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  • Show No. 407
    Show No. 407
    Episode 40
    A wild Let's Make A Date features a jealous woman protective of her man--a severed head of an evil genius--and the castaway who takes him away. Also featured are songs of Las Vegas and bad Super Bowl halftime shows.
  • Show No. 308
    Show No. 308
    Episode 39
    While Wayne channels Britney Spears and plays an ugly hillbilly who kisses Drew, the real highlight of this episode is Ryan's hitting his head on the neon light at the front of Drew's desk during Party Quirks.
  • 100th Episode -- Show No. 410
    Whose Line celebrates its 100th episode(even though it's not) with a Star Wars scene, a Village people song that goes awry, and a Showstopping Number about accountants.
  • Show No. 344
    Show No. 344
    Episode 37
    Seating Order: Wayne, Chip, Colin and Ryan. Weird Newscasters: Reporting are: Anchor: Colin(Lars Lars Pantsonfars) Co-Anchor: Chip(Dude McFarland), a surfer dude looking for the ultimate ride Sports: Wayne(Bubba Dubba), being sucked into a black hole in the camera Weather: Ryan(Stormy Cumulus), a shipwrecked survivor spotting a possible rescue plane. Sound Effects: Colin is Noah being told he must quickly build the ark before the storm hits; Ryan provides the sfx. Song Titles: All four are on a road trip across America. Film, TV and Theatre Styles: Ryan and Wayne are two security guards at a nuclear power plant who are alarmed when they see that a suspicious stranger, Colin, has gained entry into a highly secured area. Styles: Melodrama, Australian soap opera, Shakespeare, religious channel and spaghetti Western. Motown Group: Wayne, Chip and Ryan do the Motown song Do The Shower. Hoedown: About talk shows, Drew replacing Wayne. Winner: Wayne Credit Reading: Ryan and Colin as two newspaper vendors shouting the headlines.moreless
  • Show No. 339
    Show No. 339
    Episode 36
    Ryan as a hunky pool boy(believe it or not), an infomercial about a diet plan, and Wayne singing songs of race car drivers are highlights of this episode.
  • Show No. 343
    Show No. 343
    Episode 35
    Let's Make A Date with a pro wrestler, a rabbit, and a thawing Neanderthal, a Motown song about feeding the dog, and a party with a crazed hairdresser highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 338
    Show No. 338
    Episode 34
    Seating Order: Wayne, Chip, Colin and Ryan.

    Superheroes: Facing the problem of no more Bee Gees are: Colin: Disco Boy Ryan: Captain Hummingbird Chip: The Lap Dance Kid Wayne: The Barroom Brawler. Duet: Wayne and Chip sing to Chris, an assistant to an accountant, in the style of line dancing. Scenes Cut From A Movie: All four do scenes from Braveheart, The Exorcist, Free Willy, and Star Wars. Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin sell the compilation CD Songs Of The Cowboy. Wayne and Chip sing: M-m-m-m-oooooooo as Hanson Hey, That Horse Looks Good in grunge style They Shot My Pa in doo-wop style. Hoedown: About plastic surgery; Drew replacing Wayne.

    Winner: All four(Wayne added late) Credit Reading: Chip and Wayne as two blues singers riffing in a bar.moreless
  • Show No. 331
    Show No. 331
    Episode 33
    Seating Order: Greg, Wayne, Colin and Ryan. Superheroes: Solving the problem of no more shampoo are: Greg: Captain Dandruff Ryan: the Elvis Kid Colin: Captain Bondage Wayne: Trick Tap-Dancing Kid. Film, TV, & Theatre Styles: Three soldiers wade through a dangerous river on a mission to blow up an enemy bridge: Colin, the tough sargeant, and Wayne and Ryan, two rookies who have reached their breaking point. Styles: Anime, Charlie's Angels, Spanish soap opera, and burlesque. Wedding: Participating are: Bride: Audience member Kristen Groom: Colin Reception MC: Greg Guest: Ryan(Colin's uncle Bob) Singer: Wayne(James Brown's brother, Wayne Brown) Subject: She stresses like you would not believe(suggested by her husband Eric). Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin sell the compilation CD Songs Of The Safari. Wayne sings: There's A Pigmy In My Pocket And A Rhino On My Tail in the style of a Bob Fosse musical What Did I Step In? in scat singing style Pffffffffffffffff (elephant trumpet) in salsa style. Three Headed Broadway Style: Wayne, Drew and Ryan sing B-Block Wife from the Broadway musical Doin' Time to audience member Michelle. Winner: Greg Credit Reading: All four as characters in a Spanish soap opera.moreless
  • Show No. 332
    Show No. 332
    Episode 32
    Wayne sings to a casino candy girl as Louis Armstrong, Ryan and Colin sneak on to the White House lawn to mow it, and superheores try to solve the doughnut shortage, including The Overly Sensitive Kid and Matrix Boy.
  • Show No. 334
    Show No. 334
    Episode 31
    Brad and Wayne sing to a girl who plays a sea otter, while Colin joins them to sing to another girl about her warts. We also find that the owner of Jurassic Park is apparently Scottish.
  • Show No. 336
    Show No. 336
    Episode 30
    Seating Order: Wayne. Kathy, Colin and Ryan. Film, TV & Theatre Styles: Ryan is a trucker running late who stops to pick up hitchhikers Colin and his pregnant wife Kathy, who is in labor. Styles: Sci-fi, Charlie's Angels, Brady Bunch, murder mystery, Crocodile Hunter, Gong Show and horror movie. Song Styles: Wayne sings to Michelle, a meter maid, as Public Enemy. The Millionaire Show: Participating in the Jerry Springer Show version are: Host: Colin Contestant: Ryan Audience Friend: Wayne, who may or may not be Ryan's father Phone-A-Friend: Kathy, his sister Alicia(and the mother of Ryan's baby, and two men and having an affair with Colin). Motown Group: Wayne, Colin and Ryan sing the Motown song Do The Carjacker. Hoedown: About Playboy photographers; Drew replacing Kathy. Winner: Kathy Credit Reading: Kathy as a pregnant woman in labor shouting abuse at all the men who might be the father.moreless
  • Show No. 330
    Show No. 330
    Episode 29
    More loser bachelors, songs of the Marines, and another foreign film dubbing are higlights of this episode.
  • Show No. 311
    Show No. 311
    Episode 28
    Questions Only in a saloon, an African chant to an astronomy student and the frisky old people version of The Millionaire Show highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 335
    Show No. 335
    Episode 27
    Ryan's inability to whistle is a running joke in this episode, which also features a Cabaret-type song about a vacuum cleaner and the emergence of Colin 'Moooochrie'.
  • Show No. 329
    Show No. 329
    Episode 26
    A newscast with a televangelist, a steamy rap dancer, and a gawky teenager highlights this episode, as well as a a doo-wop song about truckers and a film noir scene at the circus.
  • Show No. 310
    Show No. 310
    Episode 25
    Songs of traveling salesmen, superheroes dealing with no milk, and more two-line scenes highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 333
    Show No. 333
    Episode 24
    Dr. Ruth and a mummy on a dating show, a film noir scene in a supermarket, and the hillbilly verion of Millionaire are highlights of this episode.
  • Show No. 328
    Show No. 328
    Episode 23
    Seating Order: Wayne, Chip, Colin and Ryan. Superheroes: Facing the crisis of no TelePrompters are: Colin: Presidential Candidate Man Ryan: Toddler Doing Everything For The First Time Boy Chip: The Mosh Pit Kid Wayne: Can't Control His Stallion Man. Sound Effects: Ryan is the captain of the Titanic and Colin is his new bride, getting romantic in their cabin moments before the Titanic hits the iceberg. Audience member Melissa does the sound effects for Colin, and audience member Trish does the sound effects for Ryan. Three Headed Broadway Star: Wayne, Chip, and Colin sing the hit Broadway love song You've Got A Beautiful Bald Spot to audience member Ally. Whose Line: With the Philistine Army approaching, Samson (Colin) is furious at Delilah (Ryan) for cutting off his hair. Ryan's lines: 'Hold me close and call me Ginger' and 'I'm still hammered from last night.' Colin's lines: 'Aren't you hot in that wetsuit?' and 'Hop on and I'll show you what this baby can do.' Irish Drinking Song: About getting mugged. Helping Hands: Ryan(with Colin's hands) is an angry football coach, trying to inspire his quarterback Drew during half time. Winner: Wayne Credit Reading: All four as toddlers learning their first words.moreless
  • Show No. 307
    Show No. 307
    Episode 22
    Seating Order: Greg, Wayne, Colin and Ryan.

    Weird Newscasters: Reporting on the Action News are:
    Anchor: Greg (Sick Of Survivor)
    Co-Anchor: Colin, a talking parrot
    Sports: Wayne, an aggressive old drunk who used to do the sports
    Weather: Ryan, Siegfried And Roy whose act is going dangerously wrong.
    Two-Line Vocabulary: Ryan is the President who's just been caught with a woman and has called in Colin, his female secretary and Greg, his adviser to resolve the crisis.
    Colin's lines: 'I didn't know you had one of those' and 'That's completely disgusting!'
    Ryan lines: 'God, I love you!' and 'How does that feel?'
    Party Quirks: Greg hosts:
    Wayne a determined little old lady who likes tight butts
    Colin: an increasingly violent bouncer clearing the bar at closing time
    Ryan: the third of each animal species trying to talk its way onto Noah's Ark.
    Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin sell the compilation CD Songs Of the Nurse. Wayne sings:
    Four Hundred Dollar Bill in reggae br /> I'm Tired Of Wearing White as Wyclef Jean and The Rock
    I Wish I Were A Doctor in rockabilly
    Props: Wayne and Colin vs. Drew and Ryan.

    Winner: Greg
    Credit Reading: All four as aliens looking down from their spaceship.moreless
  • Show No. 325
    Show No. 325
    Episode 21
    Seating order: Wayne, Jeff, Colin and Ryan. Questionable Impressions: All four are in the kitchen. Film, TV and Theatre Styles: Ryan and Colin are two fishermen, landing and gutting fish on a trawler, when Captain Wayne spots the storm of the century approaching. Styles: Shakespeare, Fellini film, Woody Allen film, horror movie and Kung Fu. Irish Drinking Song: About having a lobotomy. Duet: Wayne and Jeff sing to Jill, a ticket seller at Dodger Stadium, in the style of the Rat Pack(Wayne does Frank and Sammy; Jeff does Dean). Newsflash: Colin reports from a sea of cockroaches to Jeff and Ryan in the studio. Hoedown: About astronauts. Foreign Film Dub: Drew(translated by Ryan) and Jeff(translated by Colin) do a scene from the Spanish action film El Donkey. Winner: Wayne Credit Reading: Wayne as an Army parachute instructor calling out the names of those about to jump; the others are jumpers.moreless
  • Too Hot For 8:00 -- Show No. 326 (2)
    A bank robbery scene, a West Side Story-type song about bank robbers, and more bad dating videos highlight this episode.
  • Too Hot For 8:00 -- Show No. 327 (1)
    A newscast with a mercenary, the awards for hillbillies, and a songs of traveling salesmen highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 323
    Show No. 323
    Episode 18
    A honeymooning couple at the Bates Motel, the frat-boy Millionaire Show, and scenes cut from famous movies(with a cameo from E.T. in Close Encounters) highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 322
    Show No. 322
    Episode 17
    Seating Order: Wayne, Chip, Colin and Ryan. Film, TV, and Theatre Styles: Colin is a witch hunter and is about to burn Ryan, a young woman, at the stake for being a witch. Wayne is her boyfriend, a farmer, who has come to plead for her life. Styles: The Real World, Masterpiece Theatre, Latin American game show, Barney, and The Crocodile Hunter. Duet: Wayne and Chip sing about a dishwasher(or a washing machine) in jitterbug style. Song Titles: All four do a scene set in an emergency room. Party Quirks: Chip hosts: Wayne: a scene-stealing extra showing he can play the other parts better Colin: has brought a date covered in chocolate body paint and he's licking it off Ryan: a baseball player trying to steal his way home. Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin sell the compilation CD Songs Of The Cowboy. Wayne and Chip sing: Hawk Pttt Ding! in early vaudeville style The Sounds Of Stirrups as Simon and Garfunkel You Yellow-Bellied Lily-Livered, Oohh Mother as Run DMC. Hoedown: About having plastic surgery; Drew replacing Wayne. Winner: All four(Wayne added late) Credit Reading: Colin as a jilted bride being comforted by her bridesmaids(the others).moreless
  • Show No. 321
    Show No. 321
    Episode 16
    A Gladiator scene with audience-provided lines, a Star Wars scene with audience provided sound effects, and a gospel song to a dental hygenist highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 301
    Show No. 301
    Episode 15
    Superheroes fighting doggie 'land mines,' more bad dating service videos, and songs of scoutmasters highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 342
    Show No. 342
    Episode 14
    A scene on a freeway, a lunch at an emergency room restaurant, and songs of the zookeeper are highlights of this episode. Also watch for Drew flubbing names of games and Greg nailing him for it.
  • Show No. 309
    Show No. 309
    Episode 13
    A duet by Munchkins, superheroes solving the no paper crisis, and an Irish Drinking Song about Drew are the highlight of this episode.
  • Show No. 340
    Show No. 340
    Episode 12
    A scene from Braveheart where everyone is dead, bad dating service videos, a rap at a beauty salon, and a gangster scene highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 341
    Show No. 341
    Episode 11
    Superheroes saving the world from pit bulls, a scene with Robin Hood and Maid Marian, and songs of women highlight this episode.
  • Show No. 313
    Show No. 313
    Episode 10
    Robin Williams joins the cast for Riverdancing, singing to an air traffic controller, and another crazy party.
  • Show No. 320
    Show No. 320
    Episode 9
    A film noir scene in an operating room, a news report from an old strip club, and a Hoedown about winning the lottery are higlights of this episode.
  • Show No. 304
    Show No. 304
    Episode 8
    Jeff Davis makes his debut and helps Wayne sing songs of taxi drivers. Also featured are Wayne as a Jamaican love god and Colin posing for Playboy.
  • Show No. 306
    Show No. 306
    Episode 7
    A Jewish wedding song, an infomercial about cellulite(or celluloid) cream, and a translation of a French action film are the highlights of this episode.
  • Show No. 319
    Show No. 319
    Episode 6
    Seating Order: Wayne, Greg, Colin and Ryan. Survival Show: Greg hosts the postal workers survival show with the others as contestants. Scenes From A Hat: Times when it's unwise to say 'I don't care' to her, people you wish would just shut up, men that women just don't seem to go for, pick-up lines of the elderly, things you shouldn't do when confronted by a street gang, things you shouldn't joke about with your girlfriend's father and difficult things to sell door-to-door. Reunion: Greg, Colin and Ryan are drill sargeants at a reunion; they must do their old song at the end. Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin sell the compilation CD Songs Of The Safari. Wayne sings: Lion Nibblin' On My Toes as Fats Waller Ants, Ants, Ants In My Pants in Jamaican rap style Man, It's Hot as Tracy Chapman. Props: Colin and Wayne vs. Ryan and Drew. Winner: Greg Credit Reading: Ryan as Dr. Frankenstein teaching his monster, Colin to read.moreless
  • Show No. 305
    Show No. 305
    Episode 5
    Colin with swimsuit models, a Rocky Horror-type song about a coffee grinder, and an Irish drinking song about Ross Perot are the highlights of this episode.
  • Show No. 312
    Show No. 312
    Episode 4
    Wayne and Chip learn to do the hula and sing about firefighters as this episode's highlights, along with Ryan and Colin's film noir at the White House.
  • Show No. 303
    Show No. 303
    Episode 3
    The new version of Sound Effects with the quacking elephant is featured in this episode.
  • Show No. 302
    Show No. 302
    Episode 2
    The third season premiere features Wayne singing to the editor of Teen Style magazine, Kathy hosting another quirky party, and an Irish Driking Song about Drew.
  • Best of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    A clip show of the highlights of the the 1999-2000 season, including sketches previously censored due to the show's family hour time slot. Also, bloopers and unforgettable moments.

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