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Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 7 Episode 23

Show No. 7023

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 09, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Show No. 7023
Seating Order: Wayne, Kathy, Colin and Ryan.

Weird Newscasters: Reporting on The Six O'Clock News are: Anchor: Colin(Noah Sheshaving Mybaby) Co-Anchor: Kathy(Tipsy), a Jerry Springer guest who's been brought on to reveal her shocking secret to her husband Colin Sports: Wayne(Juan Tanamera), a world famous fashion designer training his new models(audience members Pepe, Fredrico, Marzipan and Chablis) how to walk the catwalk Weather: Ryan(Scattered Showers), using everyone else's bodies as his weather maps. Number Of Words: In a deleted scene from Rocky, Rocky(Colin) is being trained by his coach(Ryan). His wife, Adrian(Kathy) is trying to talk him out of fighting. Suddenly, Rocky's tough-talking opponent Apollo(Wayne) enters the gym. Colin-3 words Ryan-5 words Kathy-2 words Ryan-4 words. Action Replay: First scene: With his boss arriving for dinner at any moment, panicky Kathy is struggling to get into her tight outfit while her husband Wayne is frantically trying to fix a burst pipe under the bathroom sink. Second Scene: Using the others movements, but not their dialogue, Ryan and Colin prepare to go on stage. Living Scenery: Ryan and Colin are a couple riding donkeys into the Grand Canyon for a romantic overnight camping trip; Wayne and Kathy are the props. Showstopping Number: Ryan and Colin do a scene set in the U. S. Senate; Wayne joins later. World's Worst: Person to be married to; Drew replacing Kathy.

Winner: Kathy Credit Reading: Ryan as a dog obedience trainer and the others as misbehaving pooches.moreless

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    Drew Carey

    Drew Carey


    Ryan Stiles

    Ryan Stiles


    Wayne Brady

    Wayne Brady

    Featured Guest [Season 1], Regular [Seasons 2-7]

    Laura Hall

    Laura Hall


    Colin Mochrie

    Colin Mochrie


    Kathryn Greenwood

    Kathryn Greenwood

    Featured Guest [Season 2-7]

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • After Number Of Words, Drew apologizes to Burgess Meredith for not remembering him as having played Mickey, Rocky's coach. Depending on when the taping made to create this show occurred, e.g. if it was made during the Season 1 tapings, Drew most likely might have been apologizing to a dead man. Burgess Meredith died in early September 1997. Season 1 premiered August 1st, 1998, so, it is possible the taping might have occurred when he was still alive, but, unlikely.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • (after Action Replay)
        Drew: (to Colin) Noah, you okay?
        Colin: (in weak voice) Yeah! (Drew laughs) That was some more of my cerebral stuff.
        Drew: Man, I thought you were gonna hurt each other, that, uh--
        Colin: Oh, we do that all the time. (Ryan hits him)
        Drew: All I can say is, 1000 points apiece, and Wayne, nice undies.

      • Colin: (in Weird Newscasters, after Kathy) Maybe I can finally keep my hare.

      • (after Living Scenery)
        Drew: Someone's got a tickly butt. I wonder who that is.
        Wayne: He had his hands up my bum!
        Colin: It's cerebral!
        Drew: 1000 points for exposing Wayne Brady's tickly butt problem to the world.

      • Drew: I'm Drew Carey. My turn-ons are big crackling fires, romantic walks on the beach and strippers.

      • Colin: You know, my stuff, a lot of it's cerebral.
        Drew: Yeah... the kind of cerebral you pour milk on.

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