Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 3 Episode 14

Show No. 342

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 14, 2000 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Show No. 342
A scene on a freeway, a lunch at an emergency room restaurant, and songs of the zookeeper are highlights of this episode. Also watch for Drew flubbing names of games and Greg nailing him for it.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • After Drew messes up the name of the game. Going between Song Styles, and Greatest Hits, Greg says "In this game Wayne tries to guess what the rest of us are.' 'We are not who we appear to be". I think it was something like that, but I'm not sure anymore.

      • Check out when Drew throws the card at Ryan; Ryan closes his right eye just before it hits his face. Apparently he saw Drew throw it out of the corner of his eye.

      • Ryan changes voices for the disembodied head during Film Dub. The first time he speaks, it's high pitched and whiny. The second and subsequent times, he pitches it much lower.

      • Twice during this episode, Drew flubs up on what the name of the next game should be. First, he repeats the name of Let's Make A Date. Then, he says the next game at one point will be Song Styles, then, immediately changes it to Greatest Hits, which is the game they go into next.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • (the beginning of Greatest Hits)
        Ryan: We'll be back to your movie Out Of Africa in just a moment.
        (Colin introduces the CD)
        Ryan: That's right, Colin, including that number one Miami...
        (Drew throws his crumpled-up card at Ryan)
        Ryan: Wait, apparently we have a special bonus! (picks up the card) It's one of Drew Carey's cue cards, which has never been read!

      • Drew: (after Themed Restaurant) I'm giving you 300 points apiece for that. I'd give you more, but I'm already dipping into my own stash.

      • Drew: I had a rough night last night. My blow-up doll ran off with my air mattress.

      • (Drew describes the scene in LMAD)
        Wayne: That's a Friday night!
        Drew: As usual, yeah.

      • (after LMAD, Drew reintroduces it)
        Greg: Go to the third card, Drew. Go to the third card.
        Drew: (doing his Carnac impression) What is...Greg's next job?

      • (in LMAD)
        Wayne: How would you take care of me?
        Greg: Oh, I'd take care of you real good. Heeere's your boyfriend!

        Wayne: Bachelor number two?
        Colin: Yeah...(hawks)
        (Ryan gives him the Heimlich, Greg beats Colin up, Ryan shoots Greg in the head)

        Wayne: Bachelor number three?
        Ryan: Yes?
        Wayne: I love America. What do you love?
        Ryan: I love a good cigar, just like my number one guy here.
        (Drew buzzes)
        Greg: Did someone say black leather?
        (Ryan shoots him again)

    • NOTES (5)

      • After Drew reintroduced LMAD, Greg called him 'Captain Alzheimer' and told him to 'Go to the third card.' See below for more info.

      • It seems Let's Make A Date was the 2nd game played during the taping, even though it was the first one shown during broadcast. When Drew flubs up at the end, Greg tells him to "go to the third card." Unless Drew's scripted quips are on the cards, which is probably not the case, there should be 1 card for each game, which would make LMAD the 2nd game and, if it did follow next in taping, Film Dub the 3rd.

      • The interesting thing about the Film Dub clip is that ABC edited it for the show. As seen in its original form and on MST3K on Comedy Central, there is a sequence showing the "disarmed" man's bloody stumps in far more graphic detail, even for its time, than ABC allowed during the game.

      • The clip shown in Film Dub is from The Brain That Wouldn't Die which had been made fun of already on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

      • Ryan's "Out Of Africa" joke during Greatest Hits is a reference to Drew's 'Africa is a big country' mistake in another episode from the same night's taping.

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