Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Season 6

Friday 8:30 PM on The CW Premiered Aug 01, 1998 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Show No. 428
    Show No. 428
    Episode 10
    Seating Order: Wayne, Chip, Colin and Ryan.

    Superheroes: Solving the crisis of being at the North Pole are: Colin: Magnet Man Ryan: Mesmerized By Moving Objects Man Chip: The Bob Fosse Kid Wayne: Chainsaw Massacre Boy. Duet: Wayne and Chip sing about a sponge in Busby Berkeley style with Ryan and Colin as the dancers behind them. Weird Newscasters: Reporting are: Anchor: Colin (Keithmy 'Pasty' Whitebutt) Co-Anchor: Chip, Snagglepuss Sports: Wayne(Wickie), who spots his next door neighbor peeping on him and decides to put on a 'little show' Weather: Ryan(Norman Desmond), the rise and fall of a female Hollywood legend of the silver screen. Newsflash: Colin reports from clips of Ryan to Chip and Ryan in the studio. Irish Drinking Song: About giving birth. Themed Restaurant: Drew and Wayne have lunch at a baseball-themed restaurant with Ryan and Colin as the waiters.

    Winner: Chip Credit Reading: Ryan and Colin as they do a Busby Berkeley song-and-dance number.moreless
  • Show No. 346
    Show No. 346
    Episode 9
    Seating Order: Wayne, Denny, Colin and Ryan.

    Questions Only: All four do a scene from a teenage soap opera. Narrate: Ryan and Colin do a film noir scene set at a zoo. Film, TV, & Theatre Styles: Wayne is a prison guard who has hunted down chained-together escaped convicts Ryan and Colin, who are hiding in an alligator-infested swamp. Styles: Cartoon, Shakespeare, Japanese anime, Planet Of The Apes and Gilbert & Sullivan. Party Quirks: Denny hosts: Wayne: finds 'The Mask' at the party Colin: a 'never say die' deer trying to cross a highway Ryan: slow motion sports bloopers. Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin sell the compilation CD Songs Of Soccer. Wayne sings: Free Kick in ska style My Shorts Chafe in Tin Pan Alley style I'm Not Hurt, But I'm Stayin' Down as the Beastie Boys I've Got A Yellow Card as Paul Robeson. Hoedown: About working out; Drew replacing Denny.

    Winner: Denny Credit Reading: Wayne as Richard Simmons leading an aerobics class.moreless
  • Show No. 314
    Show No. 314
    Episode 8
    Seating Order: Wayne, Chip, Colin and Ryan.

    Film, TV, & Theatre Styles: Ryan and Colin have disguised themselves as women in an all-female band to hide from Wayne, a hit man working for the mob. Styles: Western, Sesame Street, Shakespeare, Shaft and opera. Title Sequence: Wayne and Chip sing the theme song to the hit ABC sitcom The Travel Agent And Tom Jones while Ryan and Colin act out the title sequence. Action Replay: In the first scene, Wayne is angry at Chip for letting their poisonous pet snake escape. Then Ryan and Colin search for something that is stinking up their house doing the same motions that the others did. Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin sell the compilation CD Songs Of The Hit Man. Wayne and Chip sing: Garotte, Garotte, Garotte as Duran Duran The Sound Of Silencers in salsa style Hit Man Girl as Blink-182 Poison In Your Wine in rockabilly style. 90-Second Alphabet: Drew and Colin are both sisters getting ready for the prom when Ryan, the star quarterback shows up and they both realize that they've both been asked out by him; starting with 'J'.

    Winner: Wayne and Chip Credit Reading: All four as celebrities parachuting for charity.moreless
  • Show No. 430
    Show No. 430
    Episode 7
    Seating Order: Greg, Wayne, Colin, and Ryan.

    Let's Make A Date: Greg must choose from: Wayne: Michael Jackson turning into a bloodthirsty werewolf Colin: the world's most annoying person to sit next to on an airplane Ryan: an evil scientist in his lab about to mutate into a horrific version of the other two bachelors. Newsflash: Colin reports from footage of babies to Greg and Ryan in the studio. Funeral: Attending the funeral of Joe, who died in a freak fishing accident are: Host: Greg Mourner #1: Colin(Blake, Joe's fishing trainer) Mourner #2: Ryan(Little Billy, who was in the boat with Joe when he died). After they give rememberances, they must sing(along with Greg), a song about Joe all in one voice. Party Quirks: Greg hosts: Wayne: an heroic fireman determined to rescue everyone Colin: talent night at an old folks home Ryan: a series of delivery guys in porn films. African Chant: Wayne and the others do an African chant for Crystal, who is a candy and food hawker at a speedway. Props: Wayne and Colin vs. Ryan and Drew.

    Winner: Greg Credit Reading: All four as lingerie models in a catalog.moreless
  • Show No. 505 -- Valentine's Day Show
    A special Valentine's Day themed episode features Colin playing the Queen announcing an affair with Ryan and cheerleaders from Loyola Marymount helping out.
  • Show No. 345
    Show No. 345
    Episode 5
    Seating Order: Greg, Wayne, Colin and Ryan.
    Superheroes: Solving the worldwide crisis of clogged toilets are:
    Greg: Shedding Cat Man
    Ryan: Strutting Pick-Up Artist Boy
    Colin: Exciteable Hamster Boy
    Wayne: Enthusiastic Game Show Contestant Boy.
    Questionable Impressions: All four do a scene set in a funeral home.
    Props: Greg and Wayne vs. Ryan and Colin.
    Song : Wayne sings to Terry, a second assistant at a clothing store, in gospel
    Moving People: Colin is a doctor flown in by helicopter to rescue Ryan, who has been bitten by a venomous snake. Audience member Shauna moves Colin and audience member Amy moves Ryan.
    Hats: Greg and Wayne vs. Colin and Ryan doing the world's worst dating service videos.
    Hoedown: About pregnancy tests.
    Winner: Ryan and Wayne
    Credit Reading: Ryan and Wayne as a wrestling team challenging their opponents.moreless
  • Show No. 347
    Show No. 347
    Episode 4
    Seating Order: Greg, Wayne, Colin and Ryan.

    Let's Make A Date: Wayne must choose from: Greg: an angry Jerry Springer guest Colin: a venriloquist whose dummy is sabotaging his chances Ryan: a frustrated writer going insane at a remote hotel. Scene To Rap: All four rap a scene from The Posiedon Adventure. Sound Effects: Colin is a Jedi Knight who gets the call that the Empire is attacking. Film Dub: Greg, Ryan and Colin do a scene called 'one day at the gas station.' Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin sell the compilation CD Songs Of Hockey. Wayne sings: Body Check Of Love as Fats Domino Pffff as Smokey Robinson I Wanna Score On You as Kool and the Gang. Hoedown: About moving; Drew replacing Wayne.

    Winner: Wayne Credit Reading: Colin and Greg as frantic traders at the stock exchange as the market fluctuates.moreless
  • Show No. 348
    Show No. 348
    Episode 3
    Seating Order: Wayne, Chip, Colin and Ryan.

    Weird Newscasters: Reporting on The Six O'Clock News are: Anchor: Colin(Thor Butnot Complaining) Co-Anchor: Chip, a 1950's teen rebel biker Sports: Wayne, a harem girl sent in to entertain the sultan Weather: Ryan(Sonny Skies), it's his last day and he wants to go out in a blaze of glory. Sound Effects: Colin is a emergency room physician who gets called in on New Year's Eve; with Ryan doing his sfx. Title Sequence: Chip and Wayne sing the theme song to the hit sitcom The Sumo Wrestler And The Model with Ryan and Colin acting the title sequence. Scene With An Audience Member: Batman(Ryan) has come to the rescue of Batgirl(audience member Emily) from the clutches of the Riddler(Colin). Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin sell the compilation CD Songs Of The Warrior Princess. Wayne and Chip sing: Lalalalalala as Jerry Lee Lewis Clubs, Spears And Shields as Kid Rock(and Joe C.) Huge Women, Puny Men in techno style. Questions Only: The scene is set on the Titanic, with Drew replacing Chip.

    Winner: Ryan, Colin and Wayne Credit Reading: Ryan and Wayne as two guys arguing over who Kid Rock is.moreless
  • Show No. 424
    Show No. 424
    Episode 2
    Seating Order: Brad, Wayne, Colin and Ryan..
    Hollywood Director: Colin directs the following scene: Wayne and Ryan are two bickering French chefs who accidentally start a fire in their kitchen. Brad is the fireman who comes in to rescue them.
    : Like they are masochists, and like they are doing slow-motion stunts.
    Weird Newscasters: Reporting on The Six O'Clock News are:
    Anchor: Colin (Earl, from Ipanema)
    Co-Anchor: Brad (Happy Shagg), the owner of a local wig store doing a cheap commercial for it
    Sports: Wayne, leading a double life: sports reporter (Jerry Fufee)by day; raging drag queen (Senorita Negracita) performing in a club by night
    Weather: Ryan (Captain Strike), a tough drill instructor pushing out-of-shape raw recruits through a difficult assault course.
    Improbable Mission: Ryan and Colin are secret agents who must walk the dog of the Prime Minister of Allupinitvania, per instructions from Wayne.
    Boogie Woogie Sisters: Brad, Wayne and Ryan sing a boogie-woogie song about superheroes.
    Props: Wayne and Brad vs. Drew and Ryan.
    Winner: Colin
    Credit Reading: All four: Ryan as a tough drill instructor putting the others through their paces.moreless
  • Show No. 602
    Show No. 602
    Episode 1
    Seating Order: Wayne, Chip, Colin and Ryan.

    Hollywood Director: Colin directs the following scene: Sheriff Ryan is pursuing dangerous violent outlaw Wayne across the roof of a speeding train when Wayne's partner Chip rides up alongside on a horse to help him. Styles: as college girls going wild at a Mardi Gras; as male models going down a catwalk; and with their mastery of impressions, with Chip as Mr. Ed, Ryan as Mr. Magoo and Wayne as Mr. T. Doo Wop: Wayne, Chip and Colin sing a a doo-wop song about Diana, who died tragically in a freak bowling accident. Scenes From A Hat: Things you can say about your business, but not your girlfriend; shows on which you'd never expect Barney the Dinosaur to make a cameo; hillbilly proverbs; what Drew whispers in his date's ear and bad times for that laxative to kick in. Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin sell the compilation CD Songs Of Hor-ror. Wayne and Chip sing: The Moon Is Full And I'm Getting Hairy in jitterbug style Hit Me With Your Best Bolt as Pat Benetar Devil, There's A Devil, Whoa Devil, Whoa, That's A Devil as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Helping Hands: Hunter Ryan(with Colin's hands) has taken his girlfriend Drew for a romantic camping weekend in the wild, where he plans to propose.

    Winner: Wayne Credit Reading: All four as a group of jocks in the locker room bragging about all the women they've been dating.moreless