Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 7 Episode 8

Show No. 7008

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Show No. 7008
Seating Order: Wayne, Chip, Colin and Ryan.

Let's Make A Date: Chip has to choose from: Wayne: a mean female wrestler who recieves a valentine and is desperate to find her secret admirer Colin: a mad Headless Horesman looking for a hideous head to replace his own Ryan: a mischievous gargoyle at the top of Notre Dame Cathedral who keeps coming alive to cause trouble. Film, TV and Theater Styles: Colin is a distraught bride and Wayne is her angry mother. They come to fashion designer Ryan on the morning of the wedding because the dress doesn't fit. Styles: MacGyver, soap opera, psychic network, WWF, Crocodile Hunter and Antique Roadshow. Doo Wop: Chip, Wayne and Colin do a doo-wop song about Erica, who died in a tragic gene splicing accident. Greatest Hits: Colin and Ryan sell the compilation CD Songs Of The Lunch Lady. Wayne and Chip(not Brad) sing: Aprons, Hairnets and Knee-Highs in hillbilly style Don't Want Your Milk! in punk style. Props: Wayne and Chip vs. Drew and Ryan.

Winner: Colin Credit Reading: Colin as the Headless Horseman and Ryan as his new head.moreless

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    Drew Carey

    Drew Carey


    Ryan Stiles

    Ryan Stiles


    Wayne Brady

    Wayne Brady

    Featured Guest [Season 1], Regular [Seasons 2-7]

    Brad Sherwood

    Brad Sherwood

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    Laura Hall

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    Colin Mochrie

    Colin Mochrie


    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • For Doo-Wop, the gene splicing suggestion is in answer to Drew's question to the audience for "a hobby they like to do." The answer temporarily throws Wayne for a complete loop.

      • During Let's Make A Date, Ryan goes over to Drew's desk and tosses all his card into the air. This is apparently his interpretation of his character's causing mischief.

      • All through this episode, the color of Drew's cards changes from yellow to blue, the standard card color.

      • During Greatest Hits, Colin chokes twice trying to say something. His attempts to try and recover reduce Ryans to fits of laughter.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Colin: (in Doo Wop)
        Oh, Erica, up there in heaven
        I'm down here drowning my sorrows at the 7-Eleven
        How could your experiment go so wrong?
        Why'd you clone a big, hungry King Kong?

      • Wayne: (in LMAD) I'd make you a Ritz cracker, and the ass-kicking would be the cheese on top!
        Chip: Now that's a first date!

      • (in FT&TS, soap opera)
        Ryan: Because neither I nor (motioning to Wayne) him or the rest of this town ever want to see you again.
        Wayne: They found out my secret! I'm really a man!
        Colin: Don't you realize I have to get married?
        Ryan: Why?
        Colin: (looking toward the camera) I'm carrying your baby...
        Drew: (buzzing in) Psychic Network.
        Wayne: I knew that.

      • (at the beginning of Greatest Hits)
        Drew: Ryan and Colin are gonna pretend to be commercial TV pitch guys. They're gonna make up titles of songs, and they're gonna give the titles to Brad, and, uh, Chip here, and also give them--
        Ryan: Did Brad show up?
        Drew: What?
        Ryan Brad showed up?
        Drew: Oh, what did I call him--oh, yeah, sorry.
        (Wayne walks off, Chip goes to get him)
        Chip: No, he meant me, Brad-Chip. He meant Brad-Chip.
        Ryan: Hey, Clive's allowed to make mistakes.
        Drew: (to Ryan) I'm sorry, Greg.

      • Ryan: (in Greatest Hits) Let's face it, without hillbillies, we wouldn't have Jerry Springer.

    • NOTES (3)

      • This episode came from the same taping as Show No. 318(the Too Hot episode where Chip jumped on Ryan's back; note Chip making an attempt to jump on Ryan's back during the credit reading) and Show No. 428(the Ryan Newsflash).

      • When Drew accidentally calls Wayne "Brad", Chip says "He meant me, Brad-Chip." This is referring to the fact that Brad and Chip never appeared in the same episode on the US Whose Line.

      • Ryan makes the first mention of Clive Anderson, the old host of Whose Line, since Drew Carey took over.

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