Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 1 Episode 6

Show No. 102

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 09, 1998 on The CW
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Show No. 102
Kathy Kinney joins her Drew Carey Show co-stars Drew and Ryan, along with Brad and Colin. They do more wacky dates, a daytime talk show about The Three Little Pigs, and a Hoedown about getting your pizza late.

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Near the end of "90-Second Alphabet", Brad announces that ten seconds are left. However, more than ten seconds pass before Drew and Ryan get to the final letter; Brad apparently just decided to let them finish.

      • The taping where this episode came from included a game of Scenes From A Hat. This was included as an extra on the Season One, Volume One DVD. TV.com has a condensed version of this game. Click on the 'Videos' tab below the show's name, then click on 'Scenes From A Hat.'

      • Drew makes several errors during "90-Second Alphabet":
        1) For 'S', the first word he says (before "Stop") is "Well".
        2) For 'A', he says "An Garde" when the phrase should be "En Garde" (though it's possible he knew this and just said it out of desperation or for the sake of humor).
        3) He repeats 'L'; Ryan says "Let me help you with that," and Drew responds with "Love you, man, I love you!"

      • Two consecutive games relate to each other. First, they did Helping Hands with Ryan as a pizza chef, then after that, they did a Hoedown about pizza.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • (in Helping Hands)
        Brad: Didn't you say that to make yourself feel better to make yourself a pizza pie?
        Ryan: (with French accent) Oh, you're-a sweet-a boy. When I look at you, I remember your father and I think, 'Aah, I should've left you in that field...'

      • Colin: (his Hoedown verse)
        I'm waiting for my pizza, it's been 3 hours now (holds up 2 fingers)
        I'm getting really angry, just like a British cow
        It really is upsetting, I'm going to really go
        When he gives me my pizza, I won't give him his dough!

      • Brad: (in LMAD) You want to go eat food! My God, you should wear a bag over your head.

      • (in 90-Second Alphabet)
        Ryan: Xavier Cugat once said to me, 'Never kill a defensless man.'
        Drew: Yes, that's why I have a sword. I'm ready for you.
        Ryan: Zip-a-de-do-dah! Defend yourself, my friend.
        Drew: An guard!

      • Drew: (after Helping Hands) That was great. Unfortunately, that was a non scoring round.

      • Drew: (after Props) That'll be 100 points for Brad for...well, you know why.

      • (in LMAD)
        Kathy: If you were a piece of women's clothing, what kind would you be and what color?
        Colin: I'd probably be a bra! A push-up! Push!

      • Ryan: (his Hoedown verse)
        My uncle died yesterday, he owned a pizza place
        Right in the coffin, he looked peaceful with his face
        Cooking pizzas was so fun, and his name was Sid,
        When I opened up the coffin, he was stuck to the lid!

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