Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 1 Episode 3

Show No. 106

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 19, 1998 on The CW
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Show No. 106
A rap at a hospital, more crazy dates, and songs of bus drivers are featured in this episode.

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  • Greg Proops guest stars, weird newscasters and greatest hits.

    Very very funny episode. Favorite game in this one was greatest hits, songs of the bus driver. Ryan and Colin challenged Wayne to sing Michael Jackson, a country song, and eighties funk. Michael Jackson one was funny and right on target. The country one had no singing and Wayne used sound effects to do this one, awesome, and got Ryan and Colin back for making him do these song styles. The eighties funk was good too. Take that Ryan and Colin!! The weird newscasters was weird b/c Colin pretended to be in love with Greg, and then "kissed" at the end. It was a good episode, loved greatest hits, one of the best ones.moreless

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    • Ryan:(in Rap)
      If I could rap that'd be a sensation,
      But I can't, I'm just a Caucasian.

    • Drew: Good evening and welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway? Tonight's performers, whatever you do, don't step in him, Greg Proops. If you're a lady, you gotta love Wayne Brady. Science experiment gone wrong Colin Mochrie, and his fiendish creator, Ryan Stiles! And I'm your host, Drew Carey, c'mon down, let's have some fun!

    • (in LMAD, after Colin 'passes out')
      Greg: Number three, If I were mashed potatoes, what would you spoon over me?
      Ryan:(looking down at Colin) I'm sorry, I was...thinking about something else.

    • Drew: If you're watching on a TV that's made in America, we're all naked right now.

    • (in Hats)
      Greg: (in Lincoln hat) I haven't had it in four score and seven years.
      Ryan: (in Robin Hood hat) All I want is a few merry men.
      Greg: (in Drew-type glasses) Uh, hi. I'm the star of my own ABC sitcom, and um--(Drew repeatedly buzzes) Lewis! Lewis!
      Wayne (in Clinton mask) I'm looking for a girl who can keep her mouth shut.

    • (in LMAD)
      Greg: Where might you take me to eat?
      Colin: (slurred) Well, I'd probaly take you to a restaurant, 'cause that's where the food is!

    • Greg (in Rap):
      I don't know why I'm here, I'm a neurologist
      I'm with you and you're a proctologist.

    • Ryan: (introducing Songs of the Bus Driver) Hi. We interrupt the commercial to bring you another commercial.

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    • Thomas Guide:
      Ryan introduced himself in Newsflash as Thomas Guide. A Thomas Guide is a book of maps in Southern California. It comes in a spiral book, which has streets and roads printed in grids.

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    20/20: In an Instant Murder in the Maternity Ward