Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 3 Episode 39

Show No. 308

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 14, 2001 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Show No. 308
While Wayne channels Britney Spears and plays an ugly hillbilly who kisses Drew, the real highlight of this episode is Ryan's hitting his head on the neon light at the front of Drew's desk during Party Quirks.

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  • Wrong Info

    It's episode 38, not 39.
  • One of Ryans best.

    I loved this one mainly becuase it had Ryan breaking the Neon sign which was one of the most well known momments is Whose Line is It Anyway History. Also great Colin Ryan moments like always. Ryan broke the sign Ryan broke the sign Ryan broke the sign Ryan broke the sign Ryan broke the sign Ryan broke the sign Ryan broke the sign Ryan broke the sign Ryan broke the sign Ryan broke the sign.moreless
  • Without a doubt a top 5 show

    Without a doubt one of the best whose line shows to air. From start to end I could not stop laughing, between the action replay and then party quirks when poor Ryan smashes his head on the light (I fell off my couch from laughing so hard) everyone was wonderful, and Kathy was especially funny. A special kudos to Ryan for continuing with the party quirks game despite having just smashed his head, and making Colin laugh (even though he tried to mask it), something that Colin says he never does during a show, so it was cool to see.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Ryan trades one of his usual Hoedown bits-slamming Drew, when he had an opportunity to do so after Drew did in his verse-for refrencing something that happened earlier in the episode; the glass incident.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Colin:: After Party Quirks It would've been better if your head burst into flames!

    • (after Party Quirks)
      Ryan: There better be some extra points in this.
      Drew: I'm sorry, we spent all the points replacing the glass!

    • (during Action Replay)
      Colin: (after crawling) Wait, I got calluses on my testicles.
      Ryan: And we only brought two of those!
      Drew 10,000 points to our censor, a hell of a guy!

    • Colin: (in Weird Newscasters) Now, why don't we go over to our weather man, Bud Ugly! Bud?

    • (after Party Quirks)
      Drew: How many fingers am I holding up?
      Ryan: Uh...4?
      Drew: Eh, close enough.
      Ryan: How about me? (the word "censored" appears on the back of his hand)

    • Colin: (in Weird Newscasters) From the national Viagra association, contrary to popular belief, the points do matter.

    • (after Ryan breaks the glass) Kathy: It is Carol, isn't it? Ryan: It used to be, I can't remember anymore. Please don't make me run into anything else!

    • Ryan: (in the wrestling Hoedown)
      The way they act you think that they are really dead
      But can they break a neon light by slamming it with their head?

    • (after Party Quirks)
      Ryan: Am I bleeding?
      Colin: No, but it would have been really great if your head had burst into flames.

  • NOTES (8)

    • This episode is fourth on Disc One on the Best of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Uncensored! DVD. This means that when Ryan flips Drew off after Party Quirks, the 'Censored' band around his hand is gone.

    • Ryan does not break character, even after hitting his head on the glass.

    • Watch when Ryan hits his head on the light. Just before you can see Wayne and Colin talking in the background, then you hear the "ping" when Ryan's head hits, then the shot is behind Drew's desk and you can see both Wayne and Colin with their hands on their mouths looking shocked.

    • Ryan tells Wayne that they switched before they started during Action Replay. This may mean that Wayne wanted Ryan to do his actions.

    • Ryan's not exactly happy after being called Bud Ugly in WN, look at his face.

    • Drew covers Wayne's mouth before he kisses him in WN. Usually he covers his own mouth, but in the episode where he was handing out $100 bills, he actually did kiss Colin on the lips.

    • Ryan broke the light on Drew's desk during "Party Quirks."

    • This episode was scheduled for May 24, but preempted by a WLiiA? rerun mini-marathon, then preempted on May 31 because of Stanley Cup Game 3 being moved from 8:00 on ESPN to its sister network, ABC.


    • Carol Channing:
      Ryan did his famous impression of Carol Channing in Party Quirks. She is a famous actress best known for her role as Dolly in Hello Dolly!, and her song Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend. She is also known to have an extremely annoying voice. She wrote an autobiography called Just Lucky I Guess.

    • Jungle Hunt:
      Wayne Brady: "Do you wanna come on a Jungle Hunt?"
      Most of the video games Wayne mentions during Song Styles should be immediately recognizable. Jungle Hunt may not be. Jungle Hunt was an arcade hit in the early 1980's. Originally released as Jungle King, Taito, its manufacturer was forced to release an update version called Jungle Hunt. King featured an obvious Tarzan character, including the classic Johnny Weismueler yell. The estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs threatened to sue, so, Taito replaced the jungle man with a jungle explorer wearing a pith helmet, replaced the swinging vines with ropes, and removed the Tarzan yell from the game.