented and it is truly amazing how quickly they're able to come up with so many funny jokes when they've only got a few seconds to do so. They're some of the great comedians I've ever seen in my whole dang life and they leave me laughing for hours. I heard that this show ended cause of low ratings, which I don't get at all. How could a show as funny as this get low ratings? It just doesn't make any sense! Now where I live, it doesn't come on until really late at night, but I'll stay up late sometimes just to watch an episode that shows ya how much I love it. So my final grade for this show is an A+!
  • hilarious

    One of the funniest show to hit television. Drew Carey makes a great host and sometimes a great cast member. Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, and all the other cast members there were, was what made the show worth watching, Ryan Stiles was hilarious in the drew carey show but i had no clue how funny he could really be until i saw this show. I would have never thought improv comedy could be so good. I like how they use the audience to come up with ideas they have to use in there skits, make the show even more fun to watch
  • It doesn't innovate

    It was OK at the beginning, it was cool to see how they improvised, but watching it week after week is really sickening, and I definitely prefer more elaborated humor. It just doesn't work for me. It's a must not see for me. Also I really don't like the cast of the Drew Carey Show, and he and his souz-actors are not funny, there are lots of better comedians, the bald guy isn't funny at all, they always mock at him, it's actually sad you know...Plus I can add that I'm not that fan of live comedians, except for SNL, but SNL is a different story(it is based on sketches).
  • Four talented comedians act out skits off the top of their heads with Drew Carey as the host.

    Whose Line is it Anyway? has to be the funniest show ever created. Unfortunately, it competed against Friends, another highly popular show thus ending its reign all too soon.
    The show starred two regulars, Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie. Wayne Brady was an 'almost regular' as he didn't appear in every episode. The fourth seat was filled by a guest comedian, usually Greg Proops or Brad Sherwood but others have appeared, including Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams and Kathy Griffin. Drew Carey acted as the host, reading out the scenarios for the improvers to act out and picking out people from the audience to help out with the skits.
    From the start, anyone can tell that Ryan and Colin carry the show. They are in almost every game and they had a comic chemistry not shared by the others on the show. Wayne was the show's main singer for the singing bits and he's a genius for coming up with lyrics off the top of his head. His improv tended to be a little more "safe" but he definitely has his golden moments that will have you in stitches. I would have to say that if any old show could come back, I would vote for this one. In the meantime, get those DVD's going already!! I have heard that the last release didn't sell real well but judging by all these reviews, what are they talking about? Too many of us love this show!!
  • An improv game show that will make you laugh your but off.

    Whose Line is it Anyway is a great show that isnt a sitcom and isnt a gameshow. Each episode features 4 improvers and Drew Carrey as the host. These are the greatest comics i have ever seen. Each episode will have you in stitches as they play all of their improv games. the 3 main ones in almost every episode are Ryan Styles from the Drew Carrey show, Colin Mocerie, the bald Canadian, and Wayne Brady, the black guy who can really sing good. together they team up with a 4th person and keep everyone laughing. It is one of the best shows of all time.
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