Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 7 Episode 14

Show No. 7014

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 07, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Show No. 7014
Seating Order: Wayne, Jeff, Colin, and Ryan.

Number Of Words: The following do a scene from The Mummy: Jeff: an Egyptian guide(four words) Colin: a feisty female archeologist(two words) Wayne: the evil mummy who is released after they open his tomb(three words) Ryan: a dashing adventurer who comes to rescue them(five words) Duet: Wayne and Jeff sing to Angela, a yoga instructor, as the Rat Pack. Infomercial: Ryan and Colin do an infomercial about a new stop-snoring aid. Scenes From A Hat: Foreign remakes of American TV shows; ads where the product and the don't match; and inoffensive words that immature people are prone to snicker at. Bartender: Wayne pours the drinks for: Jeff: in love with dogs Colin: angry that his pogo stick broke Ryan: has a problem with being colorblind. Props: Jeff and Wayne vs. Ryan and Drew.

Winner: Colin Credit Reading: Wayne as Ryan and Jeff hold his arms and Colin tickles his butt.moreless

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    Drew Carey

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    Ryan Stiles

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    Wayne Brady

    Wayne Brady

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    Laura Hall

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    Jeff Bryan Davis

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • This episode is from the same taping as Show No. 516. There is a mention of Norway by Drew in Props. This is likely a reference to the Songs Of Norway done in 516's Greatest Hits.

      • Is it just me, or does it sound like the music for Ryan's Bartender problem sounds like it could be added to the soundtrack of a new Grease movie. It sounds like that one that goes "We'll always be together."

    • QUOTES (5)

      • (before Informercial, when Drew heard Britney Spears as a suggestion)
        Drew: Britney, if you're out there with your fine ass, I love you.
        Ryan: Ooh, smooth tongue.
        Drew: That's right. Uhh, I will not make fun of Britney Spears, when I think I have the chance.

      • (in Bartender)
        Jeff: I'm feeling low, so low, why, I don't know
        I think it's because I'm in love with Fi-i-do-o
        Every time I see him, I just have to beg
        And I want to hump his leg!
        Wayne: It's sounds like you've got a little problem
        I'm glad you've brought it to me, 'cause I'm about to solve 'em
        Because for everyday that you want to hump a Sharpei
        That you need to put your bone away!
        Jeff: So put the bone away?
        Wayne: Put the bone away.

      • (SFAH, mismatched ads)
        Wayne: Rrrra! Rock on into the morning with Little Old Lady tea cubes by Kickasor!
        Ryan: (timidly) Ever, uh, ever dream of owning a Harley Davidson?
        Jeff: Say mazel tov to bacon!

      • Audience member: (shouting out a suggestion for 'Ryan has a problem with' during Bartender) His bladder!

      • Drew: Welcome back to Whose Line Is It Anyway? Just one more thing we stole from the British.

    • NOTES (7)

      • Duet also ended on a strange note. Midway through the song Angela gets the both of them to do yoga positions leading to a laugh and interested stare from Jeff until she comes for him.

      • Props ends on an unusual note. Usually, the unwritten rule is the game ends on a gag performed by Drew and usually Ryan with their prop. In this game, Props ends on Wayne and Jeff.

      • During the Credits Roll, Wayne is held captive while Colin mercilessly tickles his butt. In Episode 143/Show 408, Wayne's secret about his sensitive back side was revealed. At the end, when Ryan and Jeff release Wayne, Colin then moves in and tries to start tickling him... elsewhere. In Episode 105/Show 413, Colin did roughly the same thing to Wayne because he was uncertain about people's genders in a game of Party Quirks.

      • When Ryan ends his singing during Bartender, Wayne reacts as if Ryan had "stolen," ala in a Hoe Down, his gag about him being white, since Ryan is supposed to be color blind.

      • Just before Colin comes up for Bartender, Drew calls Wayne crazy for "drinking that stuff" after Wayne takes a drink from the bottle. Could this possibly be the "return" of the infamous drunk Crazy Ted?!

      • Colin's French Colonel Klink for Scenes From A Hat translates into "You cannot escape!"

      • Several unusual things happen during the game of Infomercial. First, someone in audience suggested "BRITNEY SPEARS!" as a bad habit people might want to cure. Drew apologized to Britney "at home" for that and then complimented on her rear using a term that, strangely, the censors don't bleep out, despite how they will bleep the oddest other things, though. Then, Drew starts banging his fist on his desk to punctuate his words, which causes the strap on his watch to unlatch and become loose. It actually starts to fall off his arm! Finally, Ryan attaches the hose of one of the props to Colin's nose and starts pumping its bellows. The device obviously works because of Colin's jumped reaction to the force air injected into his sinus cavity.

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