Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 7 Episode 22

Show No. 7022

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 02, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Show No. 7022
Seating Order: Wayne, Kathy, Colin and Ryan.

Let's Make A Date: Kathy has to choose from: Wayne: a panicky frat boy waking up on his wedding day blindfolded, naked and handcuffed to Colin Colin: an incompetent 1940's gangster who bungles a bank robbery and has to make a desperate escape Ryan: a smart-mouthed brat who's been told never to lick the metal plate in Colin's head in winter. Motown Group: Wayne, Colin and Ryan sing the Motown song Do The Fireman. Narrate: Colin and Ryan do a film noir scene set in a lingerie shop. Scenes From A Hat: Other people Dorothy might have met and what they would have asked the Wizard for, titles of self-help books written by dogs, world's worst person to share an elevator with, what phone sex operators are really doing on the other end of the line, how men can make the most of their time when they are stuck cudding with 'the little woman,' and the last thing Drew Carey thinks before he drifts off to sleep. Hoedown: About your weight; Drew replacing Kathy.

Winner: Kathy Credit Reading: All four as gushing actors taking curtain calls and thanking their audience.moreless

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  • Wait...stop...let me catch my breath!

    Let's face it...this episode was hilarious from Let's Make a Date to Hoedown. It was one of those chaotic Let's Make a Date games with all three performers having quirks that just worked together so well, with a gag that made everyone laugh and get sick at the same time (Wait to go Whose Line cast!). Usually, Wayne gets a quirk that is pretty simple, and is hard to combine into Colin and Ryan's outrageous, and often complicated quirks. Also, playing Yahtzee while having phone sex...Brilliantly funny. Finally in Hoedown, Wayne and Drew stabbing at each other, and Ryan making a weight loss referrence to licking Colin's head...Classic!moreless
Drew Carey

Drew Carey


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Wayne Brady

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This episode came from the same taping as Show No. 409 and Show No. 414. This includes the tape recorder Drew used to award points. It first appeared in 414, where Wayne did a practical joke with it. 409 and 414 both had running jokes where Wayne jokingly protested playing black stereotypes.

    • In another arbitrary example of ABC Family's odd censorship practices, during Hoedown, Drew was bleeped for using the F word, obviously; however, he was also bleeped for using the word "mother" in an entirely different order: "BLEEP Wayne's BLEEP!" In a way, this turns the edit into an entirely different meaning.

    • Drew's tin of Altoid mints make a welcome return in this episode.

    • As a suggestion for a "heroic profession" for Motown Group, someone in the audience replied, "Plumber!"

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (SFAH, something you couldn't tell your parents)
      Wayne: Mom, dad...I'm white.
      Colin: I'm adopted.

    • Colin: (in Narrate) It was a cold day in October. But something went horribly wrong, when they put the clocks back, it was now March.

    • Drew: The points are like Cindy Margolis in street clothes. Who cares?

    • (after LMAD)
      Drew: (to Colin) Hey, dude, you almost got your head licked!
      Colin: Yeah!
      Drew: Why did you fight him so much?
      Colin: Well, because it's...televised!
      Ryan: He remebers the last time. (laughter)
      Drew: 'I've got a wife and children!' (laughter) Ryan has a wife and children. Nobody would-you know. You both got wives and children.
      Ryan: She encourages me to lick your head! That's what the problem with your wife is.
      Drew: Yeah! His wife is cool with it, how come your wife isn't cool with it?
      Ryan: (pointing to his wedding ring) This can come off in a minute!
      Drew: All I know is, when I saw the note, I was looking forward to seeing him lick your head, and I feel I got robbed of my--
      Ryan: I think all of America was, Drew.
      Drew: Yeah.
      Ryan: It's a dream deferred. (laughter)
      Drew: That was great. 1000 points for everybody. Hey, not only do I have two shows, this is how easy the second show is. (grabs tape recorder and puts it to his lapel mic)
      Drew on tape: 1000 points. (laughter)
      Drew: That's all I gotta do while you're runnin' around goin' 'Blaaaahhh!'

    • Drew: The points are like the Alaskan wilderness to an oil company. Yeah, you heard me!

  • NOTES (1)

    • During LMAD Wayne is running alongside Colin and runs into his chair but hits his crotch on it. You can tell he is trying to make it look like he is acting it out but doesn't quite make it to look like he is acting it out.