Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Friday 8:30 PM on The CW Premiered Aug 01, 1998 In Season





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  • Not bad, but not what it used to be.

    I enjoyed the original american run, and the new show is not bad by any stretch of the word. Colin and Ryan are still hilarious. I just don't like how they made a few changes that get on my nerves. For one, thought I am a fan of the walking dead, i dont like how the bring celeberty guests instead of using audience members for gags. It was hilarious watching Ryan and Colin mess with random people. I am also not a huge of aisha taylor. Drew Carrey was alot funnier, and had good chemistry with other cast members. It feels like they took the host of a feminine tv show and stuck it in comedy problem. It just doesn't work for me. However, i still enjoy it, and will continue to watch it, as I still find it as hilarious as the old run.