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  • Show No. 239
    Show No. 239
    Episode 39
    Contestants: Ryan, Colin, Wayne and Chip Esten.

    Film, TV, and Theater : Colin and Ryan steal dinosaur bones, and get caught by Wayne, the night watchman.
    : chick flick, Keystone Cops, workout video, porno and golf show.
    Duet: Wayne and Chip sing as a boy band to Katie of Hoagie Oagie.
    Song Titles: At a beach party.
    Newsflash: Colin reports to video of himself to Chip and Ryan.
    Hoedown: About plastic surgery.
    Foreign Film Dub: Drew and Wayne act out the Canadian action film Out And About(Oot And Aboot); Ryan translating for Drew and Colin for Wayne.

    Winner: Wayne, Colin and Ryan
    Credit Reading: All four as French can-can dancers.moreless
  • Show No. 238
    Show No. 238
    Episode 38

    Old Job, New Job makes its US debut, Wayne sings songs of the private eye, Ryan becomes a minister cum NYPD cop and Denny joins the boys for singles night at a supermarket.

  • Show No. 237
    Show No. 237
    Episode 37
    Saving trees in a forest, cannibalism, a presidential crisis, and songs of wrestling highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 219
    Show No. 219
    Episode 36
    Seating Order: Wayne, Chip, Colin, and Ryan.

    Superheroes: Trying to solve the worldwide crisis of no more Rogaine are: Colin: Captain Hair Ryan: Totally Insane Old Man Chip: The Chippendale Kid Wayne: Captain Frat Boy. Let's Make A Date: Chip has to choose from: Wayne: the possessed girl from The Exorcist Colin: a cantankerous snowman who is melting Ryan: a destructive toddler learning to walk and talk. Duet: Wayne and Chip sing a 1940's tap dance number about a funnel. Whose Line: Colin is Davy Crockett and Ryan is Jim Bowie and they're about to make their last stand at the Alamo, and Colin is losing his nerve. Ryan's lines: 'Lay a wet one on me, big guy' and 'It's time for your spongebath.' Colin's lines: 'Why are you dressed like a French maid?' and 'Shut up and touch the monkey!' Scenes From A Hat: Bad game show concepts; things you never want to hear your grandmother say; pick-up lines in the fruit and vegetable aisle; personal ads that won't get many responses; People you'll never see on the cover of Playboy; modern addition to the Ten Commandments; if dogs told jokes; and favorite pranks of ER doctors. Props: The teams are: Wayne and Colin with a large white cloth funnel Ryan and Drew with a pair of red lightbulbs.

    Winner: Chip Credit Reading: Colin as Captain Hair with the others as his hair behind him.moreless
  • Show No. 236
    Show No. 236
    Episode 35
    Seating Order: Brad, Wayne, Colin, and Ryan.

    Weird Newscasters: Reporting on The Six O'Clock News are: Anchor: Brad(Chester Moistmuffins) Co-Anchor: Colin(Lionel Hotbiscuits), the world's most tactless man Sports: Wayne(Sizzling Baconpan), RuPaul Weather: Ryan(Flaky Croissants), has the hots for a different person every ten seconds. Film Dub: Ryan, Colin, and Brad are planning a five-year-old's birthday party. Questionable Impressions: Brad and Wayne start a scene set on a freeway; Colin is teamed with Brad and Ryan with Wayne. They must do a different impression along whith speaking in questions. Narrate: Ryan and Colin do a film noir scene set in a barber shop. Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin sell the compilation CD Songs Of The Plumber. Wayne and Brad sing: 'Sympathy For the Roto-Rooter' as the Rolling Stones 'Heuzunkloggin?(Who's Uncloggin?)' in German drinking style 'You Can't Flush Me Away' in '90's R & B style. 90 Second Alphabet: Ryan, Colin and Drew are three roommates watching the lottery numbers come on TV; starting with 'X.'

    Winner: Ryan and Colin Credit Reading: Ryan and Wayne as two angry drivers stuck in traffic.moreless
  • Show No. 218
    Show No. 218
    Episode 34
    A sitcom theme about Hillary and Monica as roommates, a scene with Quasimodo and Esmerelda, and a Hoedown about probation officers highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 214
    Show No. 214
    Episode 33
    A rap song to The Exorcist, a news report from a harem, and a CD about doctors highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 235
    Show No. 235
    Episode 32
    Karen Maruyama joins the boys for a WWII scene, as a granny with a crush on Colin, and as the host of another quirky party.
  • Show No. 234
    Show No. 234
    Episode 31
    Jar Jar Binks on a dating show, the Lone Ranger and Tonto being moved, and Colin as a caveman are highlights of this episode.
  • Show No. 233
    Show No. 233
    Episode 30
    A scene in a canyon with donkeys, a news report from alligators in a swamp, and songs of psychiatrists highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 232
    Show No. 232
    Episode 29
    Colin's infamous 'The Cat!' playing of Improbable Mission highlights this episode.
  • Show No. 217
    Show No. 217
    Episode 28
    Highlights from this episode: Karen Maruyama joins the boys for a soap opera at a plastic surgeon's office; Wayne sings faster and faster; Colin reports from cowboys fighing dinosaurs; and Colin and Ryan kiss.
  • Show No. 231
    Show No. 231
    Episode 27
    Another weird newscast, Wayne singing to two girls as the Backstreet Boys, Colin working in a fast-food place, and a rap song about a black hole are featured in this episode.
  • Show No. 230
    Show No. 230
    Episode 26
    The boys do a rap song set in The Towering Inferno, Superman and Lois Lane in Moving People, and the songs of football in this episode.
  • Show No. 229
    Show No. 229
    Episode 25
    Seating Order: Greg, Wayne, Colin and Ryan. Superheroes: The crisis is it's too hot for: Greg: Chocolate Bunny Man Ryan: Mimics Everyone Behind Their Back Boy Colin: Captain Lounge Act Wayne: Can't Control His Legs Man. Sound Effects: Colin acts out a scene as a teenager going on his first prom date with Ryan doing the sound effects. Song Styles: Wayne raps as M.C. Hammer for Lydia the geographer. The Millionaire Show: Participating are: Host: Greg Contestant: Ryan(Horst Kohler) Audience Member: Wayne(his Uncle Schmidt, from the Black Forest) Phone-A-Friend: Colin(his brother Hogan) Hoedown: About being ugly; Drew replacing Greg. Winner: Greg Credit Reading: Ryan and Colin as two crotchety old men yelling at people to get off their property.moreless
  • Show No. 228
    Show No. 228
    Episode 24
    Cheese Man leads the superheroes to find more Spam, the theme song to Satan and the Schoolgirl is sung, and the album Songs of the Pizza Place is sold in this episode.
  • Show No. 216
    Show No. 216
    Episode 23
    Drew thinking Africa is a country is the main highlight here. Also featured are a newscast with a Puritan, a knight and a musical wanna-be, and Wayne's African chant to visual effects guy Chris.
  • Show No. 227
    Show No. 227
    Episode 22
    A stripper song to a lunch lady, an illicit lunch in a war-themed restaruant and Colin and Ryan kissing are featured in this episode.
  • Show No. 226
    Show No. 226
    Episode 21
    Superheroes fighting dry skin, a song to a Canadian vacationer, and another quirky party highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 215
    Show No. 215
    Episode 20
    Kathy Greenwood makes her debut with a scene at a nudist colony; also featured are an album of songs of attorneys nad a Colin reporting from a whole lot of icky bugs.
  • Show No. 210
    Show No. 210
    Episode 19
    More strange newscasters, the return of Questionable Impressions, and a song from a musical about trash men highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 225
    Show No. 225
    Episode 18
    Superheroes battling mosquitoes, Colin playing hockey, and a telethon for sitcom stars highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 208
    Show No. 208
    Episode 17
    A song to a marketer of theromstats, a scene from Star Wars, and another weird party highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 224
    Show No. 224
    Episode 16
    Another weird newscast, Wayne singing as Ray Charles, and Ryan as a sumo wrestler/weatherman are highlights of this episode.
  • Show No. 207
    Show No. 207
    Episode 15
    More crazy dates, a Motown song about a blender, a film noir scene in a an airport terminal, and a rap about brain surgery are this episode's highlights.
  • Show No. 213
    Show No. 213
    Episode 14
    Superheroes dealing with tight underwear, a Motown song about a toothbrush, and the debut of 'The Millionaire Show' highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 223
    Show No. 223
    Episode 13
    The gang opens up with Questions Only from the lingerie section of a department store on Valentine's Day. Ryan and Colin do Whose Line as Zorro and the leader of the Mexican Guard. The gang follows with a game of props, and then Scenes From a Hat including "Odd Hijacker Demands", and "Rejected Themes For Resturants". Greatest hits features Songs of the Chiropractor. Everyone (except for Wayne) wins and the 3 do a Children Hoedown with Drew.moreless
  • Show No. 211
    Show No. 211
    Episode 12
    The infamous 'Melissa incident' is the highlight of this episode.
  • Show No. 222
    Show No. 222
    Episode 11
    Seating Order: Greg, Wayne, Colin and Ryan. Let's Make A Date: Greg must choose from: Wayne: a tempermental rock star in his hotel room Colin: gets turned on by danger Ryan: a ravenous boa constrictor. Film, TV & Theatre Styles: Ryan and Greg are two rival bikers challenging each other to a game of chicken; racing each other towards the edge of a cliff. Colin is the anxious girlfriend who doesn't want them to do it. Styles: Japanese monster movie, soap opera, I Love Lucy, and Marx Brothers movie. Props: Greg and Wayne vs. Colin and Ryan. Party Quirks: Greg hosts: Wayne: a chicken with attitude Colin: auditioning for every part in a slasher film Ryan: excited by ugliness and searching for the perfect specimen. Song Styles: Wayne sings about a toaster as an entire gospel choir. World's Worst: Television program; Drew replacing Wayne. Winner: Wayne Credit Reading: Wayne and Colin as screaming fans at a rock concert.moreless
  • Show No. 204
    Show No. 204
    Episode 10
    Superheroes fighting a lack of deodorant, Wayne singing Michael Jackson young and old, Drew confusing Ryan with Colin, and a song about a shoe where everyone breaks up highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 221
    Show No. 221
    Episode 9
    Seating Order: Ryan, Colin, Wayne and Brad. Song Titles: Set at an airport. Gangsta Rap: Wayne and Brad do a rap about astronauts. Scenes From a Hat: Bad choices for pets, strange things to find in your bed, dangerous things to do naked, little known facts about Drew, and things you wish you hadn't said to the President. Weird Newscasters featured: Anchor: Brad(Chester Steak Knife) Co-Anchor: Colin(Carl Turkey Baster), who has chosen this moment to become a nudist Sports: Wayne(Carlos Burrito Grande), a Latin pop heartthrob Weather: Ryan(Franklin), a Mafia boss who thinks the camera is an assassin. Three Headed Broadway Star: Brad, Ryan and Wayne sing I Love Cheese from the musical Gee, You Smell Terrific. Hoedown: About Christmas, joined by Drew. Winner: Wayne Credit Reading: Colin and Ryan as two guys in a bar about to get into a fight.moreless
  • Show No. 212
    Show No. 212
    Episode 8
    UK favorite Josie Lawrence joins the boys for a news report from snakes, a crazy dating show, and a punk rock song to a machinist.
  • Show No. 202
    Show No. 202
    Episode 7
    Super heroes having a bad hair day, songs of golf, and the debut of If You Know What I Mean are featured in this episode.
  • Show No. 203
    Show No. 203
    Episode 6
    Denny hosts "Weird Newscasters," with Colin desperate for attention, Wayne doing karate, and Ryan as a lifeguard; Wayne sings to Jim the Army recruiter as Tina Turner in "Song Styles"; all four do "Scenes From A Hat," featuring "naked photos you wouldn't want to see on the Internet," "the number one sitcom in Germany," "what the Grim Reaper does to relax," "least checked out library books," "inappropriate show-and-tell items, "items you wouldn't expect to see for sale on the shopping channel," "things you'll never hear in a boxing ring," and "unlikely first lines of love songs"; Colin reports back to Ryan and Denny from a Godzilla movie in "Newsflash"; Wayne, Colin, and Ryan sing "Bubbles," from the musical Loch Ness Monster in "Three Headed Broadway Star." Denny wins, so Wayne, Drew, Colin, and Ryan sing the gambling "Hoedown." Ryan and Denny read the credits as a couple arguing in the car, with the kids in the back.moreless
  • Show No. 220
    Show No. 220
    Episode 5
    A scene from Gone With The Wind, another strange newscasts, and a Hoedown about men are highlights of this episode.
  • Show No. 201A
    Show No. 201A
    Episode 4
    A dating show with an exorcist and a strip club bouncer, a scene about finding a mummy, and songs of dogs(or dog walkers) highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 206
    Show No. 206
    Episode 3
    A jungle expedition, an African chant to a sprinkler guy, and songs of exterminators highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 205
    Show No. 205
    Episode 2
    Seating Order: Brad, Wayne, Colin and Ryan. Weird Newscasters: Reporting are: Anchor: Brad(Clyde Strudelpants) Co-Anchor: Colin(Desmond Pettibone III) a 1920's gangster under fire in a getaway car Sports: Wayne(Hardwood Paneling), in love with the camera operator Weather: Ryan(Harry Showerdrain), trying to keep a leaking dam from bursting. Duet: Wayne and Brad sing to Michelle, a writer/mom, as the Gipsy Kings. Newsflash: Colin reports from shark-infested waters to Brad and Drew in the studio. Party Quirks: Brad hosts: Wayne: on a tape that's being fast-fowarded and rewound Colin: a cruise ship steward in a bad storm Ryan: a hyperactive lap dog looking for a lap. Scenes From A Hat: Rejected theme songs from the movie Titanic; Presidential slogans that will not get you elected, losing science fair projects; celebrity endorsements doomed to fail and drill sargeant pick-up lines. Hoedown: About drinking; Drew replacing Wayne. Winner: Wayne Credit Reading: Brad and Ryan as deep-South hog callers calling in their pigs.moreless
  • Show No. 209
    Show No. 209
    Episode 1
    The second season officially begins with songs about lumberjacks in love, car salesmen, and dentists.
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