Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 5 Episode 19

Show No. 610

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 27, 2003 on The CW

Episode Recap

Seating Order: Wayne('Isn't he precious?'), Kathy('What a bundle of joy', Colin('He looks just like his mother') and Ryan('I think he's upside down').
Drew says the points are like 'whether your porn is on DVD or VHS.'
Newsflash: Colin reports from a bunch of mice and rats to Kathy and Ryan in the studio.
Kathy references Miss America(from a previous episode in the taping) and says that 'she can be whiny sometimes.'
Colin says it all started 'with some bad soup.'
Ryan uses the line 'the two of us need look no more' from the theme to Ben and Colin doesn't get it until after the game ends.
Song : Wayne sings to David in gospel David joins him in the middle.
Two Line Vocabulary: Colin is Indiana Jones and Ryan and Kathy are his two sidekicks(Harry and Louise); they are looking for the Holy Grail in an ancient temple filled with dangerous traps.
Ryan's lines: 'What does that do?' and 'I want out.'
Kathy's lines: 'I love this!' and 'Are you kidding?'
Both Kathy and Ryan grabbed Colin's butt during the game. Drew gives 1000 points to 'everyone who grabbed Colin's ass.' Kathy says it was 'firm as a baby's butt' but then changes it to 'smooth as a baby's butt.' Drew then helps her out by saying, 'It's like a baby's butt either way.'
Dubbing: Colin is a beautiful woman who's gone swimming and is in trouble and lifeguard David(voice dubbed by Wayne)comes to her rescue, when Colin's boyfriend Ryan arrives determined to show that he is the hunkiest and fittest lifeguard on the beach. At the end of the game, David does a little thing with his hands near his crotch. Drew says he had to buzz it before it got dirty. Then he awards David 1000 points, and Ryan -1000 for using the line 'Two thongs don't make a tights.' Three-Headed Broadway Star: Wayne, David and Ryan sing 'I Can't Live Without Your Mother' to audience member Venus.
David sings more than one word several times during the game. Afterwards, Ryan reminds Drew of the time he used several words during a playing of the game.

Winner: David
Credit Reading: Everyone(including David) as Baywatch lifeguards running in slow motion to save people in the credits.