Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 4 Episode 3

Show No. 324

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2001 on The CW
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Show No. 324
While Ryan gets Drew for being at the bottom of the evolutionary scale, Wayne and Chip sing to a pet photographer as Run-DMC and Aeorsmith and Ryan and Colin do a hair-removal infomercial.

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    • Drew: You know, we get a lot of people asking us 'How can I be one of the cast members on Whose Line Is It Anyway? Well, here's what you do: Take a naked Polaroid of yourself, send it to 'I Want To Be On Whose Line?', care of Whose Line?
      Chip: That's how I got on.

    • Colin: (in Narrate) Several emotions ran across my face: fear, happiness, sadness. I knew I was going for an Emmy and yet would never get one. Man!

    • Colin: (in Weird Newscasters, after Wayne's bit) This just in, it's still not really a sport.

    • Chip: (his Hoedown)
      Once I got a blind date, I really liked her smile
      He was really tall, though, his name was Ryan Stiles
      I went right on through it, that date was pretty rough
      Sure, it was a blind date, but I wasn't blind enough!

    • (during Infomercial)
      Colin: (putting the spring thing on Ryan's chest) Squeeze until the hairs are seized, then very gently...rip!!

    • Colin: (during Infomercial) We've come up with a hair removal process that will make you 10 times sexier than anyone with lots of hair and a big nose.

    • (after Narrate)
      Drew: 1000 points to everybody. 10,000 points to Ryan. I'm sorry I called you a freak.
      (audience aw's, Ryan makes monkey sounds)
      Drew: You're not a freak, your my friend. I shouldn't have called you a freak on national TV.
      (audience aw's and applauds)
      Ryan: And...?
      Drew: I love you.
      (audience aw's)
      Ryan: All right, good enough.
      Wayne: A very special Whose Line Is It Anyway?.
      Drew: I did. I felt bad the whole scene because I called him a freak.
      Ryan: I felt great when I was doing that monkey thing.

    • Colin: (during Weird Newscasters) An entire cult of dead...killer bees were found dead. They are thought to have committed insecticide.

    • (after Infomercial)
      Wayne and Chip: Doo-doo-doo-doo! I have no hair!
      Drew: We interrupt this show for this special announcement: Doo-doo-doo-doo! I have no hair.
      Colin: You'd listen if people did that, though.
      Drew: I sure would. I wish people had to make every announcement about their shortcomings like that. Doo-doo-doo-doo! Ryan's shoes are too loud!

    • Colin: (in Infomercial) I have no hair!

    • (during Infomercial)
      Ryan: One of us has a lot of hair, the other has some hair.
      Colin: Because the chicks love it.

    • (in Weird Newscasters)
      Ryan: Eeehh!!! You each get a thousand points. Let's move on to Party Quirks.
      Drew: I can take it. Doesn't bother me. Tall, big nosed freak, ya.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Note at the end of 3HBS how both Drew and Ryan sing "more". Drew was going for "anymore" as one word, like "blowhole" was in the killer whale song; while Ryan went to "more" as one word.

    • Kim, from 3HBS, looks like the lightbulb saleslady that Brad and Wayne sang a Jewish wedding song in Duet during the previous season. They even have the same name.

    • Ryan pretending to be a monkey during Weird Newscasters is one of the clips used during Newsflash's collage of Ryan in Episode 174.

    • According to ABC MediaNet, this episode was originally scheduled to air Feb. 8, 2001.