Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 5 Episode 1

Show No. 511

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 09, 2002 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Show No. 511
Seating Order: Wayne, Whoopi, Colin and Ryan.

Questions Only: All four do a scene on the last night of an international singles cruise. Two-Line Vocabulary: Colin is the leader of the last few members of a space colony on Mars-Ryan and Whoopi-who are under attack from enemy aliens and are desperately trying to work out a plan. Ryan's lines: 'What is that?' and 'I'm really in the mood.' Whoopi's lines: 'Have you thought this through?' and 'That's impossible.' Props: Wayne and Whoopi vs. Ryan and Colin. Living Scenery: Ryan is trying to impress his girlfriend Colin at the carnival as they try out the rides and play the games; Wayne and Whoopi are the props in the scene. Helping Hands: Ryan(with Colin's hands) is a cold-blooded pirate captain showing new recruit Whoopi how to be a pirate. Three-Headed Broadway Star: Wayne, Whoopi and Ryan sing the Broadway hit Whenever I Think About Your Pants to Drew.

Winner: None Credit Reading: All four as rowdy bachelorettes out on the town the night before Whoopi's wedding.moreless

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  • LOL

    it was hillarious. i especially loved the three headed broadway song part! as usual, i always like any three headed broadway star that always makes me laugh as hard as i can! lol! Whoopi Goldberg is pretty funny! \"Im the only white meat\" says Colin Mochrie! I wish every episode of whose line can be super funny! (well, every episode already is!)
Drew Carey

Drew Carey


Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles


Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady

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Laura Hall

Laura Hall


Colin Mochrie

Colin Mochrie


Linda Taylor

Linda Taylor

Musician [Season 2-6]

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Although there was no official "Drew Game" he was sung to during the last game.

    • At the beginning of Helping Hands you see Wayne come over to help Whoopi put on her pirate costume then the camera changes positions, and then you see Wayne already back at his seat two seconds later.

    • This was the second regular episode (not counting the season 2/3 special) that did not have a declared winner. There was no "Drew game," yet the credit reading was not named a "winner's game," like it had been for the two shows that had no Drew game in season 4. (The first to have no winner was the Sid Caesar episode.)

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (During Two Line Vocabulary)
      Whoopi: (Looking at her gun) That's impossible.
      Colin: It's not impossible... why are you so negative?!
      Whoopi: Have you thought it through?
      Colin: Look...
      Ryan: What is that?
      Colin: All right, you're right.
      I should be calm, I'm the leader, alright?
      Ryan: I'm really in the mood.
      Whoopi: That's impossible.
      Colin: It's not impossible, if he thinks he's in the mood, let him do it.
      Whoopi: (Getting in Colin's face) Have you thought this through?
      Colin: Look, you ask me that one more time, I'm ripping your face off!
      Whoopi: (In a mocking tone) That's impossible!

    • (During Two Line Vocabulary)
      Whoopi: Have you thought this through?
      Colin: Yes! That's why I brought... the gun.
      Ryan: What is that?
      Whoopi: (Pointing at the gun Colin is imitating) That's impossible!
      Colin: It's a gun, it's not! Alright, you have your gun. Here, this one's for you. (Hands Whoopi a gun)
      Ryan: What is that?
      Colin: It's a gun! It's like yours except smaller!
      Ryan I'm really in the mood!
      Colin: Okay.

    • (During Two Line Vocabulary)
      Colin: Alright people, stay together. Remember, these aliens are tricky.
      Ryan: What is that?
      Whoopi: Have you thought this through?
      Colin: Well... no, but, as your leader, I must appear as though I have.
      Whoopi: That's impossible.
      Colin: Yes... it's not impossible!
      Ryan: (Looking at his finger) What is that?
      Colin: That's your finger! It's alright, it's alright, we all have them! Now remember, once these things get close to you, their... things come out, they suck your brain, and you become a robot.
      Ryan: (Sarcastically) Oh, I'm really in the mood.
      Colin: I know, I'm not in the mood either! That's why we have to stop them!

    • Drew: I'm Drew Carey and I'm a gin-soaked barroom queen from Memphis.

    • Ryan: (in Helping Hands, after taking a drink of the grog) Ooh, hey, that's real!

    • Colin: (in Living Scenery, at Wayne's attempt at a merry-go-round) Oh, look, it's Crazy Ted.

    • Whoopi: (in Living Scenery) Welcome to the Big Bear Jamboree. We're here with all our good friends and you can watch us pee.

    • (after Questions Only)
      Drew: (to Whoopi) You had the 1000 points till Colin slipped you the tounge, so 1000 points to Colin.
      Whoopi: Mmm, mmm, good!
      Drew: I know, little of that Canadian bacon that everybody heard so much about. (raps) Put it on a bun, that's right, Canadian bacon on a bun.
      Colin: I'm the only white meat.

    • Ryan: (in Questions Only, to Colin after he kissed Whoopi) How does it feel to kiss a woman for a change?

  • NOTES (1)

    • With this episode, new episodes of the show have now aired on all five weekdays since its debut in August 1998 (Mondays 2002; Tuesday 2002; Wednesdays 1998-99, 2002; Thursday 1999-2002; Friday 2001).


    • Rolling Stones:
      When Drew says 'I'm a gin soaked barroom queen from Memphis,' this referenced the Rolling Stones song Honky Tonk Woman.